This index is organised by birth surname (i.e. married women are listed as birth surname (married surname), first names). Where possible, I have linked the person's name to their record on my family tree, if there is any relationship to Fanny I have found. Sometimes I add links to other people's family trees or Wikipedia (where it is a public figure). The years listed are links to the diaries where that person is mentioned.

The author:
Atyeo, Fanny Rosina (The author, she is in every diary of course)

Her parents:
Atyeo, Henry
(Dad, 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1927-)
Heath (Atyeo), Mary Ann
(Ma, 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-died 1921)

Her siblings (eldest to youngest):
Atyeo (Parham), Ada Emily
Atyeo (Folland), Mary Ann Frances
Atyeo (Dawe), Celia May
Atyeo, Charles William Henry
Atyeo, Albert Joseph (Bert)
Atyeo (Hobart), Amy Florence
Atyeo, Wilfred George Heath

Other characters (in alphabetical order of surname at birth):

Ackland (Stone), Amy Alice (neighbour 1907b-)
Adare (Argent), Margaret (1908a-)
Adcock (Dawe), Sarah Bartlett (1909a-)
Addis (Higgins), Anne Jane (1911&12-)
Alexander, Charles Norman (1920&21-)
Alexander, Douglas Graham (born 1909&10-)
Alexander, James Douglas (1909&10-)
Alexander, John Norman (Jack) (1912&13-)
Alexander, William Colin (1907b-)
Allan (Limb) Mary Ann (died 1914&15)
Allwork, Dr Frank (died 1912&13-)
Ames, Mr E (1912&13-1913&14-)
Ames, William John (1913&14-)
Anderson, Allan Easton (1917-1926-
Andrew, Lily (1908-1913&14-1918-)
Andrew, Ruby (1918-)
Andrew, Mr (1913&14-) 
Andrew, William (died 1907b)
Andrews (Argent), Elsie Grace (1907b-1908a-1915&16-1918-)
Andrews (Argent), Annie Lenora (1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1918-1919b-)
Andrews, Siss (1908a-1918-)
Andrews, Sylvia Evelyne (born 1916b-)
Annells, Charles Henry (1909a-1914&15-died)
Antwis, Annie Yatta (1909a-)
Antwis, Ellen (Ellie) (1910&11-1912&13-)
Antwis, George (1909a-1922 died)
Antwis, Ivy May (1909a-)
Antwis, Olive (Ollie) Lydia (niece of cousin's wife, 1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1912&13-1913&14-1915&16-1919a-)
Arbon, George Francis (1908a-)
Arbon (Waters), Louisa Emily (Louie) (cousin, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-1914&15-1917-1919b-1920&21-1922-1926-1935-)
Arbon (Ratcliff), Mary (1912&13-1919b-)
Arbon (Preiss, Tancock), Mary Ann (Pollie) (cousin, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1932-1935-1936-)
Arbon, Percy Richard Thomas (1914&15-)
Arbon, Winifred Mary Matilda (1912&13-)
Arbon, Mrs Ted & Baby (1912&13-)
Argent, Alfred John (born 1909a-)
Argent, Clarence Leonard (born 1919b-)
Argent, David  (neighbour, 1909a-
Argent (Broster), Ellen Rosina (1914&15-1916a-)
Argent, Elliot Victor (born 1910&11-)
Argent, Emma (1910&11-)
Argent, Florence Jean (born 1910&11-)
Argent (Wyatt), Frances Ann (1913&14-) 
Arthur, Mr (1909a-
Arthur, Rev G T (1913&14-1914&15-1916a-1916b-)
Atwell, Idalette Fanny Roach (1915&16-)
Atwell, Gertrude (Gertie) Muriel (1916a-)
Atyeo (Phelps), Celia (Aunt, diaries 1907b-1914&15-1920&21-)
Atyeo, Coral Eva (niece, born 1911&12-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1922-1923-1926-1935-1936-
Atyeo, Effie Verina (niece, 1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1920&21-1921-1922-1924-1926-1927-1935-1936-)
Atyeo, Ronald Albert (1935-1936-)*
Atyeo, Theophilus (uncle, died 1919b)
Ayteo, Vernon Murray (nephew 1926-1927-1936-)
Atyeo, Wilfred Lance (nephew 1920&21-1921-1922-1926-1927-1936-)
Atyeo, William (Uncle, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1915&16-1916a-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1921-1922-1926-died)
Aunger, Albert John (1912&13-)
Aunger, Blanche Olive Marjorie (1913&14-1919b-)
Aunger, Doreen Mavis (1911&12)  
Aunger, Leonard William Frank (died 1911&12)
Aunger, Simon (1919b-)
Aunger, Thomas James (1912&13-)
Aves, Cynthia Martin (1936-)
Ayling, Roy Alaric (died 1919b-)

Badcock (May), Effie Jane (neighbour, 1907b-)
Badcock, Eva Matilda (neighbour, 1908a-1909a-1909&10)
Badcock (Hatcher), Florence Myrtle (neighbour  1912&13-1920&21-)
Badcock, Richard (1919b-)
Badenoch (Easton), Myrtle Emily (cousin's wife, 1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1916a-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-)
Badman, Mrs (1911&12-)
Bailey, Mr W. J., preacher (1909&10-1910&11)
Baker (Worden), Amy Winifred Victoria (1912&13-)
Baker, Andrew (1932-)
Baker, Charles (cousin's husband 1909&10-1917-1932-1935-)
Baker, Charles Andrew (cousin's son born 1908a-1909&10-1932-)
Baker (Preiss), Ellen (cousin Pollie's mother-in-law, 1911&12-)
Baker (Mortimer), Emily (1913&14-)
Baker, Eva Linda May (cousin's daughter 1909&10-1922-1932-1936-)
Baker, Mrs Frank (1927-)
Baker, J (near Two Wells, 1915&16-)
Baker, Joyce Riggs (born 1917-)
Baker, Laurel Mavis (born 1911&12-)
Baker, Peter (1922)
Baker (Quirk), Rebecca (cousin's mother-in-law 1910&11)
Baker, Sydney Gordon (born 1917-)
Baker, Una Floris (1922-1932-)  
Baker (Matthews), Vera Irene (cousin's daughter 1909&10-1917-1922-1932-)
Baldwin, Elsie Ada (married 1910&11)
Barker (Folland), Dulcie Pearl (1936-)*
Barker, Thomas (died 1920&21)
Barker, Mrs (1920&21)
Barkla, Leonard William (1920&21)
Barnet, Florence (lecture 1916a-)
Barnett (Hobart), Sarah Ann (Amy's mother-in-law 1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-died 1918)
Barnfield, John (died 1909a-)
Barr (Humphrys), Clarissa Eleanor (cousin's wife, 1908a-1909&10-1917-1920&21-)
Barr, Robert (distant relation, 1908a-)
Bartlett (Ames), Sarah (1914&15-)
Bartsch (Hillier), Sophie August (1922)
Bassett, William (died 1909a-)
Batchelor (Bailey), Alice (died 1913&14-)
Batten, Rev Stephen John (1912&13-)
Beadnall, Stanley Norman (1914&15-)
Beckwith (Hillier), Ada Jeanette (1915&16-1917-1919b-)
Beckwith, Elizabeth May (1911&12)
Beckwith (Bush), Emma (1909&10)
Belton, Richard Lawrence Hartley (1935-)
Benger, Edward Henry (died 1909&10)
Benger, Mina Emily Grace (died 1909a-)
Bennett (Gray), Dorothy Harriet (1920&21-)
Bennett (Roediger), Ethel Laura (1909&10-1920&21-)
Bennett, Mr (1919a-)
Berriman, Claude Leslie (died 1918)
Berriman, Emily Bertha (died 1909&10)
Best, Rev Sydney Thomas Charles (1910&11-1916a-)
Best, Sydney Harold John (born 1916b-) 
Betcher, Mrs (1932-)
Bews, Sydney (married 1910&11
Blant (Wake), Ann (mother of neighbours, 1908a- death 1909&10)
Bosisto (May), Beatrice May (married 1910&11-1911&12-)
Bosisto, Reginald Simeon (1914&15-)
Bosisto (Kimber), Ruby Glyncorra (married 1910&11
Bowey, Mr  (1909&10-)
Bray, Arthur Frackleton (1912&13- died 1915&16)
Brookes, Violet (1936-)
Broster (Huxtable), Rosetta May (Dolly)  (neighbour, 1907b-)
Broster, Tom (died 1912&13-)
Brown (Long), Lillian Stella (1920&21)
Brown (Humphrys), Olive Mabel (cousin's wife, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1918-)
Brown, a family in Gawler (1911&12-)
Bubner, Leonard John (born 1909a-)
Bubner, Murray Emmanuel (born 1913&14-)
Buckby, Harold Joseph (1913&14-) 
Buckley, Esther (1909&10-)
Bugg, Zoe (1911&12-1916a-) 
Bula, Daniel (1917-)
Bungey, Mr (Preacher 1908a-)
Bungey (Rowley), Annie Amelia (neighbour, 1907b-1908a-)
Burford, John Bastow (Jack) (1913&14-1918)
Burford, Thomas, preacher (1914&15-1915&16-1916a-)
Burford, Vonda Gwynneth (1918)
Burgess, Mrs  (1908a-1912&13-)
Burl, Allan (1932-)
Burls (Hill), Emily Fanny (1911&12-)
Burnet (Owens), Catherine Scott (died 1920&21)
Burnett (Lucas), Kathleen Frances (1920&21-)
Burrows (Nottle), Amy (1910&11)
Burt, Edith Esther Louisa (1912&13-)
Burt (Higgins), Lily (1912&13-1913&14-)
Busbridge, Louie (Mrs Bert) (death 1908a-)
Bush, Albert William (1909&10-)
Butler, Mrs (1910&11)
Button, Mrs and son (1912&13-)
Byrth, Mrs (1908a-)

Caire family (killed 1926-)
Callaghan (Healy), Mary Jane (1912&13-)
Carmody (Symes), Elizabeth (died 1919b)
Carr, Mr (contractor, 1907b-) 
Carrolls (previous neighbours, 1907b-)
Carter, Gordon (1936-)
Causby, Alec James (1908a-1911&12-)
Causby, Edrick Phillips (1908a-1911&12-)
Causby, Edrick Stephen Warner (1908a- died 1911&12)
Causby (Ayling), Emma Margaret (1919b-)
Causby, John Henry (died 1918)
Causby, Joe (1911&12)
Causby, Thomas George (1911&12)
Cawrse, John (died 1916b-)
Cawrse, William (died 1914&15-)
Cawrse, William Senior (1914&15-)
Chambers, Thelma (1909&10-)
Chapman (Winckel), Inez Effie (1913&14-)
Chappel, Mr (1911&12-)
Cheeseman, George (1914&15-)
Chenoweth (Nottle), Jessie Mary (1914&15-)
Chivell (Chivell), Georgina (Mrs Benjamin Sydney Clarke Chivell) (died 1909&10-)
Chivell (Argent), Mary Ann (1908a-1911&12-1920&21-)
Christie (Leak), Lydia (1912&13-1920&21)
Christopherson, Martin (1920&21)
Churches, Dolsie Jane (1919b-)
Churches, John Archibald (born 1909&10-)
Clarke family (1936-)
Clarke (Parham), Caroline (1916b-1919a-)
Clarkson, Mr A.E. (preacher 1910&11-1919b-)
Clemo, Doris & Edna (Moonta, 1909&10-)
Clode, Elizabeth Ann Mary (1911&12)
Clode, Mr (1912&13-)
Clonan, Thomas Daniel (born 1911&12)
Close (Dawkins), Frances Hannah (1911&12-1912&13-)
Cole (Lyne), Rosa Jane, (1917-) 
Collins, Mr (1936-)
Collins, Albert (1916b-)
Collins, Rose (1916b-)
Commons, James (died 1913&14-)
Congdon, Rege (died 1920&21)
Congdon, Walter Harold James (1912&13-)
Connel, Dr (1916a-)
Coombe, Ephraim Henry (1919b-)
Coombe, Herbert Stanley (married 1910&11)
Cooper, Charles Jacomb (died 1913&14-
Cork (Payne), Dulcie Beryl (1918-1935-)
Cork, Frank Elliot (1918-)
Cork, Lindsay Gordon Launcelot (1916b-1917-)
Cork, Martin (sister in-law's father (1917-1918-1919a-)
Cork (Atyeo), Myrtle Hilda (sister in-law 1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1924-1926-1927-1932-1936-)
Cork, Rosina Madeline May (Rose) (sister in-law's sister 1922-1926-)
Cork (Freeman), Verena Florence Daisy (sister in-law's sister  1914&15-1917-1918-1920&21-)
Copes, Mrs (neighbour 1908a-)
Coulter (Twelftree) Elizabeth (neighbour 1912&13-)
Courtis, George William (1911&12-)
Covernton, Anthony Hugh (born 1911&12-)
Covernton, John Selby (born 1907b)
Covernton, Dr Hugh Selby (1909a-1910&11-1912&13-
Cox (Bright), Joyce (1911&12-1920&21-)
Cox, Margaret Hewitt (1916b-)
Crace (Beckwith), Clarissa Dibblee (neighbour 1907b-1909a-died)
Crisp, Mr Ted (died 1912&13-)
Crosby, H R & Mrs and children (1911&12-)
Crouch (Rice), Amy Edith Caroline (1910&11-1911&12-1916a-1920&21-)

Dahlitz, Mr (1909&10-1910&11)
Daly, John (died 1908a)
Daly, Mary (died 1915&16-)
Daly, Mrs (1911&12-1919b-)
Davis, Alick / Alec Alfred (born 1911&12, died 1918)
Davis, Agnes Mona (1909&10-died 1912&13)
Davis, Alexander Joel and two daughters (1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1918)
Davis, Annie (1912&13-)
Davis, Stan (1919a-)
Dawe (Warnken) Alice Ethelinda (1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1916b-)
Dawe, Amy Marion (Maisie) (niece 1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1917-1918-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1927-1935-)
Dawe, Celia Laurel Ivy (niece 1916b-1917-1918-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1935-)
Dawe, Joyce (1936-)*
Dawe, Kathleen Joyce (niece 1922-1923-1924-1926-1935-1936-)
Dawe, Mary Ann Bernice (Bernie / Birdie) (niece 1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1936-
Dawe, Percy Thomas (1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1927-1935-)
Dawe, Vivienne Bartlett Joy (1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1932-)
Dawe, Walter Daniel (1908a-1909&10-)
Dawe, Walter John (1920&21-1922-died)
Dawes, Dr Adolf Henry Coombs (1911&12-1912&13-1916b-1913&14-1915&16-1918-1919b-1922)
Dawes, Dr Richard St Mark (1913&14-)
Dawkins (Bray), Annie Elizabeth (1910&11-1913&14-)
Dawkins, Albert Maynard (1912&13-1917-1920&21-)
Dawkins, Annie Myrtle (born and died 1910&11-)
Dawkins, Clement Allen (1909&10-1911&12-1913&14-1915&16-)
Dawkins, Dr (1917-)
Dawkins (Ey), Elsie Parnel (1913&14-)
Dawkins, Eva Constance (1911&12)
Dawkins, Margaret Ina (born 1912&13-)
Dawkins, Gordon (born 1922)
Dawkins, Ina Maria (1913&14-)
Dawkins, Joan (born 1922)
Dawkins, John Howard (1911&12-1913&14-1916a-)
Dawkins, Patricia Mary (1918-)
Dawkins, Rebecca Joyce (1911&12-) 
Dawkins, Samuel Letts (1913&14-1917-)
Dawkins, Sydney Letts (1910&11-
Dawkins, Maynard Boyd (born 1917-)
Dawkins, William Joseph (1910&11-1912&13-1917-1913&14-)
Dawkins, Winsome Louise (1913&14-)
Day (Modra), Adelina Hulda (1913&14-1920&21-)
Day, Annie Geneva Allan, wife of William Hubert Day - unknown birth surname (died 1909a)
Day (Porter), Bertha Louisa (1913&14-)
Day (Alexander), Charlotte Ann (1909&10- died 1918)
Day (Kuhndt), Doris (1913&14-)
Day, Ethel May (1910&11-)
Day, Florence Gertrude (Dolly) (1910&11-)
Day, Gwenda Mary (1911&12)
Day, H (1926-)
Day, Linda Margaret (1911&12)
Day, Luke (died 1916b-)
Day, Mavis Mary (born 1913&14-)
Day, Robert (Bob) Oliver (1909a-)
Day, Spencer Folland (1909a-1910&11-)
Day, Urlwin Henry (1919b-1921-)
Day, William Hubert (1909&10-)
Dean, Arthur Edward (1912&13-)
Dean (Humphrys), Martha Lillian (1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1916b-)
Dean, Nellie (1910&11-)
Dellow, Arthur (1909a-1909&10-)
Dennis (Roediger) Emma Sophia (1912&13-1913&14-)
Disher (Parr), Ann (died 1907b)
Dolman, Mr (1912&13-)
Donald (Ratcliff), Jane (1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917- died 1918)
Dorman, Rev S H (1926-)
Dowling, Dorothy Caroline Emily (1916b-)
Draper, Mr (1920&21-)
Driesener (Mallyon) Anna Sophia Henrietta (died 1909&10-)
Driesener, Carl Johann Gottlieb (1913&14-1917-1920&21-1926-died)
Driesener, Ernest Gottlieb (1912&13-
Driscoll (McLeod), Ella Grace (1911&12-)
Drum, Nurse (1922)
Drury, Frances (died 1907b)
Duck (Smith), Ellen (1912&13-)
Dunn (Davis), Agnes Jane (1911&12-1918)
Dunn, Edgeth William George (cousin's husband 1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1916a-1917-1936-)
Dunn, Harold Thomas Headland (1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-)
Dunn, Raymond Edgeth (cousin's son born 1912&13-1913&14-1916a-1917-1936-)
Dunchue, Jean Tye (born 1915&16-
Dwyer (Hutchins), Mary Nora (1912&13-1914&15-)
Dyer, Mrs Jane (widow of Joseph Dyer) (died 1909a-)
Dyer (Freak), Georgina (1913&14-)

Easton (Anderson), Clara Pearl (cousin, diaries 1907a-1911&12-1917-1919a-1920&21-1922-1926-1936-
Easton (Webb), Emilie Florence May Heath, (Flo / Florrie) (cousin, 1908a-1911&12-1912&13-1915&16-1919b-1921-1922-) 
Easton, Ernest Allan (Ern, cousin, 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1912&13-)
Easton, Fernie May (born 1918-died 1919b)
Easton (Sandercock), Ivy Elizabeth (cousin, 1907b-1908a-1909&10-1912&13-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1918-1919a-1922-1932-1936-)
Easton, Maurice Hartley (born 1912&13-) 
Easton, Oliver Charles Heath (1912&13-1917-)
Easton, Thomas (uncle 1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1915&16-1920&21-1917-1918-1922-1926-1927-1935-1936-)
Easton, Thomas Henry (cousin, 1907b-1909a-1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1916a-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1922-1926-1936-)
Easton, Valerie Hazel (1911&12-1912&13-1927-)
Edmands (Dawes), Arabella Rose (1913&14-)
Elliott, Mrs (Moonta 1909&10-) 
Ey, Mr (1908a-1913&14-)
Ey, Adolph Louis Ferdinand (1913&14-)

Faehse, Rupert Maynard (1911&12)
Fairlie, Jean Frampton (died 1912&13-)
Fairlie, Mrs & Mrs (neighbours, 1907b-1913&14-)
Farlane, Mrs (1932-)
Farr, Rev L. W. (1916a-)
Fatchen, Frederick Samuel (1911&12)
Fatchen, Isaac John (1911&12)
Fatchen, Samuel Maynard Kenneth (born 1909&10-)
Fergusson, Jean Mary (born 1918)
Ferris, Mr Les (1910&11)
Fetcher, Dr (1922)
Fidge, Mr & Mrs (neighbours, 1909a-)
Filsell, Sarah Catherine (buried 1909&10-)
Finch, Mr (1910&11-)
Finke (Wiltshire), Florence Hilda (1911&12)
Fisher (Stevens), Edith Victoria (1910&11-)
Fisher (Helps), Mary Isobel (1912&13-)
Fleming (Selleck), Rachel (1913&14-)
Fletcher (Burford), Elsie (1918)
Fletcher, Rev Lionel B (1914&15-)
Franklin, Mrs (Moonta, an old lady, 1909&10-)
Folland, Ada Lillian (neice born 1917-1918-1919a-1919b-)
Folland, Arthur Harvey (sister's brother-in-law, 1907b-1909a-1910&11-1917-)
Folland, Charles French (nephew, 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1926-1927-1936-)
Folland, Charles French senior (1910&11)
Folland, Clarence Richardson (1910&11)
Folland (Alexander), Clarice Jane (1912&13-1916b-)
Folland, Doris Rose (1910&11-1915&16-)
Folland, Elma Mavis (1910&11-)
Folland, Freda Jane Ann (1910&11)
Folland, George Henry Clifton (nephew 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1926-1927-1936-)
Folland, Gwenda Evelyn (1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1926-1927-1936-)
Folland, Harry Gilbert (1907a-1907b-1908a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1926-1927-1935-1936-)
Folland, Hazel Jane (niece, 1919b-1920&21-1923-1926-1932-1935-)
Folland, Horace Howard (1907a-1908a-1914&15-)
Folland, John French (1909&10-)
Folland, John George (1907b-1908a-1909a-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1918-)
Folland, Kelvin Harvey (1910&11-1916b-)
Folland, Leslie Wright (1908a-1909&10-1916b-)
Folland, Lorna Frances (1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1917-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1927-
Folland, Phyllis May (1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1926-1927-1935-1936-)
Folland, Vera Rosalind (1910&11-)
Folland, William Vickery (sister's brother-in-law 1909a-)
Footer, Cecil James (1909a-1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-)
Footer, Edna Laura May (1911&12)
Footer, Eric Cecil Glen (1911&12)
Ford, James A (1910&11)
Forgie, Mr (1911&12)
Forgie, James Graham (1918-)
Forman / Foreman, Len (1917-)
Francis, Thomas Christopher (married 1912&13-)
Freak, George (1913&14-)
Freak, Noel Adelaine (1912&13-)
Freak (Thomas), Eleanor (Nellie) Sophie (died 1913&14-)
Freak, Stephen (died 1911&12)
Freeman, Annie Amelia (died 1911&12)
Freeman, Harold (1917-1919b-)
Freeman, William Martin (born 1917-) 
Freeman, Mr (fixes equipment, 1907b-)
French, N.G. (1924-)
Fricker, Mr (preacher, 1910&11)
Furness, Herbert Stott (piano tuner, 1910&11)

Gartrell, Arthur (1914&15-)
Gartrell, Edwin (died 1911&12)
Gash (Tape / Pointon), Elizabeth (1913&14-1923-)
Gash, Thomas (died 1909a-)
Gauge (Oates), Ann (died before 1909a)
George, Mr (1926-)
George, Leslie William (1909a-)
Gerlach, Elsa Dorothea (1912&13-)
Gerlach, Mrs Ted (1912&13-)
Gertig, Edmond Morris (1913&14-)
Gilbert, Catherine Eleanor (Mrs Robert Barr, distant relation, 1908a-)
Gilbert, Dr (1919b)
Giles (1920&21)
Gill (Riggs), Priscilla Jane (died, 1907b-)
Gillen, Dr (1926-)
Gilles, Dr (1922)
Glatz, (1909a-)
Glen, Alfred Edward (neighbour with horses, 1909a-1909&10-1910&11-)
Glen, John (died 1915&16-)
Glenn (Pope), Emma Matilda (1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1918-died 1919b)
Glynne, Dr (1926-)
Goldney, Cecil Percy (1910&11-1912&13-)
Goldney, George (1910&11-1911&12-)
Good, Allan (1911&12-)
Good, Ezekiel Norman Murray (neighbour, 1907b-1908a-1912&13-)
Good, Lorna Marjory (1914&15-)
Good, Lowrie (1913&14-)
Good, Myrtle Mary Ann (1909&10-)
Good, Phyllis May (1914&15-)
Goodge (Kippin), Jane (died 1922)
Goodger, Clifford Roy (neighbour, 1908a-1919a-)
Goodger, Elliot (1912&13-1913&14-1916a-1920&21)
Goodger (Good), Emily Rose (neighbour, 1907b-1908a-1912&13-1914&15-)
Goodger, Olivia May (neighbour, 1907b-1912&13-)
Goodger, William (1912&13-1920&21)
Gorman, Leonard James (1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1918-1919b-1921-)
Gosden, James Gordon (1909&10-1911&12-)
Gosden, James (1910&11-1911&12-)
Goss (Bray), Ellen (1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-1914&15-)
Graham (Alexander), Margaret (1914&15-died)
Grant, Mrs (teacher at Buchsfelde school) and daughters (1913&14-1914&15-1916b-)
Gray, Wilfred Stanley (1920&21-)
Greaves (Courtis), Elsie May (1911&12-)
Greaves (McCann), Ethel Mary (1919a-)
Greaves (Dunchue), Myrtle Olive (1915&16-
Greaves, Thomas Wilson Nelson (1921-)
Greaves (Faehse), Ruby Ida Kightley (1911&12-)
Green, Edwin Henry (1936-)*
Green, Eric Edwin (1936-)*
Green, Mrs (1913&14-)
Green, Mrs H (1920&21-1921
Green, Sylvia Janet (1936-)*
Green, William Gale (died 1920&21-)
Grewar, Reverend (preacher at Zoar Bible Christian Church (1907b-)
Grigg, Mr (1912&13-)
Grity, H (1926-)
Gunter Rev H A (1920&21-) 
Gwynne, Evan (died 1935)

Haensch, Benjamin Gustav (1919a-)
Haensch, Miss (1919b-)
Hagel, Ethel Viola (1912&13-)
Hailston (Houston) Fanny (1911&12-)
Haines, Mrs (Williamstown, 1909a-)
Haines, Miss (Williamstown, 1909a-)
Hall, Clifford Howard (born 1909a-)
Hall, Mary (1914&15-)
Hall, Sam (1911&12-)
Hallam, Mr (1907b-1909&10-)
Hamilton, Joseph (1919a-)
Hammalls family (Williamstown, 1909a-)
Hammat family (Williamstown, 1909a-)
Hammer, Violet Stratton (1909&10-)
Hammer, William Frederick (1911&12-) 
Hancock, Miss (1921-)
Hand, Edmund (Ted) (uncle 1911&12-1914&15-)
Hand (Dunn), Ellen Ann (Nellie) (cousin 1907b-1909a-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1915&16-1916a-1922-1926-1936-)
Hand, George (cousin 1913&14-1916b-1917-1918-)
Hand, Gertrude Elizabeth Maud (1911&12-1916a-)
Hand (Dunn), Melvina (Melonia / Vine) (cousin 1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-)
Hand, Samuel (cousin died 1911&12-1917-)
Hand, son of Mrs (1909&10-)
Hand Snr, Mrs  (1914&15-1920&21-)
Harder, Johann Nikolaus Christian (married, 1910&11-1914&15-)
Hardy, Hilda Maud (1910&11-)
Harris, Arnold Henry (1907b-1909a-1913&14-)
Harrold, Dr Rowland Edward (1916b-1917-1920&21-)
Hart, Mrs  (1908a-)
Hartig (Roediger), Maria Henrietta (Mrs Pastor Roediger) (death 1908a-)
Hartley, Miss  (1908a-)
Harvey, George (1913&14-)
Harvey, H & C (1926-)
Harvey, Robert James (born 1910&11-)
Harvey, Mrs (1913&14-1922-1926-)
Haslam, Rev George Keysell (preacher 1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-)
Hatcher, Gilbert Roy Christopher (1912&13)
Hatcher, Maurice Roy (1920&21-) 
Hatcher (Haydon), Merle Evelyn (1936-)*
Haydon, David Lloyd (died 1936-)*
Haydon, Esther Selina (neighbour, 1907b-)
Haydon, Kenneth Frederick (died 1920&21)
Haydon (Buckby), Sabina (1913&14-)
Haydon, Walter William Charles (twin brother of Esther Selina 1909&10-)
Haydon, Walter Winton (death 1917-)
Hayman (Pope), Elsie Jane (neighbour, 1907b-1913&14-1919b-)
Hayman, George (1913&14-)
Hayman, John (neighbour 1913&14-)
Hayman (Roberts), Katie Irene (married 1910&11-)
Hayman, William (grandfather of above, died 1910&11)
Heath, Alfred Samuel (cousin, 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-died 1911&12)
Heath (Hand) Amelia (aunt 1909a-1909&10-1915&16-1916a-1926-1927-)
Heath, Aubrey George (cousin's son 1909&10-1910&11- died 1911&12)
Heath, Charles (uncle, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-)
Heath (Arbon, then Humphrys), Charlotte (aunt, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1912&13-1914&15-1915&16-1918-1926-died 1929, grave visited 1932)
Heath, Edward John (1910&11-)
Heath (Easton), Emily (aunt 1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1915&16-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1926-1927-
Heath (Ratcliff), Eva Emily May (1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1927-1936-)
Heath (Paterson), Harriet (aunt, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1924-1936-)
Heath, Hazel Jean (cousin's daughter, born 1911&12-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1917-1920&21-1922)
Healy, Elizabeth Una (1912&13-)
Healy, William James (died 1912&13)
Healy, William James (Jnr) (1912&13-)
Helps, Evelyn Mary Isobel (1912&13-)
Helps, Ivan Archold Athol (1912&13-)
Helps, James Robert George (1912&13-)
Helps, John Thomas (died 1912&13-)
Helps, Mildred Ysult (1912&13-)
Helps, Thomas Murray James (1912&13-)
Henderson, Rev H (1920&21-)
Hennessey, Mr (1907b-)
Hetzel, Mr (1919b-)
Hewitt, Mrs Arthur (1926-
Hewitt, Sylvia Maureen (1926-
Higgins, Arthur Burt (1913&14-) 
Higgins, Arthur Frederick (1936-) *
Higgins, Frank Archibald (neighbour, 1907a-
Higgins, George Herbert James (neighbour, 1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-)
Higgins, Gladys Mary (1910&11- 1911&12-1917-1922)
Higgins, Lily Georgeianna (1913&14-) 
Higgins, Percy Claude (1913&14-) 
Higgins, Reginald Oswald (1916b-)
Higgins, William Thomas (1909a-1913&14-)
Higgins, Winifred Fanny (death, 1907b-)
Higgins, Thomas (death, 1908a-)
Hill, Alexander (brother of Kit, 1908a-1909a-)
Hill, Charles (1907b-)
Hill (Heath), Christiana (Kit) (cousin's wife, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11- 1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1915&16-1917-1918-1919b-1922-1923-1926-)
Hill, Ellen May (May) (sister of Kit, 1907b-1909a-1911&12-1914&15-)
Hill, Eva Elvera May (1907b-1911&12-
Hill, George Archibald (brother of Kit, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1911&12-1912&13-1918-1922)
Hill (Harris), Guinderlin Myrtle (1907b-1909a-1913&14-)
Hill (Wilson), Harriet (sister of Kit, 1907b-1909a-1914&15-1917-)
Hill (Antwis), Isabella (sister of Kit, 1909a-)
Hill, John (father of Kit, 1907b-1909a-1913&14-1917-)
Hill, John (brother of Kit 1911&12-)
Hill, Kathleen Emily (born 1913&14-died the same year)
Hill, Mr (preacher 1912&13-)
Hill, Sidney Charles (1907b-)
Hill, Margaret (Maggie) (sister of Kit, 1909a-1913&14-died)
Hill, Walter (brother of Kit, 1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-)
Hillier, Amy Rosa Claire (death 1915&16)
Hillier, Barbara Joan (1919b-)
Hillier, Beeton Frank Fletcher (neighbour, 1907b-1911&12-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1926-)
Hillier, Frederick Leonard (1911&12-)
Hillier, John (1916b-)
Hillier, John William (born 1922)
Hillier (Dawkins), Myrtle Mildred (neighbour 1909&10-1916b-1922)
Hillier, Reginald (1911&12-)
Hillier, William (neighbour, 1907b-)
Hoar, Lillian B (teacher 1909a-)
Hoare, Mrs (1914&15-died)
Hoare, John Henry (1910&11-)
Hobart, Arthur Samuel (1911&12-1913&14-1914&15-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1936-)
Hobart, Audrey Frances (niece, 1926-1935-1936-)
Hobart, Benjamin William (1911&12)
Hobart, Bruce Henry (1913&14-)
Hobart, Celia Florence (1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1927-1936-)
Hobart, Charles Elliott (1912&13-1913&14-1917-1918-)
Hobart, Dale William (1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1916a-1917-1918-1920&21-)
Hobart, (Loller) Florence (Florrie) Emma (1909a-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-)
Hobart, Frederick Lawrence (1910&11-)
Hobart, George Edmund (Amy's husband, 1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1927-)
Hobart, Henry George William (Amy's son) (1932-)
Hobart, James Thomas (1910&11-1912&13-1913&14-)
Hobart, Lawrence Arthur (1917-)
Hobart, Lillian Edna, niece (1922-1923-1924-1926-1932-1936-)
Hobart, Morris James Vincent (born 1913&14 died same year)
Hobart, Olive Fanny Heath, niece (born 1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1927-1932-1935-1936-)
Hobart (Jacobs) Sarah Jane (1910&11-1913&14-1918)
Hocking, Bruce William Lancelot (1909a-1917-)
Hocking, Emily Beatrice (1912&13-)
Hocking, Evelyn Nellie (1909a-)
Hocking, John Richard (Jack) (1917-)
Hocking (Best), Grace Margurite Brickwood (1909a-1916b-)
Hogarth, John (died 1920&21)
Hogben, Brian Clive (born 1935-)
Hogben (Haydon), Jane Ann (1918-)
Holder, Sir Frederick (Methodist preacher 1909a-)
Holloway (Churches), Emily Frances (1909&10-)
Holness (Tancock), Emma (1935-)
Hornsby family (1914&15-)
Hosking, Mr (neighbour of Frances in Moonta, 1909&10-)
Hosking, Mrs (neighbour of Frances in Moonta, 1909&10-)
Hosking, Mrs Senior (1909&10-) 
Hood (Robinson), Clarice Myrtle (died 1909&10-)
Hooper, Helena Margaret Anderson (1910&11-)
Hooper, William (neighbour, 1908a-1909a-1910&11-1913&14-)
Howard, Mr (neighbour 1913&14-)
Howard, Mrs (neighbour 1913&14-) 
Huchens, Mrs Alex and baby (1912&13-)
Hudson, Charles Alfred (1918-)
Hughes, Mrs (Moonta 1909&10-)
Hughes, Mrs & Mr (Alawoona 1936-)
Hughes, Miss (1911&12-)
Humphrys, Arthur Richard (born 1910&11-)
Humphrys, Benjamin George (cousin, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1918-)
Humphrys, Elizabeth (Eliza / Lizzie) Matilda Ann (cousin, 1907b-1908a-1912&13-1917-1932-)
Humphrys, Elsie Jane (1912&13-)
Humphrys, George Henry Charles (1909a-)
Humphrys, Henry Dean (born 1916b-)
Humphrys, Howard Edward (born 1911&12-)
Humphrys, Joffre Barr (1920&21-)
Humphrys, Joseph Charles (cousin 1908a-1909&10-1917-)
Humphrys, Melva Jean (1918-1932-)
Humphrys, Neva Lucy (1920&21-)
Humphrys, Reo Wallace (1920&21-)
Humphrys, Richard (Dick) (aunt's brother-in-law 1909&10-1917-)  
Humphrys, Tilson Richard James (Dick) (cousin 1908a-1909&10-)
Humphrys, Vera May (1918-)
Hutchins, Frederick James Thomas (died 1922)
Hutchins, Frederick John (1922
Hutchins, Hector Hugh (born 1912&13-)
Hutchins, Mary Effie (1914&15-)
Hutchins, Percy Clare (born 1912&13-)
Hutchins, Thomas Henry (died 1913&14-)
Hutchinson, Mr (1913&14-)
Hutchinson, Mrs (1922
Hutchinson (Belton), Ethel (1935-)
Huxley, Mr (1936-)
Huxtable, Leonard George (neighbour, 1907b-1909&10-)

Jackson, Mr (preacher, 1908a-)
Jacobs, Clarence Charles (1920&21-)
Jacobs, Doris Rachel Irene (1913&14-)
Jacobs, Norman William (1910&11-1913&14-)
Jaffrey, Mr (labourer, 1915&16-)
James, A.H. (preacher, 1907b-)
James (Stewart), Amy Harris (1919b-)
Jarmyn, Henry (died 1919a)
Jarmyn, Matthew (marries a neighbour, 1907b-)
Jeffries, Ernest Francis (neighbour, 1910&11-died)
Jeffries, Herbert Horace (neighbour, 1909&10)
Jeffries, Johnson (neighbour and distant relation, 1907b-1917-)
Jenkins, Mrs (died 1909a-)
Jenkins, Mrs (1936-)
Jenkins, Edward (died 1915&16-)
Jenkins, Richard Burton (1918-)
Jenkins, Samuel John (died 1918
Jew, Mr (1921-)
Jolley (McKenzie), Elsie Mary (1911&12-)
Johns, Ezekiel (died 1908a-)
Johnson (Levick), Sarah (1912&13-)
Johnstone / Johnston, Mrs (1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-)
Johnstone / Johnston, Mr G (1911&12-1913&14-1916b-)
Jones family (1914&15)
Jones, Mr C (1919b-) 
Jones, George (1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1917-1919b-)
Jones, Dr (1912&13-
Jones, Mrs George (1916b-1918-1920&21-)
Jones, son of Mr (1919b-)
Jones (Sampson), Mary Jane (1910&11-)
Jones (Good), Olive (1911&12-)
Judd family (1926-)
Judd, Jessie Margaret (born 1913&14-)
Judd, Peter (1913&14-)
Judd, Mrs G (1913&14-)

Kain, Dr (1935-)
Kalka, Baden Powell Pretoria Mafeking (died 1910&11-)
Kalka, Max Robert Ernst (father of above 1910&11-)
Kalms, John Hermann Christian (died 1919b
Kamis, (Kalms?), Mrs, and Michael (1936-)
Keipert (Dawkins), Gwendoline Elizabeth (1911&12-1913&14-1918-) 
Keith, Mr (1935-)
Kelly, Mr (1921-)
Kerr, Mr (Roseworthy, 1909a-)
Kessell, Rev Stephen (1917-1918-1919a-)
Kimber, Francis Charles (married 1910&11-)
Kirkwood, Jean (born 1909a-)
Kitto (Williams), Elizabeth Jane (1909&10-1911&12-1917-1920&21-)
Klaucke (Bassett), Johanne Louise Emilie (died 1916b-)
Knight (Sheriff) Mary Ann (died 1910&11-)
Koch, Hermann Friedrich (died 1909&10-)
Kope, Mr (1913&14-)
Koop (Haensch), Anna Sophia Charlotte (1918-)
Koop, Edmund Ludwig (1920&21-)
Kopp, Mr E (1917-1920&21-)
Kopp, child (1920&21-) 
Koster, Norman Charles (1916b-1921-)
Koster, Shirley Elizabeth (1936-) 
Koster, William Gordon (1936-) 
Krieg, Adolf Gustav (died 1921)
Krieg, Clement Clarence (1926-
Krieg, Edie (1913&14-)
Krieg (Twartz), Hulda Ernestina (died 1921)
Krieg, Johannes (John) Eduard) (died 1914&15)
Krieg, Lena Dorothea (1912&13-died 1921)
Krieg, Mrs (1908a-1909a-)
Kriegs, neighbours (1910&11-1912&13-1913&14-)

Lackey (Kessell), Annie Jane (1919a-)
Lade, Rev Frank (1919b-)
Laffer, Beatrice and baby (1912&13-)
Langdon, Beatrice Harriet (1914&15
Lange (Parham), Gladys Ivy (1927-)
Lange (Gerlach), Maria Lydia Louisa (1912&13-)
Lawes, William Horace (1916a-)
Lawrie, Pastor Mervyn Thomas (1936-)*
Laxton (Argent), Fanny (died 1918)
Laxton, Joseph (1908a-)
Leak, Charles Newman (1922)
Leak, Edwin John (preacher, 1908a-1912&13-1913&14-)
Leak, Elsie May (1912&13-)
Leak, Frances Mary (1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-)
Leak, Marion (died 1914&15)
Leathart (Williamson) Clara Maria (1913&14-)
Lee, Stella May (died 1911&12-)
Lenton, Rev. S (1911&12-)
Lewis, Harry (1914&15-)
Limb (Rebbeck) Nellie (1912&13-)
Lindner (Tape), Johanna Gertrude (1922)
Lock, Mr (1912&13-)
Lockyer, Lucy Emma (1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-)
Lodge (Humphrys), Annie Alice (distant relation, 1908a-1909&10-1916b-)
Lodge, Doris May (1919b-)
Lodge (Day), Emily Edith (1911&12-)
Lodge, Oliver Henry (1935-)
Lodge, Terrence Bruce (1919b-)
Loller, George Frederick (1911&12-)
Loller, Mervyn Barnett (born 1912&13-)
Long, Alfred Augustus (1920&21)
Long, George (1911&12-1915&16-died)
Lords, Marjorie (1916b-)
Lucas, Clarence James (Clarrie) (1914&15-1915&16-)
Lucas (Hogben), Vonda Mavis Eileen (1935)
Lucas family (1913&14-)
Lyne, Hannibal (1917-)
Lyne (Easton), Nellie Mabel (1917-)

Maggs, Arthur Edward (1910&11-)
Maggs, George Arthur (1916a-1923-1936-)
Magor (Worden), Elizabeth Martha Annie (1910&11-)
Mahony Mr (1909&10-)
Manuel, Mr (1912&13-)
Martin (Hobart), Sarah (1911&12)
Martin, Tom L (neighbours 1907b-1911&12-1912&13-)
Martin, Jeoffre H (died 1916b-)
Maslen (Argent), Doris Lillian (1919b-)
Maslin, Mrs (1913&14-)
Masters, Mr (1911&12-1920&21-)
Masters, Miss (1913&14-)
Masters, Mrs (1913&14-)
Matfield, Frank (1918-)
Matthews, Barbara (1932-)
Mattfield, Mrs (1919a-)
Mattfield, Mr (1919a-)
Matts, Mr (could be Matz?) (1909&10-)
Matters, Clarance William (born 1911&12-)
Matters (Tancock), Elizabeth Ann (distant relation, 1908a-1910&11-1932-)
Matters, Martha Northcote Susan Alice (1936-)*
Mattner, Mr (1909a-)
Matz (Punke), Anna Paulina Bertha (1913&14-1919b-)
May, Elvera Evelyn (1919a-1920&21-)
May, Herbert Arthur (1922)
May, Herbert William (1922-1936-)
May, Jessie Jean Paterson (1922-1936-)
May, Rupert Algernon (neighbour, 1907b-)
May, Stanley Garnet (killed in action, 1917-)
May, Muriel Ellen (born 1909&10-)
May, Winifred Beatrice (born 1911&12-)
McArthur, Dr (doctor in Gawler, 1907b-
McBrides (1936-)
McConnell (Cox), Anne Grant (1916b-)
McConnell, Mrs (1912&13-)
McConnell, Henry (1916b-)
McDonald, Mr & Mrs (elderly couple in Port Broughton, 1908a-)
McEwin, Mrs (1912&13-1913&14-)
McEwin, Mrs McEwin's father (1913&14-)
McGrath, Mrs (1919a-)
McHugh (Bugg), Alice (1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1915&16-1916a-1917-1918-)
MacKenny (Chambers) Susan Annie (Moonta 1909&10-)
McKenzie, Mary Elizabeth (1911&12-)
McLaren, Clarence Roy (died at war 1916b-)
McLaren (Rusby), Fannie Elizabeth (1911&12-)
McLaren, Mrs (1911&12-1922)
McLean, Miss (1912&13-)
McLean, Annie Joyce (1909a-1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-1916a-1920&21-)
McLean, Arthur (1917-)
McLean, George Albert William (1911&12-1936-)
McLean, James Sparshott (veterinarian 1907a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1916a-1917-1922-1926-)
McLean, Jessie (cousin 1910&11-1911&12-)
McLean, Sarah Ann (1907b-)
McLean, Walter James (1909&10-1916a-)
McLeod (Atyeo), Eva Alice (1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1923-1935-1936-
McLeod, Daniel (1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1915&16-1916b-1919a-1920&21-)
McLeod, George Kimberley (1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1915&16-1916b-1917-1919a-)
McLeod, Harold Webber (1913&14-)
McLeod, Henrietta (Hettie / Ettie) (1909a-1910&11-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1923-)
McLeod, John William (Jack) Eva's brother (1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-)
McMillan, Maggie (1912&13-)
Mellett (Virgin), Minnie Marchant Mary (1913&14-)
Mellett, Thomas Norman (1918-)
Menadue (Argent), Emily Jane (1909a-) 
Merry (Ross), Jane (1921-)
Messenger, Mrs (1908a-)
Michell, Colin (1909&10-)
Miller, Henry William Turner (1908a-1911&12-1913&14-died)
Miller, George (1912&13-)
Miller, Alfred Charles (died 1910&11-)
Mills (Leak), Maria Susannah (1909&10-)
Milton, Mrs (1919b-1921-)
Mitchell, Mr (1912&13-)
Mitchell, Mrs (1916b-1912&13-)
Modra family (1914&15-)
Modray, Douglas Raymond (1920&21-)
Modra (Harders), Emilia Anna (1910&11-)
Modra, Bernard Alfred (born 1910&11-)
Modra, Edward August (1913&14-)
Modra, Martin (1914&15-died)
Mold, Joseph William (piano player, 1908a-1909&10-)
Morrell, Charles William (1917-)
Morrell, Edgar Charles (1913&14-)
Morris, Hugh (Captain Chaplain) (1916a-)
Morris, James (1920&21-)
Morse, William Samuel (1932-1935)
Mortimer (Hammer), Ada Jane (1911&12-)
Mortimer, Albert (1909a-)
Mortimer, Arthur (1911&12-)
Mortimer, Brenda Minchion (1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-)
Mortimer, Bruce William (1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-)
Mortimer, George Augustus (neighbour 1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1917-1920&21-)
Mortimer, Howard George (1910&11-)
Mortimer, J (1918-)
Mortimer (George), Ivy Jubilee (1909a-)
Mott (Heath), Amy Ruth (married 1910&11-)
Moyse, Mr (Methodist preacher 1907b-1909&10-)
Moyse, Mrs Mirian (died 1919b-)
Mugford, Rev S.C. (1912&13-)
Mullen (Selleck / Sellick), Margaret (died 1913&14-)

Nash (Carter) Charlotte Ann (died  1911&12)
Nield, Rev Charles Henry, Wesleyan Methodist minister (1914&15-)
Nield, Rev John Henry, Wesleyan Methodist minister (1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1916a-)
Newbold, Mrs (Williamstown 1909a-)
Newman, Mr (1922)
Nicholls, Ellen (1912&13-)
Nicholls, Jonathan Job (preacher, 1908a-1909a-)
Nicholls (Dawkins), Olive Mary (1909a-)
Nicholson (Hill), Euphemia Ellen (1912&13-1913&14-)
Nicholson, Rev Reginald Chapman (1917-)
Norris (Argent), Florence Maud (1910&11-1913&14-))
Norman, George William (born 1912&13-)
Norman, Jesse (1918-) 
O'Donnell (Chenoweth), Ruby Veronica (1921-)
Oehm (Scharmberg / Scharnberg), Mrs Mattilda Emilie (died 1920&21-)
O'Hara (Aunger), Louisa (1913&14-)
Oliver, Mr (1909&10-1913&14-1924-)
Oliver, Miss (1913&14-) 
Oliver, Mrs (1936-)
Oliver (Judd), Helen (1913&14-)
Ormsby, Matthew Stephen (1918-died)
Osborne (Ratcliff), Edith Lillian (1912&13-)
Overland, James Morrow (1916b-)
Owens, Aloysius Alfred (1920&21)
Owens, William Henry (1920&21)

Paget, Mr (1914&15-)
Panter, Lillian Margaret (1912&13-)
Panter, Mabel Lily (died 1909&10)
Panter, Richard James (died 1908a-)
Parham (Penfold), Adeline (died 1910&11)
Parham, Albert (Alb) Bruce (nephew, born 1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1926-1935-)
Parham, Alva Edward (born 1912&13-)
Parham, Beryl Mavis (1917-)
Parham, Charles James (1909&10-)
Parham, Clement Garfield (nephew, 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1921-1922-1923-1924-1926-1927-
Parham (Dowling), Daisy Victorious Geraldine (1907a-1916b-)
Parham, Delcie Mary (born 1917-)
Parham, Dorothea Gladys (distant relation, died 1910&11-)
Parham, Dorothy Jean (known as Jean) (1913&14-1920&21-)
Parham (Winckel), Elsie Lydia Ruth (distant relation, 1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-died 1919a)
Parham (Freak), Emma (1912&13-)
Parham, Eric Clarence (born 1918-1919a-1920&21-1922-)
Parham (Worden), Ethel Gwendolyne Heath (niece 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1920&21-1922-1923-1924-1926-1932-1935-)
Parham, Gladys Ada (born 1920&21-1921-1922-1935-)
Parham, Harold James (1911&12-)
Parham, Henry Wesley James (nephew, 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919a-1919b- 1920&21-1921-1922-1924-1926-
Parham, James (brother-in-law 1907a-1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1917-1918-1919b-1920&21-1922-1926-
Parham, Kingsley Bernard (1916b-)
Parham, Lillie Melior (distant relation, 1907b-1908a-1909&10-1913&14-1916a-1919a-)
Parham, Mervyn Leonard Andrew (1916a-1916b-)
Parham, Mr (unknown), (1914&15-)
Parham, Murray Charles (nephew born 1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1914&15-1915&16-1916b-1917-1919a-1919b-1920&21-1922-1926-)
Parham, Myrtle (1913&14-)
Parham, Nellie (1920&21-)
Parham, Nicholas (distant relation, 1909&10-1910&11-)
Parham, Nivia Stella (distant relation, diaries 1907b-1908a-1909&10-1912&13-1916a-)
Parham, Oswald Noel (neighbour, 1911&12-1917-)
Parham, Samuel James (distant relation, 1910&11-1917-1922)
Parham (Norman), Sarah Ann (1912&13-)
Parham, Wilfred George (George) (born 1913&14-1915&16-1916b-1917-1918-1919b-1920&21-1922-1926-)
Parham, William (1916b-)
Parker, Thomas Phillip (1910&11-1917-)
Parkes, George (1911&12-)
Parsons, Mrs (1908a-)
Paternoster, Rev T.A. (1911&12)
Paterson, Albert George (cousin, 1909a-1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-1914&15-1916b-1920&21-1921-1922-1936-
Paterson, Charles Alexander (Alex) (cousin, 1907b-1915&16-1920&21-1921-1936-)
Paterson, Charles Alexander (uncle, 1908a-1909&10-1913&14-1915&16-1916a-1920&21-)
Paterson, Elvera Joyce (born 1922-1936
Paterson, Elvera Maud (cousin, 1907b-1908a-1910&11-1912&13-1916a-1916b-1918-1921-1922)
Paterson (May), Jessie Violet (cousin, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1917-1920&21-1922)
Paterson (Porter) Lillias May (cousin, 1907b-1908a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-1914&15-1920&21-1921-1922)
Paterson, Maria Anna (Siss) (cousin, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1917-1918-1919a-1920&21-1921-1922-1924-1936-)
Pearson, John (1936-)
Pearson, Tom (1936-)
Pederick, Ada Annie (neighbour, 1907b-)
Pederick (Worden), Alice Matilda (neighbour, 1914&15-)
Pederick, Amy Louisa (1913&14-)
Pederick, Douglas John (1919a-)
Pederick, Edwin Albert (Rev) (1908a-1909&10-1919a-)
Pederick, Ella Olive (1920&21-)
Pederick (Parham), Elsie Ellen (1916a-1916b-1917-)
Pederick (Secomb), Florence Matilda (1913&14-)
Pederick, Gweneth Merle (born 1919b-)* 
Pederick, Irvin Joseph (Joe) (1916b-1919a-)
Pederick, James (neighbour 1910&11-)
Pederick, John (neighbour, 1907b-1914&15-)
Pederick, June (1913&14-)
Pederick, Leonard James (1913&14-)
Pederick, Margaret Eliza (born 1917-)
Pederick, Mildred Irene (1916b-)
Pederick, Robert Adams (1917-1918- died 1919a-)
Pederick, Robert Alwyn (1920&21-)
Pederick, Robert Oliver (1914&15-)
Pederick, Ronald Tonkin (1919a-)
Pederick (Goodger), Susanna Adams (neighbour, 1907b-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1917-)
Pederick, Sydney Louis (1918-)
Perkins, Thomas (1911&12-)
Perry, Frederick James (1911&12-)>
Perry, Harry (died 1907b-)
Phelps (Lane), Millicent F M (1912&13-1916a-)
Philis, Miss (death 1912&13-)
Phillips (Gertig), Beatrice (1913&14-)
Piper, Rev E J (1910&11-)
Piper, Rev T (1912&13-1913&14-)
Plester (Parham) Rosetta (1909&10-)
Plullis, Gwen & daughter (1912&13-)
Pohlner, Charles (1922)
Pointon, Clarice Ida (1907b-)
Pointon (Brodie), Emma (1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1920&21-1921-1926-)
Pointon, Lewis (1907b-1908a-)
Pointon, Marion Thelma (born 1908a-)
Pointon, Standley Lewis (1907b-)
Polden, Thomas (1912&13-)
Polence, Mr (1922)
Polglase, Reta May (1910&11-)
Pollard, Clara (1916b-)
Pomeroy (Atyeo), Frances Beatrice (1922-1936-) *
Poole (Covernton), Beatrice Alice (1907b-1911&12-)
Pope, Christopher Temby (1913&14-1916a-)
Pope, Henry (died 1935)
Pope, Henry William (born 1919b-)
Pope (Footer), Laura May (1909a-1910&11-died)
Pope, Melva Marjorie (born 1920&21-)
Pope, Norman Henry (1916a-)
Pope, Ralph Vivian (1917-)
Pope, Mr (preacher 1909&10-)
Porter, Brice William (cousin's husband, 1907b-1914&15-1921-)
Porter, Clarence (1913&14-)
Porter, Constance Audrey (born 1911&12-
Porter, John Charles (Jack) (1914&15-) 
Porter, Jonathon (1921-)*
Porter, Lance Hugh (1921-)* 
Porter, Kathleen Laurina (cousin's daughter 1917-)
Porter, Nita Irene (cousin's daughter, 1907b-1910&11-1913&14-1920&21-1921-)
Porter (Harrison), Mabel Beatrice (cousin's daughter, 1909&10-1910&11-1919b-1920&21-1926?-)
Porter, Madge Mercia (cousin's daughter, born 1913&14-1914&15-1920&21-)
Porter, Reata Irene Melville (died 1913&14-)
Portis, Mr (1912&13-)
Potter, Selina Hine (died 1915&16-)
Poulson, Jessie (1913&14-)
Power (McConnell), Bridget (died 1916b-) 
Power, Mr (1935)
Pratt (Bonney), Florence Edith (1909&10-)
Pratt, Mrs William (Elizabeth) (died 1913&14-)
Price, Mr (1919b-)
Price, Thomas (died 1909a-)
Prior, Mr (1909a-1926-)
Proctor, Mildred Ann (relative of neighbour, 1907b-)
Proctor (Norval), Beatrice (Beattie) (relative of neighbour, 1909&10-)
Preiss, Albert Leslie (1907b-1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-1914&15-1917-1920&21-1922-1932-)
Preiss, August William Stanley (1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1917-1920&21-)
Preiss (Parham), Ellen Jane (1912&13-)
Preiss, Heinrich August Friedrich (and family, neighbours, 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1911&12-)
Preiss, (Morse) Clarice Louisa Ellen (1909&10-1912&13-1914&15-1917-1918-1920&21-1926-1932-1935)
Preiss (Whittaker), Dorothy May (Dorrie) (1907b-1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-1914&15-1916b-1917-1918-1920&21-1927-)
Preiss, Mary (could be Mary Ann Arbon?) (1916b)
Preiss (Hudson), Muriel Joyce (1908a-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1917-1918-)
Preiss, Rose (1912&13-)
Punke, two men Bert's age, Mr (1912&13-1913&14-)
Punke, Clara Bertha Ernestina (1913&14-)
Punke, Herman Heinrich (1913&14-1919b-)

Quigley, Minnie (1909&10-)
Quirk (Matters), Alice Maud (1910&11-1911&12-) 
Quirk, Dorothy (Dorrie) Amanda (cousin's daughter 1908a-1909a-1910&11-1911&12-)
Quirk, Howard Spencer (cousin's son 1910&11-1910&11-)
Quirk, James (cousin's husband 1908a-1909a-1911&12-)
Quirk, Mary Ann (Hall) (1909a-)
Quirk, Violet May (Maisie) (cousin's daughter 1908a-1909a-1910&11-1911&12-)
Quirk, William James Atyeo (cousin's son 1908a-1909a-1910&11-1911&12-)

Ragless Family, have an orchard (1909a-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1918-1919a-)
Rashleigh, Robert Roy (1914&15-)
Ratcliff (Wilson), Ann (1913&14-1919b-) 
Ratcliff, Beriel (Beryl) Jean Heath (born 1917-1918-1919b-1920&21-1922-1923-1924-1926-1935-1936-)
Ratcliff, Daphne Lillian Louisa (1919a-1919b-1920&21-1922-1923-1924-1926-1935-1936-) 
Ratcliff (Panter), Eliza Jane (1909&10-1919b-1936-)
Ratcliff (Hobart), Emeline Florence (1919b-1920&21-)
Ratcliff, Ettie May (1911&12-1912&13-)
Reddin, Rev Daniel Thomas (1935-)
Reed, William (preacher 1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-)
Reinke (Anderson), Clara May (1910&11)
Reynolds, Mr (1920&21-) 
Reynolds, Mrs (Moonta 1909&10-)
Reynolds (Kalka), Flora (1910&11-)
Reynolds (Gorman), Mildred Ida (1918-)
Rice, Adelaide Irene (Renie) (1910&11-)
Rice, Ernest Oliver Roy (1916a-)
Rice, Lilian Ethel May (1920&21-)
Rice, Lorna Scott (1910&11-)
Rice, Percy Mayo (1910&11-1912&13-)
Rice, Reginald Arnold (1910&11-1916a-died at sea)
Rice, Thomas Melville (Melville) (1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-)
Rice, William (1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-1916a-1919a-)
Richards (Pope), Dorothy Vera (1916a-1920&21-)
Richards, Hilda C (died 1913&14-)
Richter, Howard William (1909&10-1912&13-1914&15-1926-) 
Richter, Martin (1910&11-)
Richter, Wilhelm Fredrich Johannias (1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1917-)
Ridley, Mr (1920&21-)
Riggs (Baker), Annie Elizabeth (1917-)
Riggs (Worden), Annie Louisa (1912&13-)
Riggs (Paterson), Elsie Bond (1918-)
Riggs (Homann), Emily (1917-)
Riggs (Parham), Mary Elizabeth (1907b-1908a-1909&10-1911&12-1913&14-1916a-1916b-1917-1918-1919b-1920&21-)
Ring, Miss (1908a-)
Ripley, James John (1912&13-)
Roberts, Alice (1913&14-)
Roberts, Emmanuel Harry Ellis (1920&21)
Roberts, Mr (1912&13-1922)
Roberts, Rev Vivian (1911&12-)
Roberts, Wilfred Pederick (married 1910&11-)
Robinson, Miss (1910&11)
Roche (Hobart) Nellie Magdalene (1912&13-1913&14-1917-)
Roediger, Albert Walther (1909&10-)
Roediger, Conrad Julius (1909&10-)
Roediger, Constance Doreen (1914&15-)
Roediger, Frederick William (1923-)*
Roediger, Johann Gottfried Hermann (1915&16-died)
Roediger (Leske), Lucy Wilhelmine (1910&11-)
Roediger, Neva Linda (1912&13-)
Roediger, Ruth Ethelwyne (1920&21-)
Rogers, Dr (1913&14
Rogers (McLean), Hilda Sophie (1936-)*
Rooney, Rev (1921-1922)
Ross, Alexander James (born 1920&21-1936-)
Ross, Bruce Frederick (born 1916b-)
Ross, Charles David (1910&11-1914&15-1936-)
Ross, Henry (husband of cousin Vic, 1909a-1909&10-1916a-1916b-1914&15-1921-)
Ross, Peter Norman (son of Henry 1914&15-1916b-)
Ross, William (brother of Henry (1910&11-)
Rowe, Mr (Chemist 1912&13-)
Rowe (Sheard), Sylvia Anita (1922)
Rowland (Worden), Mary Ann (died 1913&14-)
Rowley, Archibald (neighbour, provides meat, 1907b-1908a-)
Rowley (Aunger), Charlotte (1911&12-1913&14-)
Rudalls (1926-)
Rudd, Mrs P (1913&14-)
Rusby, Reginald Graham (born 1911&12-)
Rusby, Maxwell James (born 1911&12-)
Rzeszkowski, John Raymond (1920&21-)
Rzeszkowski, Raymond Walter (1920&21-)

Salter (McLeod), Ruby May (1913&14-)
Sampson (Polglase), Myrtle Muriel (1910&11-)
Sampson, Percival John (1910&11-)
Sandercock, Miss (1912&13-)
Sandercock, Colin Heath (1918-) *
Sandercock, Ross William (born 1916b-)
Sandercock, William John (1912&13-1915&16-1936-)
Sandford family (1920&21-)
Sanders family (1912&13-) 
Sawtell (Tancock), Edith Ada (1932-)* 
Sawyer, Mr (at Hamley Bridge) 1935-)
Schaefer, Mrs (1924-)
Scott (Rice), Alice Mary (1910&11-1912&13-)
Scott, Sarah Irene (1910&11-)
Scott (Glen), Violet Mary Valentine (1909a-)
Scoville, Charles Reign (1912&13-)
Seaman, Mrs (1908a-1910&11-1919a-)  
Selleck (Bubner), Alice Mahala (1908a-1909a-1913&14-)
Selleck, Daniel  (1908a-)
Selleck, John Emmanuel (1920&21-)
Selleck, Leo Daniel (born 1913&14-)
Selleck (Perry), Matilda (1909a-)
Selleck, Sylvia Rachel (born 1913&14-)
Selway (Winckel) Thurza Myrtle Gane (1913&14-)
Sheard, Gilbert Vivian (1922)
Shepherd, Archie (1909&10-1910&11-1913&14-)
Shepherd, Miss (1919a-)
Sholz, Herman (1909&10-)
Sholz, Martha Emma Ottilie (1909&10-)
Simons (Trapmann, then Atyeo), Elizabeth Sarah (1926-) 
Sims, James (1936-)
Sims, Jocelyn Florence (1935-1936-)*
Sims, William George (1936-)*
Simpson (Hill), Emily Montgomery, mother of Kit (1908a-1909a-1911&12-1914&15-)
Sissman, Mrs (1921-)
Skelton, Mrs (1932-)
Skewes (Gartrell), Mary Jane (died  1914&15-)
Skidmore, Charles (1911&12-1913&14-)
Skurray, George Herbert (1915&16-)
Skurray, Winifred Joyce (died 1915&16-)
Smalley (Driesener) Emily (1912&13-)
Smalley, George Nicholas (married 1912&13-)
Smith (Cork), Edith Elizabeth (1918-)
Smith, Fred (1912&13-)
Smith (unknown maiden name), Mrs Mary (wife of George Smith deceased) (died 1908a-)Smith, Mrs (unknown) (1913&14-1914&15-)
Smith, Mrs (Williamstown 1909a-)
Smith (Holmes), Mrs Wilmot (died 1909&10-)Smith, Joseph (1913&14-)
Smith, Mrs Joseph (1913&14-)
Smith, John Howard (born 1912&13-)
Smith, John Robert (1912&13-)
Smith (Lee / Higgins), Lillie Maud (neighbour, 1907a-)
Smith, Mary (1914&15-
Southey (Andrew), Susan (died 1909a)Spencer, John James (died 1909&10-)
Stacey, Alexander Archibald Jonathan (1920&21-)*
Stacey, Lindsay Alex Leslie (1923-)*
Stacey, Ruby (1920&21-)*
Standley, Carmen Myrtle (daughter of neighbour 1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-1917-)
Standley, Clarence Reginald (son of neighbour 1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-)
Standley (Pointon), Marion Bethia (daughter of neighbour 1907b-1908a-1909&10-1911&12-)
Standley, John Thomas (1919a-1920&21-)
Standley, Vivian Rose (daughter of neighbour 1908a-1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-)
Stevens, Bernard Emerson (marries a neighbour, 1907b-)
Stevens, Harold (1912&13-)
Stevens, Reginald James (1910&11-)
Stevens, Mr (1910&11-1911&12-)
Stevens, Sister of Mr Stevens (1911&12-)
Stewart, Alan (1918-)
Stewart, Alexander (1917-1922)
Stewart (Lawes), Christina Elizabeth (1916a-)
Stewart, Edgar (1914&15-)
Stewart, Elva Eugenie (born 1914&15-)
Stewart, Winifred Merle (born 1919b-)
Stidston, Mr & Mrs (1913&14-)
Stone, George Thomas (neighbour  1907b-)
Stone, Mr (1913&14-)
Stone, Mrs (1922)
Stone, J W E (1932-)
Stone, Reginald (1922)
Stott, Mr A (1918-)
Stratton (French), Rose Ellen (sister's sister-in-law, 1909&10-)
Stremple (Coward), Matilda Louise (1909a-)
Stringer, Harriet Pearl (cousin's daughter 1908a-)
Stringer, Reatta Christina May (cousin's daughter 1908a-) 
Stringer, Rosina Valentine  (cousin's daughter 1908a-)
Stringer, Ruth Eva Elizabeth (cousin's daughter 1908a-)  
Stringer (Wake), Sarah (neighbour 1907b-1910&11-1912&13-)
Strongman (Hagel), Florence May (1912&13-)
Stuart, Mr (machinery expert 1915&16-1920&21-)
Sullivan, Francis Henry (born 1909a-)
Sullivan neighbours (1918)
Sumes, Mrs Boss (died 1916b)
Summerton, Mr (fixed the harvester 1907b-)
Summerton (Smalley), Fanny Elizabeth (1912&13-) 
Summerton (Tancock), Rosetta Lillian (1935-)*
Swales, William George (1909a-)
Swann, Thomas Roy (1911&12)
Swars, Mr (Uncle of the Nottles) (1912&13-)
Sweeney, Daniel (died, 1909&10-)
Sweetland, Mr & Mrs (1908a-)

Tancock, Cleveland (cousin's son 1908a-)
Tancock (Quirk), Eliza Sarah Grace (adopted cousin, 1908a-1909a-1909&10-1910&11, died)
Tancock (Gosden), Eva May (distant relation 1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-)
Tancock (Baker), Eva Susanna (cousin, 1907b-1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1913&14-1917-1919b-1932-1935-)
Tancock, Everland (cousin's son 1908a-)
Tancock, George Henry (1926-1932-1935-1936-)
Tancock, Robert Albert (1932-)*
Tanner, Mr (1926-)
Tape, Audrey Annie (born 1922)
Tape, Cyril Claude (1926-1927-)
Tape (Plummer), Elizabeth Esther (1917-)
Tape (Tucker), Eva Matilda Ann (1911&12-1912&13-)
Tape, Walter John (1920&21-) 
Taylor (Groth), Mary Sars Christie (died 1927-)
Templer (Hobart), Edith Daisy (1910&11-1916a-1917-)
Tennant, Clarice Victoria (1926-)
Thomas (Fergusson), Alice Mary (1918)
Thomas (Footer), Ellen Margaret (1912&13-)
Thompson (Folland), Iris Adelaide (1936-)*
Tobin, Dr (1913&14-1916b-1917-1918-1920&21-1922
Tompson / Thompson, Mr (1909&10-1926-)
Tonkin (Pederick), Viola Ivy (1919a-)
Towning, Mr W (1912&13-)
Towning, Mrs W (1912&13-)
Treloar, Elizabeth Mary (1912&13-)
Treloar, Joseph Henry (1912&13-)
Treloar family (1919b-1920&21-)
Trott, Doris Pretoria (1917-)
Tucker, Eva Mary (1912&13-)
Tucker, Fred (1911&12-)
Tuckwell, Rev Ernest Sinclair (preacher 1909a-)
Turnbull (Polden), Janet (died 1912&13-)
Turner (Window), Edith Eleanor (1913&14-)
Turner (Haydon), Rosina Darling (1909&10-1918-)
Turner, Helmore Arthur Raymond (1909&10)
Turner, King (1920&21-)
Turner, Mrs Albert (and baby) (1913&14-)
Urlwin, Harold Charles (1923-)*

Vass, Mr (1927-)
Veale, Norman Douglas (died 1909&10-)
Verner (Argent), Annie Jane (1908a-)
Verner, Lillian Pearl May (1909&10-)
Verner, Rosetta Violet Estelle (1910&11-)
Vickery (Folland), Sarah Grace (1914&15-)
Vigis, Thomas (1916a-)
Viney (Dean), Idelee Iris Muriel (1912&13-)
Virgin, Arthur Joseph Henry (1913&14-)
Virgin, George Albert Benjamin (1913&14-)
Vowles, Dorothy Ena (1920&21-1921-)
Vowles, Eric Addington (1919b-)

Wainwright, James (1909&10-)
Wainwright, Peter William (died 1920&21-)
Wade (Hillier), Elsie Clarice (1911&12-)
Wade, William (1911&12-1916b)
Wake (Dawkins), Evelyn Grace (1912&13-)
Wake (Nottle), Martha Ann (neighbour, 1907b-1908a-1909&10-1910&11-1912&13-)
Wake (Proctor), Mary (relative of neighbour, 1907b-)
Wake, Miss (1909a-1912&13-)
Walker, Mr (travelling labourer, 1907b-)
Wallace (Alexander) Jane (died 1916b)
Wallin, Mrs (1911&12-)
Wallin, Miss (1911&12-1912&13-)
Walter, John (1917-)
Walton, Mrs (died 1920&21-)
Warner, Mr (preacher 1911&12-)
Warnken, Charles John Christian (died 1910&11-)
Warnken, Gerhard Bernard William (1909&10-1911&12-1912&13-1916b-
Warnken, Gwendoline Ethel Lucy (1912&13-1914&15-)
Warnken (Wohling), Helena Matilda (1912&13-)
Warnken, Irene Thelma (born 1909&10-1912&13-)
Warnken, Ronald Victor (born 1913&14-) 
Warnken, Vera Elsie Gladys (1912&13-)
Warren, Mr (preacher, 1908a-)
Wasley (Sullivan), Florence Ada (1909a-)
Wasley, Henry (1919a-)
Waters, sister of Arundel Senior (host 1908a-)
Waters, Arundel (cousin's father-in-law, 1908a-)
Waters, Arundel (cousin's brother-in-law, 1908a-)
Waters, Arundel Charles (Charlie / Charley, cousin's son 1909&10-1911&12-1914&15-1917-)
Waters, Frederick Allan (cousin's brother-in-law, 1908a-)
Waters, Mrs & Mrs J and baby (cousin's in-laws, 1908a-)
Waters, Leslie William (cousin's son, born 1911&12-1914&15-1917-1919b-1920&21-1923-)
Waters, Thomas Henry (cousin's husband, 1908a-1909&10-1914&15-1923-)
Watson, Mr (preacher 1913&14-)
Weaver (Freak), Sophia Mary Ann (died 1910&11-)
Weaver, Thelma Mavis Beatrice (died 1912&13-)
Webb, Mr (from England, 1907b-)
Webb, Albert John (cousin's husband, 1908a-1921-1922)
Webb, Doris Emily (1921-)*
Webb, Eric Charles (1921-)*
Webb, George (1909a-)
Webb, Gwenda Florence (born 1912&13-1915&16-1921-)
Webb, Hurtle Allan (cousin's son, born 1908a-1921-)
Webb, Joyce Heath (1919b-1921-1922)
Webb, Reginald Albert  (cousin's son, 1908a-1921-1922)
Webb, Ronda Olive (1922)
Webb, Thelma Blanche (cousin's daughter, 1908a-1911&12-1917-1921-)
Webber (McLeod), Elizabeth Grace (1909&10-1910&11-1911&12-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1915&16-1917-1919a-1920&21-1921-1922)
Webber (Webber), Ellen Sophia (1912&13-)
Webber (Clonan), Eva Mary (1911&12-)
Webber, Gladys Eileen Emily (1912&13-)
Weeding, Miss (1913&14-)
Wells, Dr (1913&14-)
West, Mrs (1919a-1921-)
Wiese, Herman (1912&13-)
Wiese, Will (1912&13-)
Weston, Ethel Florence Alice May (1911&12-)
Wheaton (Pederick), Mary (1914&15-died)
Whelan, local family (1910&11-)
Whinman, Mr (1914&15-)
Whinman, Marion (1914&15-)
Whitbread (Parker), Esther (1907b-1908a-1909a-1909&10-1912&13-1913&14-1917-1918-)
White, Frank (1920&21)
White, Gladys (1920&21)
White (Hogben), Jane Ann (neighbour, died 1908a-)
White, Mr (1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-1917-1918-1919b-)
White, Mr E and family (1919b-)
White, Miss (1912&13-)
White, Mrs (1912&13-1914&15-)
White, Percy (1917-)
Whitelaw (Roberts), Emma Maria (1920&21)
Whiting (Laxton), Catherine Matilda (1908a-)
Whiting (Paterson), Dorothy (Dorrie Eva (1920&21-1922-1936-)
Whiting, William Henry (1922
Whittaker, Walter Cuthbert (1927-)
Wicks (Young), Annie Kate (neighbour, diaries 1907b-1908a-)
Wickson, Mrs (1912&13-)
Wiesmore, Len (1911&12)
Wilhelm, Mr (1926-)
Wilkinson (Dawkins), Rebekah (1911&12-1913&14-)
Williams (Lockyer), Alice Maud Mary (1912&13-)
Williams, Edith Laurel (1920&21-1921-1923-1926-)
Williams, Robert Hall (died 1912&13-)
Williamson, Dorothy Joan (1922)
Wilsmore, Charlie James (1915&16-1916a-)
Wilson, Norman Victor (distant relation, diaries 1907b-)
Wilson, Mrs (Probably Ann Ratcliff) (1912&13-1913&14-)
Wilson, Myrtle May (distant relation, diaries 1907b-)
Wilson, Vida Adelaide (distant relation, 1910&11-1912&13-1913&14-1914&15-)
Wilson, Violet Florence Ann (1920&21-)
Wilson (Williamson), Violet Hilda (1922)
Wiltshire, William Cyril Gordon (1911&12)
Winckel family (1912&13-1920&21-)
Winckel, Bob (1911&12)
Winckel, Gilbert Lincoln (1913&14-)
Winckel, Mavis Muriel (1913&14-)
Winckel (Urlwin), Myrtle May (1922)
Window, David Herbert (died 1920&21-)
Window (Vinicombe), Ellen Sarah (1936-)*
Woodhead, Mrs Margaret (died 1935)
Woods, Frank (1911&12)
Woolard (Folland), Sophia (1910&11-)
Worden, Howard Stanley (1913&14-1914&15-)
Worden (Pederick), Ivy Lucilla (1918-1919b-)*
Worden, John William Robert (married 1910&11-) 
Wylie, Robert (1921-)
Wylie, Thelma Deaken (1921-)

Yeoman (Dawkins), Mary (1910&11-1917-)
Yeoman, Richard Carlyon (preacher 1914&15-1915&16-1917-)
Young, Henry (Harry) (neighbour 1909a-1909&10-)
Young, William Lawrence (neighbour, 1907b-1908a-)

Zweck, Roy Albany (died 1911&12)

People listed by first name only - Unknowns I will work out one day:
Alfred (1924-), associated with Wesley and Ethel Parham
Alma (1908a-)
Ben (1913&14-) 
Beth, associated with Frances (1936-)
Bob, Mr & Mrs (1932-) 
Carl (1936-)
Aunt Celia, Amelia, Ray & Marie (1926-)
Charlie and Chris, sent postcards (1907b-)
Con (male) (1936-)
Cal (with Con) (1936-)
Dick and Lucy (1926-)
Dollie (Folland?) (1908a-1914&15-)
Don (little Don) with Bernice and Ethel Dawe (1936-)
Doris (1910&11-)
Dot (1932-)
Eileen (has a baby in 1932-)
Ellen (1909a-)
Ernest & wife & 2 children (1909&10-)
Ern D (1909a-)
Ethel (with Eva Heath) (1914&15-
E.R. (1926-)
Eva (in Tailem Bend 1936-)
Florence M V and her sister Ivy (1926-)
Frances from England (1926-)
Fred and Elsie, get married Nov 6th (1907b-)
Gertie (1916b-1919b-)
Grace  (1909&10-1913&14-)
Gwenda (with Jessie or Maria Paterson) (1907b-1910&11-)
Harold (1911&12-)
Hetty (1922)
H.S. (1909&10-)
Horace (1936-)
Humphrys - land in Wards Belt (1911&12-1913&14-)
Ivy (has a baby in 1932-) 
Joe (farming neighbour (1909&10-1911&12-
Joy (in Tailem Bend 1936-)
J.E. (1932-)
J.F.  (1909&10-)
Ken (in Tailem Bend 1936-)
Leo (1920&21)
Linda (1908a-)
Lizzie (with the Brodies) (1915&16-)
Lucy & two children (1911&12
Mabel (with Uncle Will Atyeo) -1926
Martha and Iris (with Aunt Harriet and cousin William Walter Paterson) (1917-)
Martha (with Aunt Emily Easton) (1909&10-1910&11-)
Mildred from Victoria (1912&13-)
Marjorie (1910&11-) 
Marlene (1936-)
Mary (1916b-1917-) I suspect this is Mabel, the wife of Leslie Folland.
Mary & Jane (1917-)
Mavis, lives with or near Samuel James Parham family (1909&10-)
May (1912&13-)
May (1935-)
Nancy (1921-)
Norman (1922)
Paul (1922)
Perce (
P.B. (1909a)
P.F. (1909&10-)
Ray (letter (1926-)
Ray S (1926-)
Reggie (1910&11-)
Ronnie (-1926-) 
Ruby (in Tailem Bend 1936-)
Sam (1915&16-)
Sarah (1936-)
Shirley (in Tailem Bend 1936-)
Stan (travelling labourer, 1907b-)
Sweetie (orphan living with the Brodies (1917-)
Ted (1908a-)
Ted (Cousin) (1909a)
Ted and Myrtle (1909&10-)
The little boy (1926-)
Violet Ellen Caroline (Herd?), daughter of Nellie (1909a)
Vivie (Aunt) 1922-
Wattie (1907b-) 
Win (In Tailem Bend 1936-)
W.J.J.C.C.  (1909a)
Yvette, maid (1922-)


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