1927 - January 9th to March 26th

It’s 1927, Fanny Rosina is 51, and is living at the family farm at "Charltonville” Woods Road, Wards Belt, South Australia (Lot 871 Woods Road, Wards Belt), with her brother Bert (41), nephew Clem Parham (23), and niece Amy Marion Dawe (14). This is from a booklet with no cover. 

Major events: Clem leaves the home (January 29), and gets married. Bert buys a Motor Car.

Sunday 9th [January] Marion1 went home I washed Berts2 pants & mended them & stockings got fried Ham eggs breakfast made Custard washed up got dinner cleared away

1 Amy Marion Dawe, Fanny's niece, aged 14, sometimes called Mair, Mais.
2 Albert Joseph Atyeo (Fanny’s brother, aged 41)

Jan 10 A very hot day promised so I let up & got all whites done & starched curtains & all in by nine then Marion did a few & I helped & we got all done also lunches for four twice usually & cut Clems3 dinner as he goes to Gawler with Hay & I make Gallons of Tea a day I folded & help milk. 

3 Clement Garfield Parham, nephew, aged 23 who lives on the farm.

Jan 11th Usual morning work & many are the items such as darkening Dairy & making a cool safe of mine for Butter & cream then I got to prevent ants &c we went to Celias4 for an hour & on to Gawler in intense heat called at Amy5 for 1 1/2 hours & to Frances6 for a drink did not get home till 6 I cooked a four qr Mutton by frying chops & Onions baked Shoulder neck & breast I made Soup & helped milk & the heat was fearful too.

4 Celia May Dawe nee Atyeo (Fanny’s sister, aged 46)
5 Amy Florence Atyeo (youngest of Fanny’s sisters, aged 39 years old)
6 Mary Ann Frances Folland nee Atyeo (aged 48, Fanny’s sister)

Jan 12 Awful hot & boys were up loading Hay & I had to send out breakfast to them & milk & indoors I made custard & stewed Plums & ironed Marion did most of it this week [torn]

Jan 13 Dreadful Day & I could not get Butter have to send out breakfast in early morning Men making a barn as they stack all in the shell this year it takes all my time preparing meals & looking after food I wrote today in Hall

Jan 14 The weather seems as if is about change I got up before 4 ock & got my Butter after 3 tries swept Kitchen picked & stuffed a fowl Bread & Butter custard Wilf & Myrtle7 went to Gawler we all slept outdoors last night Celia & I slept in last night

7 Wilfred George Heath Atyeo, brother of Fanny, aged 33 and his wife Myrtle Hilda Atyeo (nee Cork); they live nearby.

Jan 15 Lovely out of doors I slept in last night after a bath I made Scones cakes & sponge roasted Loin Mutton scrubbed safe & other done cupboard & all Saturday work cold meat mash potatoes

Jan 16 Beautiful & cool so got up at 6 ock & made a cup of Tea churned Butter & made it up washed up everything made bed & stewed plums & custard had dinner & got all ready for dear little Celia8 Bert took her home Clem is home.

8 Celia Florence Hobart (Amy’s second daughter, 6 years old)

Jan 17 We washed & got up same early hour got done dinner time & I ironed in afternoon but as I have not reported for so long I cant do so correctly boys are stacking home so lunch for four twice a day & midday dinner always weather much cooler. 

Bert went to Gawler on Tuesday Jan 18 & I have usual duties to do in all ways.

Jan 19 My Birthday & I expected Amy & girls so I fried Potatoes & Onions stewed Plums & Custard she got here to dinner & had early Tea I had to get mens lunch for them I had scones & cakes all ready so we had a nice little time little Celias tooth was very bad Marion did rooms. 

Jan 20 Celia & Percy & Family9 went to the Beach taking Marion so I had to take out lunch & got a scare with a snake nasty windy dusty day but cooler in evening. 

9 Percy Thomas Dawe, husband of Celia; they have 6 daughters in all! 

Jan 21st Up at five lit fire & fed animals & did my usual work & Marion nice day they got home 4 oclock & had Tea here Wilf went to Gawler & Myrtle also

Jan 22 Marion & myself went to Gawler Race Day & crowded so I got flustered Mais got a new Hat called at Franc & Amy did not stop home roasted leg mutton potatoes Beans Bread & Butter Custard

Sunday Marion & I went along to her home & I to Frances where I went 40 miles by Motor to see the Fire [torn] awful to see the poor animals who perished in fire & the destruction to home Gardens. We also went to Norsworthys10 & I did not get home till nine oclock

10 Norsworthys are a family in Gumeracha and Kersbrook, but likely they were visiting the family of Percy Gilmour Norsworthy in Gawler. Not sure where this fire was; it could be this one near Lyndoch

Jan 24 I was so ill I could scarcely cut the boys dinners Oh I did feel terrible & had to rest a while then I was better & made a bit jam & cooked tea as they are out in back lovely day

Jan 25 Washing day so I lit up & started & got all important done at 11 then Marion did her blueys &c & scrubbed outdoor I indoor & folded clothes cook Tea & milked

Jan 26 usual up at 5 cook breakfast & we both ironed & went to Gawler & home fried Sausages & cooked Potatoes & peaches custard lovely day & cold evening slept indoor

Jan 27 Beautiful morning I did not dress till 1/4 to 6 cut dinner & put up tea churned Butter & did dairy not satisfied with shopping

Jan 28 As Bargains were not satisfactory I decided on going to Gawler after dinner with Bert were I met all Sisters but Ada11 got Jap Plums

11 Ada Emily Parham nee Atyeo (Fanny’s sister, aged 49). So she would have seen Frances, Celia and Amy. 

Jan 29 As it's Frenchs12 Party tonight I did usual & then made Jap Plums into Jam & got all done to go but Bert & Wilfred were late settling up Clems account as he leaves for good tonight we did not get to Hall till after 9 o'ck young ones enjoyed themselves & he got a nice lot of Gifts Aunt Emily & Uncle came & Valerie also13 & they came home to Evas14 at night

12 Charles French Folland, nephew, son of Frances. It's his 21st birthday. 
13 Aunt Emily Easton (nee Heath), and her husband Thomas Easton, and grand-daughter Valerie Hazel Easton, aged 14.
14 Eva Emily May Ratcliff (nee Heath), cousin, who lives nearby.

Jan 30 I did hurry to get all done & I pasted down my jam & cooked dinner & Marion went for Auntie & Uncle for Tea & Lorna & Claude15 came for Tea also & took them home by Car we retired very done out at night after packing

15 Lorna Frances Folland, daughter of Frances and Harry (aged 19) and Cyril Claude Tape, who Lorna will marry in 1931.   

Jan 31st We had arranged to go to the Beach so I got up before 5 & packed all remaining & baked Scones & Cakes & I rode in Car with Claude & Lorna also Frances & Auntie had lovely bathes was beautiful I got home by Car at nine & Bert & Mais at 10 o'clock I washed my head & unpacked

Feb 1st As I was away I had to make my peach Jam & today & usual work washed out Bathers & help milk as usual same duties & so different without Clem the weather is cooler today & my limbs are paining. 

Feb 2nd Washing day & nice & cool in morning but Gales & Dust as Day proceeded awful I had to make up a line then it got cold at evening I ironed while Mais milked & I got tea

Feb 3 Lovely day I cleaned Dairy quite cold Wilf in Gawler with Load Straw I had to iron Starch clothes & all other necessary work

Feb 4 Another windy dusty day both boys went to Gawler Bert late home & I washed all the Mantelpiece & we did our rooms today a lot to catch up I had to mend Moles for Bert

Feb 5 As I thought I may go away I had to wash again today besides other work & iron & mend clothes for Bert & help milk

Feb 6 Up & lighting fire when Celia & Percy came for Marion to go to Lower Light for week end so I got breakfast over & washed up & did all other work Bert went Motoring with friends I got dinner & wrote letters

Feb 7 As Marion was away I got all work done early & at nine thirty Bert went to Gawler I went to Myrtles & then home & made a bag apron & other sewing Cel came home at four

Feb 8 Washing day lovely day I got done at 11 o'clock & got dinner over Mais scrub & afternoon I went to Eva's home help Milk nice day boys doing Binder for Straw cutting. 

Feb 9th I intended going to Amys so I hurried lit fire had cup Tea & baked Scones & then swept & made beds fit to drop & I drove to Willaston did shopping & Amys to Dinner & helped mend & started for home at five o'clock called at Celias for a few minutes & at Evas & had to fry meat & boil potatoes got tea milk

Feb 10 Being away all rooms disorderly so cleaned Kitchen & made Stew apple pie & cakes Marion did dining room I my room help milk got Tea churned butter & retired

Feb 11 Up & cleaned Dairy fried breakfast washed up swept Kitchen packed Eggs I have been mending & am not too well

Feb 12 Same Saturday duties & I can't inumerate [sic] Just report Clem & Gladys are to be married tonight I hear at Freeling Wesley is best man he left us a fortnight today & He has been with us without a break for 10 years come August & then he had most of his schooling from here as well16

16 Nephew Clem is married to Gladys Ivy Lange, at the Lutheran Parsonage in Freeling. Best man is is brother Henry Wesley James Parham. Their daughter will be born in April. 

Feb 13th I was not feeling up to the Mark at all so after usual work was over I drove to Celia's Mais went to School we had tea & drove home here I was glad to retire nice day but not well

Feb 14 Up & got on washing finished by Dinner time Mais ironed in afternoon I went to Cousin Eva's Boys done up Binder for binding Straw this week

Feb 15 I decided to clean out the rooms & shift them so after cutting Dinner for Bert I started & got Top Bedroom Done & the boards would not fit the floor so Bert could not do them for me so sorry

Feb 16 Today I thoroughly turned out front room & got all nice took down pictures & cleaned was real done out but it looks nice I pasted down Oilcloth & Shifted everything in all

Feb 17 As the Dining room was unsettled with things we did it today & my room & I took down & sealed pictures Mr Vas17 came & Bert settled for his Car Mais went to Mr Brays18 with Cel & got peaches for me

17 Mr Vas; no spelling like this exists in the SA records. It's probably Mr Vass
18 Mr Bray; likely to be Frank Harold Bray, who is from Gawler River, and lives in Gawler.

Feb 18 After morning duties I made my Jam baked cake pie & Tart scones as well besides other work I felt real done

Feb 19 Bert went to Gawler yesterday & brought home his Car a Rugby very nice 

Usual Saturday work & I had to clean all cutlery & lamps Mais chaffcutting I baked shoulder Mutton potatoes apple pie

Feb 20 Marion went with us for a spin last night & stayed home so I got up early & did all work I could but was so unwell could not go to H.F. at Loos Wilfs children went19 I could scarcely move all afternoon so went to bed at 8 & Bert went for an hours spin alone Mais did not come home*

19 Harvest Thanksgiving at the Loos Church (no longer standing). Loos is the immediate post-war name for Buchsfelde.  Wilf's children are (so far) Effie Verina Atyeo (11), Henry Thorold (9), Mavis Hilda (8), Wilfred Lance (Lance, aged 6) and Vernon Murray (infant) - though it's unlikely that Vernon Murray attended!

Feb 21 I thought of going to Gawler early so I got up & did all by nine & was at Separator & Mais came home so I had a chat to Celia & went to G with Wilf in afternoon Did shopping saw Amy down street Mais scrubbed my floor

Feb 22 I expected Aunt Amelia & Dad20 so had all in good order I cooked peaches custard Cornish pasties for dinner & they came to afternoon Tea had a chat & they left I soaked in for washing

20 Aunt Amelia Hand (nee Heath) and Fanny's father Henry Atyeo.

Feb 23 I intended going to Amys to dinner & I did all usual work & ironed al starch things Marion outdoor & we got there at 12 I stopped & they (M & O) went to Street & Music cool I washed today Wensday

Feb 25 Friday I did all my baking Marion dining & boys room Olive21 Kitchen & all brass ware & she went to Gawler with Bert & got the things too we were busy all day corn Beef Trombone potatoes & apple pie stewed Rhubarb & custard

21 Olive Fanny Heath Hobart (Amy’s eldest child, 13 years old)

Feb 24 Olive came home last evening with us I spent day or afternoon with Amy Marion did shopping & Olive went to Music home & fried sausages & went for 11 mile drive in Motor Thursday

Feb 26 As I expected Amy & Family home for afternoon I had got all work well in hand & I was taken so bad last night teatime my head awful & today worse so I had to keep lying down between work Amy & I had nice chat boys to lunch & George22 Beautiful weather after rain so cool.

22 George Edmund Hobart (Amy’s husband, 32 years old)

Feb 27 I was to have gone to Frances but felt I needed a rest most so I stayed home & made Butter first thing had cup Tea & gave Bert one breakfast washed up made custard got dinner made beds &c Mais at School with Wilfs children We had rain last Wensday for washing

Feb 28 Harrys Tenth Birthday23 cannot write correctly but today I washed & also ironed as its Gawler day tomorrow Marion outdoor

23 Henry Thorold Atyeo, son of Wilf. 

March 1st As I did not go to Frances Sunday I went today & Marion stayed home & helped Bert put up his Motor house I called first at Waltham & drove Frances to Drs & did our shopping & I spent the day with them & Phyllis came home with me & stayed at Eva's R at night home fried Tea & put away things

March 2nd I was busy cooking all the morning & Phyllis24 came in afternoon usual work & at even we Motored to Charls & Evas had supper home at midnight

24 Phyllis May Folland, daughter of Frances (aged 17).

March 3 Phyllis went home with Eva to Gawler Marion & I did rooms & usual work in every way

I have not reported for a month so cannot remember only a few things on March 6th we motored to Amys for evening as Frances & family were at the beach we got home 10/30 

On March 9th A person Mrs Groth by name was run over & killed by Mrs Frank Baker at Rusbys corner25

25 Newspaper report here. It was Mary Sars Christie Groth nee Taylor, wife of Jacob Henry Groth, who was hit by Mrs Frank Baker, driving at only 10 miles per hour on Jacob Street. 

Dorrie Preiss was married to Wallis Whittaker26 of Port Broughton on March 9th & motored to Gawler on the 10th I went to Frances on March 13th for the Day as Gwenda27 had been home since Friday night after the Sale at Beckers Bert bought a Suite for Sitting room & Gwen & Effie drove home in the dray which Effie took in & Bert the Spring Trolly. Phyllis took her place at Harris 7 March & likes it well on March 15 I drove to Gawler & Frances came home until Saturday the 19th instead she visited Eva & Myrtle also I did all my ordinary work very Sultry day 

26 Cousin's daughter  Dorothy May Preiss marries Walter Cuthbert Whittaker
27 Gwenda Evelyn Folland, another of Frances' daughters, aged 10.

On March 20 French & Cliff28 came out & done the Board Floor in front room & Cel & Family came to Tea from Stone Hill29 Anniversary & I went home with them to wait for Bert who was in Willaston Marion went home on the 15 March & is home for a fortnight she just drove to Gawler with me on March 22nd & I came home with Linoleum on Mar 21 & also Mar 22nd & Goods

28 George Henry Clifton (Clif) Folland, Frances' eldest son, aged 23.
29 Stone Hill Methodist church, now Gawler River Uniting Church.

Wensday March 23rd I got up & got Breakfast over & drove to Celia she came home had lunch & I melted Fat & then both of went to work to get all rooms cleared for Lino I cooked dinner & then we took up all the Lino's & Dorrie & Wallie came at 3 o'clock & stayed til after 4 I washed up & Cel entertained in Parlour. Then we got all done we could

March 24 Celia stayed home last nigth so both got up & did more sorting till Dinner time Eva & Sylvia30 came to dinner & Bert Motored Cel home Eva & I hung Curtains & she cleaned fireplace & helped generally had afternoon Tea & went home to do her cows

30 Sylvia Phyllis Ratcliffe, Eva's daughter (aged 7). 

March 25 All on my own & I had a lot to do so plodded along all day Wilf went to the Market Gawler it was cold & rainy

March 26 I did a big wash all the morning & after dinner Myrtle Bert & I motored to vote & got apples Celia & Beatrice31 went to Pt Broughton today March 26 with Whittakers Percy horse played up & broke the shaft of dray coming home from Preiss. 

31  Ethel Beatrice Atyeo Dawe (aged 4), Celia's youngest daughter.

[end of book]


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