February 10 1918 to Dec 31 1918

Fanny is 42, and living with her father (Dad, Henry Atyeo, aged 69), her mother (Ma, Mary Ann Heath, aged 64) and her brother Bert (Albert Joseph Atyeo, aged 32), and her nephew
Clement Garfield Parham, aged 16 at Charltonville, Wards Belt, South Australia. The journal from this year is missing pages at various points, so there are quite a few gaps. 

Major events: Fanny looks after both her nephew Harry (Wilf and Myrtle's son) and her neice Olive a lot this year. Wilf and Myrtle have had a daughter, and Amy (Olive's mother) is unwell for some periods of time; Fanny and Mother are also quite unwell so Amy stays at Charltonville to help with work. Olive goes to the Children's Hospital in Adelaide with Diphtheria in late August; while there she picks up Scarletina (streptoccus infection on the skin) and has to go into isolation for a month. During this time Amy is briefly hospitalised (August), and Olive is finally released from hospital on October 23rd. In November, Fanny is put in the isolation hospital for a month due to scarletina.

I am about to start a new book of records & my pen faltered as I think of how like life it is the following closed from our view. As thy days so shall thy strength be  

Feb 10. Sunday & I intended going to church & we were out of bread by a mistake not getting any Saturday I lit fire took in tea & baked scones & apple pies. A very hot morning but I got ready & drove to church had an invitation to Mrs S. J. Parhams1 to dinner but expected Franc & Family2 come home but they never came so I cleared dinner read a book got tea & milked

1 Mary Elizabeth Parham (nee Riggs), lives next door to the church.
2 Mary Ann Frances Folland (nee Atyeo), one of Fanny's sisters, who lives in Gawler with her husband and children.

Feb 11) I got up at 4 30 & hurried & lit both copper & stove & started washing very nice in the early morning but the heat increased to a record for the season 114 degrees in the shade in some parts Mt Gambier it was awful & Mother3 was quite done I finished & folded by dinner time & did ordinary work & rested a while at 4 o’clock I started ironing then milked watered flowers & had tea

3 Mary Ann Heath, Fanny's mother.

Feb 12/ Usual work in mornings a cooler day hot indoors had to tidy round after heat & dust George Amy & Dear little Olive4 came out in the evening had tea we Ma & I milked. G & A came from Ragless’ where they got Grapes5. They left our darling home for the night & pleased she was to stay & romp with Uncle Bert6 & play with Dolls Dad7 went to Gawler today for bread & polony

4 Fanny's youngest sister Amy Florence Hobart nee Atyeo, her husband George Edmund Hobart, recently returned from the War due to ill health, and their daughter  Olive Fanny Heath Hobart (aged 4).
5 Ragless family have an orchard. I have not learned their first names yet.
6 Albert Joseph Atyeo, one of Fanny's brothers, who also lives at Charltonville.
7 Henry Atyeo,

Feb 13. Mothers Birthday I got dressed early as the girls were coming home our little sunbeam woke also & I dressed her & she had Biscuits with Grandma & Grandpa I took Olive up to see Effie & Harry8  I had to bake pies & cake & hot dinner for six o’clock G & A came Celia9 & Frances & Auntie Eva & girls10  we had fruit water Melon Grapes pears apples & afternoon Tea we we chatting all together sisters. G and Amy stayed till nine oclock to hot tea Mama & I milked all 8 cows I felt tired & not well

8 Effie Verina Atyeo, aged 2,  and Henry Thorold Atyeo, infant, the children of Fanny's youngest brother Wilfred.
9 Celia May Dawe (nee Atyeo), a sister of Fanny’s.
10 Eva Alice McLeod wife of brother Charlie (Auntie to Olive!). Her daughters are Coral Eva Atyeo aged 6, and Gwendoline (Gwen) Ettie Atyeo, aged 8.

Feb 14th / I got dressed at usual hour as it was a spare morning did morning duties & at 10 I got ready for Bragglesome11 & met Eva & she & I went to Ragless for Grapes & Coral & Gwen went also Bert & Charl12 went to Stotts Sale13 & bought horse worked chaffcutter I came home at 2 oclock with a most dreadful head my neck was so stiff I could hardly move & I felt so ill I retired after tea I helped milk before

11 Bragglesome Farm is a second farm owned by the family, where Charlie and Eva and girls live; it is on the corner of Parker & Leak Roads in Wards Belt
12  Charles William Henry Atyeo, the eldest brother.
13 A clearing sale at the property of Mr A Stott.

Feb 15 / I got dressed very early & washed the dining room floor by 6/30 a.m. then I took in tea & swept kitchen got breakfast & prepared Grapes for Jam & got it done by dinner time but my neck was so painful mother did front rooms & I did my room washed floor & both did evening work as usual milked & got in wood
Feb 16/ Market Day Mother got up earlier I was up & took in tea & got breakfast after cleaning stove Ma packed eggs got Butter ready & then Dad started for Gawler I baked sponge cakes & did cutlery Ma lamps I washed Kitchen floor Lorna14 came home with Dad I roasted mutton milked cows did evening work & had bath & plaited Lorna’s hair Ma retired not well atall

14 Lorna Frances Folland, niece, daughter of Frances (aged 10),

Feb 17/ Lorna & I dressed in good time ¼ to 7 & I got a cup of tea & breakfast made beds etc dressed for church Harvest Thanks at Stone Hill home to dinner George Amy & Olive came out after Sunday School & at night it was so cold that they left little sunbeam with me for night Oh how she loved me & Uncle Bert & had a good time all the evening but it is so hard to think she is only ours for a little while after the years of love & care of of our darling.

Feb 18 / I was our in Kitchen preparing breakf & Olive woke & Grandpa dressed her & we had our meal & I did housework & dressed for Gawler The Darling went with us to Celia’s but they would not let her go with us to Gawler & her broken hearted cry made me very sad but life has to be borne I did shopping came back & wished our darling Good bye as she goes to West Coast15

15 I am not sure what this is about. Olive doesn't seem to go anywhere...? Is it a different darling?

Feb 19 / I woke very early & dressed at 4/40 lit copper & I really felt as if I must work with all my might to for my heart was aching & I felt so sad & lonely I took down all the Curtains in the rooms except the Parlour & I could hardly get thro but got them all white clothes 2 white Quilt done had to leave dark clothes & trousers my side was terrible to bear did not know how to turn

Feb 20 / I felt very unfit for my duties but must persevere as Mother can’t do everything I lit copper & did all the Towels & skirts, trousers & blueys coat & large buggy rug as well finished dinner time & started folding & afterwards I folded the others I ironed all the best curtains from Mothers room & also all other starched clothes I felt terribly ill & could hardly turn so over done

Feb 21 / We expected Celia home I did all usual work & Mother mended curtains & I put them up in boys room & kitchen after dinner Mother cleaned windows of front rooms Celia helped her I hung curtains & Mother did all Knobs with Brasso everything is lovely & clean now Celia Bernice & Laurel came Marion16 stayed with Auntie Eva Coral & Gwen

16 Mary Ann Bernice Dawe (Birdie), (aged 5), Celia Laurel Ivy Dawe (aged 2) and Amy Marion Dawe (Maisie), (aged 7) nieces; daughters of Celia.

Feb 22nd Up at usual hour & worked as hard as ever my strength would allow got a cup of tea & breakfast swept & washed dining room floor & swept Mothers room & scrubbed the Oilcloth & washed passage had a bath & got ready for Gawler but felt so done out I bought a carpet for parlour & Denhams & moles for Clem17 had a chat to Siss Andrews18 very tired but fried sausages & milked & other work

17 Clement Garfield Parham, a nephew, one of Ada's sons, now aged 16, he also lives at the farm.
18 Siss Andrews. I thought this might be Catherine Priscilla, but she was married by this stage; could be Helsey Grace Andrews?

Feb 23rd ) I dressed & blackleaded stove got a cup of Tea swept kitchen & tidied it swept my room dusted it made pies, cakes, & roasted leg of mutton & did all ordinary Kitchen work Effie was here with us all. day I made a pair sleeves for Clems shirt & put them in Mother did cutlery then I milked Mother did lamps & always does the Butter in mornings

Feb 24 / I got up early & got a cup of Tea swept Kitchen & got breakfast over I did not go to Stone Hill as I intended going to K.F. Harvest Thanks19 I did all any work requiring to be done at 12 o’clock I had a cup of tea & a little lunch got ready & drove to Charls & Coral & I drove in sulky to Church & back to his place to tea & home Celia Frances & some of their children were there at K.F. Mr Kessell20 preached church nicely decorated.

19 Kangaroo Flat
20 Rev Stephen Kessell ministered in Gawler at the time in both the Methodist and Congregational Churches. 

Feb 25 / I got up before five & lit both copper & stove started at Tubs I felt very unwell but kept on & as I only had our own wash no extras  I got done dinner time Eva & Beryl21 came I ironed got done Tea time Mother helped milk with Bert I felt so bad could hardly turn. Beryl is growing a fine lass & is very good with us all Mrs Ratcliff has Bronchitus22 & they are taking her to hospital again

21 Eva Emily May Ratcliff (nee Heath), Fanny’s cousin, and her infant daughter is Beriel Jean Heath Ratcliff.
22 Jane Ratcliff nee Donald, Eva's mother-in-law.

Feb 26 / Not as early same morning duties always light fire take in Tea to parents sweep Kitchen have breakfast make beds then I make a pair Sleeves & put in Clems Shirt. In afternoon Dad & I went to Gawler & called back to Celia’s had a cup of Tea & then Dad went to Charlies & saw him on business so we were late home 7 oclock I got in wood helped with Tea wash up

Feb 27 / We had a very restless night Myrtle was ill & Wilf22 came down & Mum & I dress she went up there I retired again I dressed at 5/30 & did all morning duties & Dad & Ma drove to Smithfield to see Mr Geo Argent who is dying23. I roasted a leg Mutton & cooked Trom & roasted Potatoes & Carrots made some Grape jam I took up some dinner to Wilf & Myrtle Bert loading Mr Oates24 so late to dinner & he lent me a hand to put down carpet & I did milking & all evening work

22 Myrtle Hilda Atyeo (nee Cork), married to Fanny's youngest brother Wilfred George Heath Atyeo. They live close by.
23  John George Argent, a neighbour.
24 Probably Mr Albert Oates, son of John Oates and Ann Oates (nee Gauge), aged 47.

Feb 28 / I got up in good time & did usual work helped milk & had breakfast, did housework & made a slide pasties & did some washing & marked some clothes for Bert who goes into Camp25 partly made a print skirt & got ready for Band of Hope but Auntie Eva never came so I had to stay home

25 Military Camp.

Mar 1st / I dressed & called Bert he milked for me & had breakfast & got his things ready for camp & Ma got her goods ready for Gawler Dad drove Bert in then I did the dining room my room Mother her rooms & I washed floor Eva sent Ma a piece of Duck for her dinner Dad home early

March 2nd / I got up & thoroughly cleaned the stove got the usual cup that cheers but not inebriates  Ma & Wilfred did the milking as I was busy indoors I did housework & then I baked Tarts, Cakes,& boiled Corn beef & made some Muscatel Grape Jam cleaned cutlery & sealed down Jam & also pasted the back of Wilfreds enlargement as the Silver fish are so bad had a bath & so did Clem after Tea.

March 3rd) Up at early hour & got the fire made & cup of Tea & I milked Clem is learning to milk now got breakfast over & got ready for church after I made beds & any other work it was Communion Service so I did not get home till half past twelve we had dinner I fried vegetables while Ma set table Mother & I drove to Buchsfelde Harvest Thanks Celia & family were there Harry26 Frances & family Church was tastefully decorated nice singing home to tea & I milked Percy & Jim were at the Lower Light Beach Kit came home with them27

26 Frances' husband Harry Gilbert Folland,
27 Celia's husband Percy Thomas Dawe, Ada's husband James Parham, and Christiana (Kit) Heath (nee Hill), widow of cousin Alfred Heath.

March 4 / I decided on washing so dressed & up at 4/30 & lit both stove & copper by candle light I got the first lot of clothes in to soak & then made a cup of Tea & took to parents & self they dressed at six & Mother & Clem milked he has learnt to milk at last. I made all possible haste & breakfast over I washed our large blankets & also 4 small ones got them on the line soon after 10 o’clock & finished all dinner time & ironed in the afternoon it came up quite showery I was lucky in getting all dry blankets also cool change

March 5 / As I felt very unwell I did not dress till ¼ to 6 I feel so unable to stand the work now Clem & I milked & I did all morning duties Effie started to walk down here & I met her & took her to her mother & I was chatting to her & it simply poured for a few minutes so I washed her dishes for her & came home & cooked vegetables & apple pie Jam Tart Charl came home to dinner then I drove to Ada’s28 for fruit for Jam I cut out a blouse for Ada while there she was making Eggplum Jam so I helped her a bit made her bed etc. Myrtle went to Gawler to Mrs Jones29 took Effie & left Harry with us to look after him & Wilfred for a time he is so shy as he is not used to us at home

28 Ada Emily Parham (nee Atyeo), sister of Fanny
29 Likely Mrs George Jones, who Myrtle visits semi-regularly

March 6 / Harry was so restless last night being strange to him I could not rest myself I dress at 6 & did my usual round of duties Clem & I milked then made porrige & bathed & dressed Baby had our meal & did a portion of housework Allan Oates came & sold Dad an account Book I made apple jam after dinner I had previously prepared them Mother looked after Baby Clem went to Gawler for bread quite cold now have to wear warm clothes

March 7 / Harry slept better last night I got up & lit fire took in Tea swept Kitchen bathed Harry got breakfast & Clem & I milk Bert is still in Camp Dad & Ma separate the milk then breakfast I did baby washing made beds & baked apple pie boiled corn Beef Clem at Bragglesome to dinner I did sewing Ada’s Blouse Mother & I assist each other in caring for baby he has a bad cold & teasy

March 8 / Dad was off to Gawler so I did all the ordinary routine of work. he went early to get Bert from Camp. I sat Harry on the floor he tried to crawl I washed my room & dining room floors Mother did front rms & cleaned lamps & dusted dining room & milked cows & got in wood & water flowers

March 9 / Saturday I got up earlier & cleaned the flues & thoroughly cleaned the stove & lit the fire got breakfast over bathed baby & dressed him & he has Arnotts Biscuits Mum feed him mostly & Dad takes him for a ride in Pram up to Wilfreds to feed the fowls & water them get eggs etc. I baked leg mutton & cakes & boiled Trombone Potatoes had our meal I was so unwell but cleaned Cutlery & helped with Baby I have always got his washing to do but I could hardly keep up


March 17/ Up at 6/30 lit fire took in Tea swept kitchen Harry woke I bathed him & Ethel30 took him for a ride I also emptied my copper & cleaned it & made beds did Harrys washing I felt fit to drop hurrying round Ethel & I dressed for Church S.S. Anniversary George Amy & Olive home to dinner & tea I could not go out any more & felt so disappointed

30 Jim and Ada's daughter Ethel Gwendolyne Heath Parham (aged 13) 

March 18 / Myrtle has a daughter born today at 3 o’clock (Mavis Hilda)31 I could not wash today as I had several things to do & I intended going to Mr & Mrs Pedericks Farewell Social32 at night Clem went to Gawler & got me bread & Polony all duties same & look after Harry baked pies Tarts etc boys home chaffcutting I cut sandwiches after Clem came home Oh I did hurry & milked & got ready & put Harry in my room to sleep We had a pleasant evening George Hand33 came for night. The presentations were A framed Address, a Silver Cake Basket Wicker Chair & wristlet Watch refreshments

31 Mavis Hilda Atyeo, daughter of Myrtle and Wilf.
32 Mr Robert Adams Pederick & his wife Eliza Pederick nee Wingate are moving to Gawler.
33 Cousin George Hand, son of Aunt Amelia Hand (nee Heath), sister of Ma

March 19 / Up at five & lit both stove & copper & took in Tea baby woke so I bathed & dressed him I felt terribly unwell I could hardly stand at Tubs have a big wash now & never got done till 4 oclock Ma got dinner Men all home stacking straw covering sheds Wilf out in Twelftrees34 carry his dinner I could not fold was so very done up I could not stand I made my bed & attended to Harry he is so well now

34 Henry Joseph Twelftree, a neighbouring farm that the family often works at. 

Mar 20 / Lucy Worden & Sidney married today35 We expected Celia & Amy & three girlies home I hurried as fast as could to get all done & made an apple pudding Mother cooked corn Beef & Trom Carrots Potatoes they came to dinner & then we worked up Amy folded clothes for me I was sewing Mother not well & laid done I milked & Amy set tea & Got in wood Mother mended sox & stockings.

35 Ivy Lucilla Worden and Sydney Louis Pederick married at the Methodist Church in Angle Vale.

Mar 21/ The boys were up at ¼ to 6 & I had to hurry to get them breakfast then we did usual work Clem is at Charls other 2 home W in Twelftrees I made an apple pudding & in the after I did all ironing very hot again & both Ma & I unwell & little Harry must be fed & looked after

March 22/ I got up at 5/45 & got a cup of Tea & breakfast ready then bathed Harry & did his washing & then I cleaned the dining room made a rice pudding Bert & Charl home to dinner stacking straw while they finished dinner I washed passage & swept Mothers room & washed that I helped washup & then we dusted all rooms Eva Coral & Gwen with Dad to Gawler today Wilf & Bert both in at night I milked cows

March 23/ I got up 5/20 & thoroughly cleaned then got our cup tea & breakfast bathed Harry & did his washing swept & washed kitchen floor. Made large Meat pie 2 apple pies & Cake I cleaned cutlery Mother the lamps & she usually feeds Harry with Biscuits men chaffcutting then Bert went to Sandy Crk sports Wilf to Gawler at night. Mrs Pope35 is so ill & Mrs Hobarts36 very ill still dont think she will recover again.

35 Mrs Pope; probably Emma Matilda Pope (nee Glenn).
36 The mother of George Edmund Hobart, Sarah Ann Hobart (nee Barnett).

March 24 / Sunday but I felt so unwell & thoroughly knocked out. I got our cup of Tea all round Mother set table for breakfast I fed Harry & bathed him & did his washing I made all beds such a hot day Clem did not go home I rested & could help as much with Harry as usual Neither Bert or myself went out all day

March /25) I did not feel equal to washing so did all usual duties bathed Harry & did his washing made beds did housework. Then I prepared Grapes & Apples for Jam & which I made Mother plucked & dressed a fowl while I put Oilcloth on the Separator table. After I had taken up my Jam I l melted Soap & borax & soaked in all clothes for washing I got Myrtles white Quilt, Sheets, Frilled pillow cases & towels I overdone my self & could only wash & put Harry to bed or get him ready I had to go straight to bed so very ill

March 26 / I dressed at 4/45 quite dark & so cold so I lit stove & got a cup of Tea then the copper & got on well but knocked up & had to rest between I bathed Harry after I had 3rd boil in I felt so unwell & could only eat a piece of Toast I could only work very steadily & had to rest & did not get  done till 5 o’clock & scrubbed a lot & sealed down Jam Mother is very tired indeed

Mar 27 / We expected Auntie Eva & children down so I had to tidy round & do all my ordinary work had every thing nice but she did not come so I cleaned myself & Harry & I did all the ironing such a lot I ironed till nearly 11 o’clock had a wash & retired late to bed I could hardly stand to finish my ironing

March 28 / I intended doing rooms but felt too ill to attempt it so I just did all ordinary work in the morning bathed & dressed Harry Clem went down to Auntie Evas with order for Gawler they went in the evening & Eva did ironing for Frances she has been very ill in bed with Bronchitis Influenza etc had Doctor also Gwen Ada Lilian37 very bad cough I been busy all afternoon mending pants for Wilf

37 Gwenda Evelyn Folland (aged 2) and Ada Lilian Folland (infant), daughters of Frances. 

Miss Adelaide Lucas was married on March 30 1918 Pt Lincoln38
Miss Joyce Preiss & Charles Hudson were married at Buchfelde on April 18 191839
On May the 8th 1918 Mr & Mrs Thomas Easton a daughter (Fernie May)40
May 24th Mrs Will Patterson (nee Elsie Riggs) died at Hutchinson Hospital a 7a.m. today41
Death in Action in France on April 26 of of Gunner James Graham Forgie of Gawler42
Also Killed in Action on April 25 Matt Ormsby violist of Gawler & Claude Berriman43
Death of Mrs James Alexander (Nee Lottie Day at Huchinson Hospital on May 29th 1918 Brights Disease44
Mr J. H. Causby was buried on May 28th 191845
Mrs Charlie Ferguson has a daughter June 14 191846
Mrs William Ratcliff Senr47 found dead in her bed on Sunday July 7th 1918 Buried at Willaston on July 8th
Our sister Mrs James Parham has a son Eric Clarence born July 6 1918 at Navarina Home48
Mrs Willm Hobart died on July 30th at Mile End her daughters residence Mr A. Jacobs49

38 Adelaide Louisa Lucas married Walter Herbert Shaw at St Andrew's Church in Gawler.
39 Muriel Joyce Preiss married Charles Alfred Hudson. See entry on April 18.
40 Fernie May Easton, daughter of cousin Thomas Henry Easton and Myrtle Easton (nee Badenoch).
41 Elsie Paterson (nee Riggs), wife of William Walter Paterson, who was only 37. I do not know if they are related to Fanny's Paterson relations, but she was the sister of Mrs Parham.
42 James Graham Forgie, buried at Picardie.
43 Matthew Stephen Ormsby, also buried at Picardie, died April 25, Claude Leslie Berriman, buried at Flanders, died 15 October 1917.
44 Charlotte Ann Alexander (nee Day), aged 40.
45 John Henry Causby, aged 59.
46 Alice Mary Fergusson (nee Thomas), wife of Charles Annells Fergusson, had a daughter Jean Mary Fergusson.
47 Jane Ratcliff (nee Donald), mother-in-law of Cousin Eva.
48 Eric Clarence Parham, son of Ada Emily Parham nee Atyeo - Navarina Nursing Home was on Jacob Stree in Gawler.
49 Sarah Ann Hobart nee Barnett, Amy's mother-in-law, at her daughter Sarah Jane Jacobs (nee Hobart).

March 29 / Good Friday & no hot cross buns this year as I do not bake our bread but I expected Mary to come out so I hurried & swept both dining room & Kitchen after usual work I washed floor & passage also I also had baby to bath & his washing to do & Dad always takes him for a ride in pram to Wilfred’s to do his fowls Auntie Eva drove down with our bread & I was just making an apple pie Mary came & had dinner & Tea I mended & Harry very cross not well at all Wilf went to Gawler

March 30 / Saturday but I was so ill I could hardly walk about atall so Mother got Dad & Clem off to Gawler & I bathed baby & did washing after all morning work. We bought our cake I baked meat & pies & Jam Tart & just tidied round when Dad got to Gawler Uncle Charley50 asked him to go to Mrs Argents Senr Funeral at Loos51 so Amy & Olive came home with Clem Cold I cleaned all cutlery & did what I could milked

50 Uncle Charles Heath, brother of Ma. He lives nearby.
51 Fanny Argent (nee Laxton), died on March 28, aged 89

March 31 / Sunday so I dressed & lit fire & got a cup of Tea bathed & dressed Harry made bed & Olive & I went to Church nice lot there & Mr Kessel was very good indeed home to dinner we had cold roast fowl & mutton cold pie & Pots Mr Cork52 was here Wilf went to Gawler early in morning to take Myrtle to Daisy Freemans53 we cleared dinner & I rested then went for stroll Amy Olive & I up to Sand Hill lovely day

52 Martin Cork, Myrtle's widowed father.
53 Verena Florence Daisy Freeman (nee Cork), Myrtle's sister.

April 1 / Easter Monday but we do not keep it I got Dressed at 6 & lit fire & got our Tea also lit copper & bathed Harry & then I decided washing so I set & hurried & got all bed linen done & a new pair blankets for Myrt & Harrys crème shawl & felt awfully done but could not give in I had to persevere & Amy hung a lot out & help me in other ways & helped Mother indoor made bed & folded clothes I had two pairs trousers & flannels & such a lot of washing to do altogether I was quite done

April 2nd / later up & lit fire & did usual round of duties & made beds & a cabinet pudding Celia Percy & Family came for a chat they went to Lower Light to Geo Hills54 on Saturday & back today Amy & Olive rode home with them Dad & Bert went to Gawler Bert had 4 teeth drawn & came home bad face I did all the ironing & baked meat got a cup of Tea & was not well all day did mending at night so did Mother lovely cool change

53 George Archibald Hill is Kit's brother.

April 3rd ) I dont know however it was but I slept till 10 to 7 & Harry was awake when I got up so I had to attend to him I lit fire & bathed him Mum got breakfast I did babys washing swept Kitchen & then was baking shoulder mutton & Mother did all Vegetable & made Soup I made apple pie & Tarts then Geo. Amy. & Olive came to dinner & they left Olive with me they went back to Gawler

April 4 / Up an hour earlier this morning & Harry & Olive woke also so I had to take him out in Kitchen & attend to him light fire & give him a bath & take Tea to parents Mother set table made porrige & then got Dad ready for Gawler where Wilfred goes under an operation at nine o’clock Celia went with Dad & Amy stayed with Frances Olive is home with us. George brought the cow (Maisie) home & he had dinner here I did all housework Baked Apples & Custard & did some mending in the afternoon Ma skirt & my apron

 April 5th ) Same time up & same work bathed Harry got brk made porrige & then I did his washing & thoroughly swept all the rooms indoors & washed floors got done by dinner & I had to also grind meat & make a shepherds pie Mother apple dumplings all home to dinner & yesterday also as they have started a Cow Shed near the back of House I washed up & cleared dinner while Ma went & made her bed & dusted her front rooms & I washed my floor & dusted it & helped dust dining room & attend to Harry & did some washing too

April 6 / Saturday & also market day I dressed early & cleaned out the flues & chimney of stove & gave it a good cleaning made a cup of tea for parents bathed Harry made porrige had brk did washing & then baked Biscuits & cake Men home to dinner making a shed then Bert & I drove to Vote54 took Olive & Harry for a drive came home then Wilf & Myrtle came & I got Tea for them & our own meal over I bathed Olive & myself I washed & plaited Olive’s hair in the morning & took out lunch to boys

54 South Australian state election.

April 7 / When I awoke at ¼ to 7 Little Harry was up in his Pram so I hurried & lit fire & got cup of tea & also bathe Harry & dressed Olive fried sausages & did Harrys washing made my bed & made Pies Tarts for had dinner & then got ready for Sunday School & Maria & Elvera55 came so I had to stay home was so disappointed they stayed to tea & then went home I went up to see Myrtle she is not Strong baby takes bottle well.

55 Maria Anna Paterson and Elvera (Elvie) Maud Paterson, cousins, daughters of Aunt Harriet Paterson (nee Heath).

April 8 // I awoke at 5/30 & did not feel too well but I rested a few minutes & then dressed lit fire & got tea Harry woke & I dressed him & then Olive lit copper & filled it then I went on washing till 10/30 & Cousin Geo Humphry & Olive & Melva & Vera56 came to dinner so I made boys bed fed  Harry Mother housework & cooked Veg for dinner then I washed a few more at 3 o’ck they went away Uncle Charlie Heath drove them back then I went at Tubs again & finished scrubbed up & milked both cows got in some wood cool

56 Cousin Benjamin George Humphrys, his wife Olive Mabel Humphrys (nee Brown), and their daughters Melva Jean Humphrys and Vera May Humphrys.

April 9th // I got dressed in a short time as it was ½ an hour later & hurried & got fire & a cup of tea then bathed Harry & we had breakfast & Dad took Olive & Harry with him up to Wilfs & then I made bed swep & dusted & had all done & started Ironing at 9/30 also washed Harrys clothes at 11 oclock I left off & made an apple pie & Tart or pastry cakes I washed up myself everything pots & all finished ironing & did some mending also Mother was mending Harry not well Olive happy & playing with dolls Amy came home with Dad he went to Gawler it is Mr & Mrs J. G. Folland Golden Wedding tomorrow57 Harry & Family are to go for the day

57 Harry's parents: John George Folland and Jane Rowse Wright.

April 10 / A lovely day & Harry woke early & I took him out in kitchen with me I made fire & got a cup of Tea & fried sausages for our breakfast & Ma made oatmeal also Harry so very unwell & he kept me going giving him baths & washing his clothes in afternoon I mended corsets & milked & cousin Eva & Beryl came for night as Hugh was out on a drunken Spree58 I bathed Harry & put him to bed & then we chatted the evening

58 Hugh Ratcliff, cousin Eva's brother-in-law - has had a drinking problem for years.

April 11 ) Not as early 6/30 same work swept Kitchen lit fire got breakfast I washed floor yesterday morning Dad & Amy went to the Town of Gawler Eva rode up to Wills59 with them I did washing & then I baked Scones Cake Biscuits pie Tart & mended Dads coat & other washed Harry & put him to bed lovely weather men in Twelftrees Bert over hauling Drill

59 William Ratcliff, Eva's husband

April 12 – Berts Birthday I got up earlier & lit fire swept kitchen bathed & dressed Harry & made porrige breakfast over I did babys washing & his best dress jacket bonnet & several cremes Amy swept our room I swept dining room beat cocoanut matting also swept Mothers room passage & washed all the floors George came & Amy left all for me to do they had dinner & went home left Olive a little long & at 4 o’clock I took her to the school fare at Buchsfelde & to see Alla60, back to the Concert which was very poor the fair was very good indeed I bought a Cake, Beans, Ornamental Text. had afternoon tea & Olive bought Lollies, Button & Basket sweets. Ethel was selling Buttons & sang in an action song I drove home all alone & was do nervous as Olive went to sleep & I had no whip to make Toff trot quicker the Childrens Day it was called & took the form of a bazaar we got home at nine very shaky indeed Celia & Family & Cousin Eva & Beryl were there Charl & Eva & family

60 Not sure about Alla?

April 13 / Same morning work & then I bathed & dressed Harry & Olive & made porrige & we had breakfast I did Harrys washing & saw about 30 or 40 men & ladies on horseback Fox Hunting Dad went to Gawler I filled & cleaned lamps did cutlery men chaffcutting after dinner I cleared it away & swept Kitchen at 3 oclock I bathed both children & dressed them & took them up to Myrtle’s for an hour or so came home got in wood Mum put on Meal

April 14 ) I could not possibly go to S. Hill as I had to do all necessary work & then I bathed Harry & dressed both of the children & made porrige breakfast over I baked pies, Tart meat Mother prepared French beans Dad helped with beans & potatoes we had dinner & I took Olive to see Laurel christened at Kangaroo Flat came home & found Harry Franc & Family & George & Amy & Celia Percy & Family came home with me a large gathering Wilfred & Myrtle as well stayed for evening lovely day

April 15 ) I got up at 5/30 & lit fire & got a cup of Tea by six but I had no wood so it took me longer & then lit copper & filled it dressed the children got breakfast & started to wash for us & Wilf & Myrtle as well such a lot & I finished at 4/30 scrubbed up & washed Berts old Overcoat & my coat today had a cup of Tea & bathed Harry & after the evening meal I folded clothes & Ma helped & I helped wash up & retired after putting children to  bed

April 16 ) I got up very early & lit fire & swept up by candle light then I dressed Harry & Olive got breakfast made bed washed up & at 10/30 Dad Olive & I took Harry went to Ada’s had lovely Duck for dinner came home & ironed all the afternoon finished after tea beautiful day we hear Amy is so unwell again

April 17 / About 5/30 & always make fire & give parents their cup of Tea make porrige sweep kitchen often the two children are awake & I have them to dress & wash Harry not well Wilf & Myrtle went to Gawler I went up to Myrtles in the morning for a few minutes I did not feel well or would have made Quince Jam I want to get at sewing but I really cant

April 18/ A delightful morning I was up at quarter past four & hurried & got boys breakfast & cut their lunches & put up tea & took in tea at six to parents dressed children & got our breakf milked the three cows & Mona has a calf today & after dinner Olive & I went to see Joyce Preiss married to Charles Hudson of West Coast the church was very prettily decorated Bride in crème silk her Maid in Biscuit & pink carrying pink flowers & streamers I called at Ada’s & Aunt Eva came home here for afternoon I went up to Myrtles & took up Effies clothes which Olive wore to bed

April 19/ Harry so unwell & such a trouble all day kept me washing most of morning but at 11 oclock Dad went to Gawler & Olive was up at Wilfs playing with Effie Harry went to sleep & I swept & beat cocoanut matting from dining room & my rm then washed floors & dusted & Ma did front room & boys & me Kitchen Clif61 came home with Dad & I had to wash the children & fry sausages I also milked the 3 cows weather cool & dry

61 George Henry Clifton (Clif) Folland (aged 13), nephew, son of Frances.

April 20/ I got up early but could not clean my stove as both children woke so early & I had to dress them & make porrige & do any other work I had to bake a leg mutton & it took from ten oclock till 2 o’ck to cook I also had to roast pigeons & stuffing & could not get them done so fried them I made 2 cakes & at 3/30 I bathed the children & then did an hours washing milked & was that tired I undressed & put Harry & Olive to bed had a wash & retired myself.

April 21 ) I wanted to go to church but it is a push now to get away so decided to go to Uncle Will62 I got up early made fire took in Tea swept Kitchen dressed Olive & Harry & washed their face & hands for breakfast put their clothes tidy & made beds got ready & reached there at dinner time & stayed till near 5 oclock then drove home Angle Vale way & got home at 6/10 had Tea & put children to bed

62 William Atyeo, Henry’s older brother who came to South Australia in 1868 (aged 22!) & who sold Henry the farm.

April 22 / I was awfully ill so did not do the washing I did all morning duties & dressed children & cleared the breakfast & cut up 24 lbs Quinces for Jam did baby washing & then had dinner & I did a little sewing mended my stockings Olive & Dad went to Eva for Stewpan to mak the Jam tomorrow I milked bathed & put Harry to bed then Olive

April 23 // I could not wash as I was going to do the Jam but it was a beautiful day so I lit fire swept Kitchen dressed the children & we had breakfast then I lit a fire in the small fireplace & made jam but I had a bother as it was very full however at Midday I finished & we had dinner & then I bottled it off & made paste & cut papers to seal it down & Mother sealed it & I washed the Stewpan & all the other things & we had a cup of Tea & I milked & Dad came home from Gawler & Amy came for a day

April 24 // I got up at 4 o’clock & dressed & got the boys breakfast & cut their lunch put up Tea for them lit copper & got in a boil quite dark as soon as it was light I milked & then I went in again Amy got up & dressed Olive & I dressed Harry & Amy & Olive went up to Myrtles washing I got them ready for line & she pegged them on the line & also washed towels & bluey & first the moles 2 & Dad & Wilf Denhams I finished them all but Dads & I scrubbed the Sep Block & Tables she done the Tubs etc & stand & I ironed the shirts & blueys & any whites no starched atall milked & washed & put Harry to bed help was up

April 25 / Same hour I called the boys at 5 to 4 & also dressed myself & lit fire & got heir breakfast & took in Tea to parents at 7 I was so very unwell but have to struggle on after the boys went I rested a while then at 7 I swept Kitchen & did other work bathed Harry I could not eat  … I felt so ill but had a cup Cocoa etc Dad Amy & Olive went to Gawler & they stayed there & Dad came home late last night Wilfred is carting Hay & thats why we rise so early I went up to Myrtles with clothes I washed & ironed or Amy ironed them & other

April 26 / We are having cold showery weather now windy this morning up at 10 past 4 & got their brk & took in Tea & 5/30 cut lunch & put up Tea swept Kitchen had a cup of Tea myself & by that time Harry usually wakes I dress him & some mornings I bath him if I am not too busy or have not bathed him at night Dad did not go to Gawler I felt so ill but did what I could swept dining room & washed round & also my room Ma front room & I went up to Myrtles & left Harry with her for the afternoon then I went up & got him at 5 o’clock cold weather

April 27th / I felt so dreadfully unwell I could hardly get the breakfast I also bathed Harry & dress him & did a big wash for him Mother got Dad ready for Gawler I could scarcely keep up I had to lie down for a while Mother cooked dinner I cleaned all cutlery I was so glad I had my cakes baked yesterday for I could not do my work today I cleaned stove well this morning

April 28 / I did not go to Stone Hill as it was Buchsfelde Anniversary so I just bathed Harry & did necessary duties & we had early dinner & Mother & I dressed for Church Mr Kessell preached we drove to Ada’s for ½ an hour & then called at Myrtles & brought Harry home Effie cryed to come to the Anniversary was poorly attended Bert went to Gawler it was also the Congregational Anniversary & Amy & Olive stayed at Frances for that Lorna took Olive & G & A went to Ada’s for a while Celia & Family went to Buchsfelde a rather cold dry wind Mary not well Influenza63

63 Probably cousin Mary Ann Preiss (nee Arbon)

April 29 / As I felt so unwell I decided on going to Gawler to see Dr Dawes64 I got up & got the usual Tea & Breakfast & swept room & made bed attended to Harry & at Midday Dad & I went to Gawler & over to Gawler South so it was three when I got back to street Did shopping & saw Celia & Ada & we went & had pasties & Tea then came home found drapery very dear indeed

64 Dr Adolf Henry Coombs Dawes, local doctor who established Hutchinson Hospital. 

April 30/ Up at about 5/30 lit fire & copper & bathed & dressed Harry Mother helped with breakfast & I went to Tubs & felt better able than often do but cant hurry so did not get done till 3 o’clock & folded I also went to Myrtle to get some of hers to do I cut out unbleached Garments for Mother & retired also milked cows

May 1st // I did all usual work milked cows & got breakfast over & hurried round to get all done by the time Celia & children came I was making pies & Tart when she arrived Mother got all Veg & Soup ready & we had dinner & I did all the ironing while they had a good talk up in the dining room I had to attend to Harry & we had afternoon Tea & I picked a large bunch of Chrysanthemums for her than milked & got in wood etc

May 2nd // As I intended going to Gawler on Friday to see Dr I had to do usual work & then clean dining room & my room wash floor & in the afternoon I did some mending & then milked & got in wood & I always do washing for Harry each day & attend to him as well Wilfred is putting up a new porch on the Kitchen Bert started drilling May 1st at Bragglesome Clem & Wilfred went for a load of Straw & now Clem is carting out Manure from Stable we had tea & I washed up & put Harry to bed & then I had a bath myself & retired I feel so out of sorts & weary

May 3rd // I hurried & got a cup of Tea & early breakfast for Bert & Clem then dressed Harry & milked & we had our breakfast I made beds & did Harrys washing got ready for Gawler calling at Frances where we were shocked to hear Amy was so ill I went & saw her & we drove to street & I got a few things & then went to Dr & Optician & came out & brought Olive home with me got home at 4 o’clock & then I packed some clothes for poor Amy & sent them by Wilfred to Gawler & I did my work

May 4th / I felt so unfit for work but one has to do their best so I lit fire & got boys meal then dressed children milked & did housework & baked cake done cutlery Dad went to Gawler I bathed children at five & help get Tea Mother milked Daisy & Mona we had tea I put Olive & Harry to bed & washed my head & read paper

May 5 / I could not go to church again as both Harry & Olive woke early & I lit fire & took in Tea Dressed children & made porrige as is our custom each morning then I emptied my copper although it was Sunday & cleaned it got breakfast over made beds & got all ready for Sunday School had dinner & Dad & Mum went to Hospital to see Dear old Amy who was took there yesterday Olive went with them & Wilfred & Myrtle are also gone to the Dr with Mavis so they wanted their Sulky & I am home with Harry all alone

May 6 / I decided on washing as I wanted to go to Gawler this week I have a good lot of washing & a extra large blanket of Amys I got on very fair till the heavy scrubbing then I felt done I folded & made beds bathed Harry & put him to bed Mother scrubbed the kitchen chairs this afternoon while I scrubbed all the Tubs stand wringer & blocks it was a nice morning but wind fell at midday but I got blanket dry I felt very tired & retired in good time to rest

May 7 / I always get up early at 4/40 or 45 then light the fire & get boys breakfast cut their dinner & lunches & put up their Tea in bottles then either do the milking or dress children get breakfast for us & did housework & attend to Harry & do his washing & in afternoon I ironed & partly made bay apron

May 8 // Same work in every way in the morning & I have a good bit of washing to do for Harry today just having dinner & Uncle Charley & Aunt Charlotte65 came out but she could not stay all night so I postponed my visit to Hospital till tomorrow & had a chat & a cup of Tea with Auntie & rainy blow but cold & dry wind I milked & got in wood & put children to bed

64 Aunt Charlotte Humphrys (nee Heath), Ma's sister.

May 9th / Same early work & did Harrys wash & at 11 oclock got Olive & self ready for Gawler Dad also went we found our dear Amy improving I also did a good bit of shopping besides & we called at Celia for Olives Cot had such a big load came home with a dreadful bad head & had to fix up cot then I had to fry sausages & felt dreadfully unwell could hardly keep up

May 10 / As we were in Gawler yesterday Dad was not going today same time & got lads breakfast & cut dinners & lunches & put up T then dressed the children & mostly bath Harry & sometimes Olive as well then get second brk ready Mum sets table & helps I milk & they Sepr I felt very unwell & we could not seem to get through with our cleaning I gave my room a good clean & shifted Cot  & dressing table & done dining room & put pretty Flow- in fireplace its so dry & quite hot now in the middle of day rain threatens so I made two bag aprons lately & mended Clems shirt etc Harry so unwell teeth

May 11 ) Usual work in every way & Mother got Dad ready for Gawler Myrtle came down with Mavis so ill & we have Harry so unwell too his teeth I did not bake cake Dad bought some I did the usual Saturday work cleaned cutlery & bathed children at 5 oclock & milked then I have always got Harrys washing I fried Sausages for Tea & Mother cooked Veg Bert went to Gawler at night Amy a little better

May 12 // The children woke me early & I dressed & dressed them lit fire took in Tea & we had breakfast & I did housework & had dinner & went to S School & to Ada’s & left at 5 o’clock & was out in terrible thunder & Lightning was so nervous & hurried Toff along Olive was frightened it rained after we got home Myrtle & Wilfred had to take Baby to Hospital & leave her so they were home here to tea

May 13 / I could not wash as I had to drive Myrtle into Gawler or rather I had to go & she had to go to Hospital I did all my usual morning work & Harrys wash then got ready Olive went as far as Celia’s Effie stayed at Frances we visited Amy & the dear baby Mavis also did shopping & had to call for the children I went to see Myrtle Easton who has a daughter at Mrs Green’s64 Mother had Tea cooked & cows milked & Harry in bed when I got home

64 Birth of Fernie May Easton, daughter of cousin Thomas Henry Easton and Myrtle Easton (nee Badenoch).

May 14 / I got up same early hour & got boys breakfast & cut dinners lunches & then bathed both children & dressed them & started washing & got done at 3/30 Auntie Eva Coral Gwen came to dinner & afternoon she made Harry a pair Pyjamas I got weary & could not hurry through the wash I got kettle boiled & we had a cup of Tea then I milked & got in wood & put Harry to bed & had tea & ironed some of plain clothes a wet & cold night but got all dry but pair of Trousers for Dad

May 17/ I always start work before five & get the boys breakfast & pack the lunches & dinners & put up the bottles of Tea then cleare the table & leave the fountain & kettle boiling while I go & milk & then dress the children & Dad & Mother Separate & put away cream & Ma washes Separator I wash up & do room Mother does front rooms I wash floors but not today I finished Mothers Skirt dark print for everyday wear I fry sausages for Tea

May 18 / Dad was going to Gawler today I did the same morning work & Mother got Dad ready for Gawler & he got an early start but it was on Friday not Saturday Myrtle went with him & it was a cold wet day & they brought dear little Mavis home from Hospital at evening time I did usual Saturday work & Mother also did her lamps & bathed the children at 4 oclock then milked & then cleaned cutlery & we had tea I went up to see baby today for a minute Trixie has a calf tonight very cold & wet

May 19 / The children were awake early & I took Harry in with Olive & then I dressed & dressed them  & got a cup of Tea & cleaned the stove & Flues although it was Sunday I have no time week Days as I always get early breakfast after dinner I took both children & drove to Ada’s leaving Olive at S. School I had Tea there with the rest & soon retired very unwell can hardly do the work & look after Harry Olive is so good to me Dolly has a calf today

May 20 / I could not wash as I was too ill so I got boys breakfast at ¼ to 5 & then a cup of Tea & put up dinners lunches & Tea did housework & tried to make garments for Mother but got to leave off early & milk & get in wood & then Harry also takes time he is teasy with teeth & I have a lot to see to Mother is not atall well but works very hard too

May 21 / Usual hour & same work Clem helped milk this morning Dad was going to Gawler so Mum got him ready & I was making a shepherds pie & Celia & children came to dinner & I fried bacon & we had potatoes then I cut out & made a skirt out of an old coat of Amys. milked & did evening work & gathered Eggs & got in wood I split a stump & hurt my side again very much

May 22nd / As I had neglected my washing till today I hurried as fast as I could but I had to get up earlier just after 4/30 & got boys meal & put up lunch Harry had to be bathed so I bathed both yesterday morning & I got copper lit & washed first boil & both White Quilts it was a rainy blow & who should drive out but Uncle Charley & Frances Gwen & Lilian I was indoors & that worried as everything was upside down & it rained so heavily & I lifte too heavy carrying out Tubs etc they went home at 5 oclock & I helped milk & got in wood

May 23 / I was so ill last night I had to lie down Tea time but got up & helped with dishes & folded the clothes that were dry this morning I did everything the same as other morning’s & assisted in various ways felt so bad I gave the dining room a thorough clean & washed the floor & cleaned the fireplace then I did all the ironing in afternoon & evening

May 24 / Same work & cleaned our bedroom & dusted dining room Mum churned & I fried dinner Mum done front rooms & I wiped over passage Harry not too good atall I baked Farmers biscuits last evening I make a nice fire every evening as the weather is cold & dull Wilfs baby is getting better Amy comes out Hospital today

May 25 // Always the same time & same work & after I get the men off dress the two children & milk Dad helps when well enough then we have our breakfast I make porrige or clear table & then I roasted a shoulder of Mutton & made Madeira & Currant Cakes & apple pies I bathed children in the afternoon & milked & had tea & cleaned all cutlery then had a lovely bath & retired but felt so ill I don’t know what to do with myself I feel so unfit for work
May 26 / Such a cold morning I dressed at 7 & lit fire in dining room & got a cup of T cleaned stove & felt so ill made beds did Harrys washing cleaned boots Aunt Eva came for an hour I got Olive partly ready for school & myself & George & Amy came home so we did not go very cold Mum is so unwell too They had both dinner & Tea here & then took Olive & went to Frances to stay for a time
May 27 // I intended going to Gawler with Dad so did all usual work & Harrys washing & got ready
when we got to Celia’s she had just come back from Doctor with Marion who has bad throat We called at Frances & then I went shopping & to Dr I also went to Drapery Sale at Fairheads we got home good time & had a cup of Tea & milked
May 28 / I got up at 4/40 & got the boys meal took in Tea dressed Harry & lit copper & started at tubs at 8 o’clock & did not finish till 4/30 & then had a cup of Tea & swept floor & went & milked Flora has a calf today we have 5 in now plenty to do but Harry is a good child The boys are all home putting in the Home Flat 2 in to dinner at 12 & two at 1 o’ck Dad went on with the Cultivator while they were at dinner it was a rainy windy morning but better after dinner but so very cold I wash indoors now too wet outside I did some ironing
May 29th // Usual hour for rising & all the same work to do I fried Egg & Bacon for boys Harry was awake before six so I dressed him & gave him breakfast Did odd work & made beds & made a Melon pie & we roasted a leg Mutton potatoes & Cauliflower all home but Wilfred he is at their own place today to dinner I did my ironing & then made a dark print apron for Mum & out of her old skirt
May 30 / Same work & then made beds & emptied the Copper & did Harrys washing & baked apples & Custard cold meat & carrots & potatoes I been putting new pocket in Berts Trousers & mended Clems Shirt & Berts Dad Charl & Bert killed a pig today Dad been to Gawler today home dinner time cold with Showers today Eva not well today
May 31 / Friday & yesterday they killed a pig so I had to fry Liver & Onions & do usual work cut boys lunches & dinners &  made my bed then attending to Harry fed him & dress him & got ready for Gawler where I had to go on business Wilf & Myrtle went to Dr but he was not in so went to Chemist we got home about 2 oclock & I changed & we had late dinner as Dad & Mum had only just finished salting their pig Little Harry had been very good I scoured the over for Mum to melt down Lard & made a nice bright fire for her washed up & did not do any housework today washed babys clothes & then it was time to milk & get fires made I also made & baked resoles for Tea quite cold & frosty
June 1st Such a terrible busy day all usual work & Mum was busy for an hour getting all ready for Gawler & helping Dad dress too then I swept & washed dining room & did my room Mum front room’s & I cleaned the fireplace & rubbed the stove cleaned cutlery & Mum did lamps & I baked pork & cake & Mutton for my dinner & roasted potatoes swept the Kitchen we were both very busy indeed & & Mother is so very unwell can hardly crawl about I have got Harry to look after as well so busy now
June 2nd // Sunday & I did not get dressed till ¼ to 7 & made a cup of Tea & dressed children then lit the stove & Mum got breakfast ready while I washed Harrys clothes then I washed up & attended to Harry & done my room had a chat to Hettie McLeod65 she came down to see us & Coral as well & stayed to dinner Lorna Olive & I went to Buschfelde & I took Harry & went to Ada’s Celia & Percy  & children were there also I come home & milk & Mum very bad & had tea & put children to bed

65 Henrietta (Hettie) McLeod, sister of Eva.
June 3 // Monday but a holiday & Lorna was with us so I did not wash as there was several things I wanted to do usual duties over Lorna & the children got up & I got breakfast for them & did housework Lorna helped Grandma in various ways & bake cake it was a fair day & Harry & boys went to Willaston coursing
June 4 // It was a fine morning & I did all the same work as I always do got a cup Tea for parents & also breakfast for boys & cut Lunches dinners & Mum dressed & I had copper lit & had started to get washing ready then Dad Ma & Lorna went to Gawler Lorna to afternoon School & Ma to Dr Tobin66 I got lunch for me & the two children fed Harry & then got on to my Tubs & got all done by 4 o’clock except the Trousers & them I left as I felt quite done up I hurried & swept Kitchen made a nice fire in dining room & boiled wheat & had Kettle boiling for a cup of Tea when Dad & Mum got home soon after 4 o’clock cold

66 Dr Tobin
June 5 / I had a stiff neck for days but I got to get up a 5 or before & do all same work each day it was frosty & cold I then put on water to finish washing & did some more of babys clothes & I never finished till dinner time & afterwards I folded clothes I ironed some last night & I finished tonight after washing up Tea things & felt so tired & the pain in side very bad I can’t get to any sewing I am so full up of work & Mother is so terribly unwell
June 6 / I had thought of going to Gawler but Mother is so poorly I can’t so I decided on cleaning rooms & after morning duties I swept & scrubbed Ma floor & washed passage cleaned all front & my & boys windows hard work for one I also made apple pie & Jam Turnovers as well before dinner Mother sees to cream & does Separator washing cookes vegetables for dinner it was a very severe frost & Harry hands were swollen with the cold I will … their
June 7 / Work in every direction after Morn duties are done I gave my room & Dinning room a good clean Wilf & Myrtle went to Gawler at nine & could not see the Dr till four then came home to Tea & packed their basket for the trip to Town & went back to Freemans to sleep I cleared table & tidied round & then I retired to rest very tired 
June 8 / Same time & same work & then Dad having finished his cows came in & Mother helped him dress for Gawler & he started off alone I did baking & washed babys clothes etc & did all Saturday work Mother cleaned Cutlery & lamps I washed Olive’s head & as it was a beautiful day baby was out in Pram most of morning Dad bought some pigs so I lent him a hand when he came home & we had a cup of Tea & milked & then I bathed children & we had Tea I felt so tired & unwell could hardly keep up
June 9th // A rather unpromising morning cold cloudy & Mother very poorly Wilf home I lit fire & got Tea all round dressed children did Harrys washing & cleaned the Copper made a nice fire in dining room Mr Cork came out to see Wilf as Myrtle is in Town outdoor patient Adelaide Hospital I did not go out all day & was working most of the time none of the boys went out either showery cold I helped milk the cows & got Tea could not take Olive to S. S. today & she was disappointed Auntie Eva is a teacher now at Buschfelde I sorted out my chest of drawers & got things ready for Gawler tomorrow to get a good early start
June 10th / I got up at our usual early hour five o’clock start work lit fires in both dining room & Kitchen got boys breakfast & put up dinners & lunches then I wash up & get the second meal & did my room & Harrys washing & although I worked as hard as I could I could not get away till 11 o’clock to Gawler I took Olive with me & called at Celia’s & her & her girls went with us met Frances & Amy down the street & had a look round & did a lot of shopping & came out to Frances gave Amy a ride & she took Olive home to Frances with her I drove from Celia’s all alone & helped milk & got in wood after I got home
June 11 / Same hour & all morning duties are the same I could not wash today so I got all breakfast over & cleaned dining room & made a nice fire & then Ma could not get up at all so I washed Separator & all cream Billys washed our dishes & did a good lot of washing Olive’s Velvet Tunic too I baked Quince pies & raisin Biscuits I was so done up & had Harry to look after as well I helped milk got in wood Dad went to Mrs Ratcliffs for Bread from Tapes Baker67 Beauty has a calf & also Mab out in the back paddock Beauty is home here I had to make boys bed ready for them after Tea & sweep the Kitchen

67 Tape's Bakery, opened in 1918, and nephews Clif and (later) French worked delivering on the cart.

June 12 // Just the same all round & Mother got up very late she was in bed yesterday all day I hurried & lit & filled the copper & had just got a start & Celia came & she helped Mother & Dad get ready for Gawler & got a cup of Cocoa for them then we had a cup of Tea & lunch & it was about 12 before we got any thing done to speak of we got done at four & Celia fried some eggs for her & childrens dinner I hurried & cleared up & made a nice fire in dining room & put clothes to air Celia remained for night I did some ironing but was so tired I washed Birdie & Maisie & Harry
June 13 // I got up same early hour but as there were so many here extra I did not get on too well Celia got up at six & helped with all dairy work & milked it was late when Celia went to Adas first & then home I hurried & did Harrys wash & all ironing I also washed 3 new shirts & had 5 new ones & 4 old ones to iron such a lot of other clothes to iron I felt ready to fall at times but for Mothers sake I keep up & do my work as she is so unwell herself
14 ) As Bert had to go to Court about the Tax paper I decided to go to Gawler with him & we started at nine so I only had time to do usual work & pack dinners & make my bed then I went to Frances first & had a cup of Tea & also I went down the street & did shopping I got new Singlets for Bert & last week new Shirts & him & Clem I felt real done up & got a ride back to Frances with Mrs Walter Haydon68 & got Olive ready & Bert called at four O’clock & we drove home helped milk & got in wood & did my work

68 Rosina Darling Haydon nee Turner.
15 // I felt so ill but had to get up & get Boys breakfast & then do morning duties as I always do. I cleared table & got second meal then baked pies & Cake but was that ill I could hardly do it Mother very bad too & one can’t do all as we have all men to cook for 4 of them I tidied round & then had to lie down an hour & Bert took all the dining room fireplace to pieces & rebuilt it & it was a mess Mother swept & tidy the dining room & made a good fire & bathed the two children & we had tea & cleared away I had a bath
June 16 // I always dress in good time & swept Kitchen & lit fire in dining room & stove & fried Eggs & Bacon for brkf & then made bed & done Harrys washing & we had cold lunch & I drove Olive to Sunday School & then I went to Ada’s & also to church & Communion I drove home & got Tea & felt ill & went to bed with Olive I was so unwell all night & Mother is so ill herself her cough is very bad indeed she wrote a letter to Aunt Emily69 Celia was at Adas today & took children to Sunday School cold day

69 Aunt Emily Easton (nee Heath), sister of Ma.
June 17 / I was not well enough to wash today so did usual work in the morning it was a cold showery day & I had to do a good bit of washing for Harry & the sox etc & theres such a lot of cooking to do the days are short & I can’t find time to sew Charl went in to Kill a pig for Celia this morning
June 18 // I always get up about five or a little before make fires take in Tea to Parents fry the boys breakfast & cut their dinners & lunches put up Tea for them & usually 2 of them are home to morning lunch as they have to winnow the Barley before they sow it another windy day I washed some clothes for Harry but could not do the weeks wash today Dad & Wilfred went to Adelaide yesterday & today Dad went to Gawler for bread & other things old Maisie had a bull calf last evening I baked two Quince pies & Jam pastries & Tart today.
19 June / A cold wet morning I got up & got boys meal & took Mother in her Tea & basin of Oatmeal dressed children & then Mum came out & I got ready for washing day as it was so windy & cold I did not wash any Sheets or Trousers I started at 10 o’clock & finished 4/30 I felt so thoroughly tired & done up & put children to bed I felt such pains in my legs & arms I could not rest
June 20 / Just the same work got up at 5 & lit fires & fried breakfast & put up dinners & lunches I did housework & baked apple pies & Biscuits etc Dad & Olive went up to Mrs Ratcliffs for bread from Tape I managed to finish a garment for Mum & wash it this week I done my ironing this morn & a bit of mending this evening I mended Wilfs old Overcoat on Machine this afternoon cold day
June 21 / The Shortest Day once more & I hurried & did all my morning work & got the children dressed & gave them their meal Dad done his cows boys helped milk & then they went to work I took up cocoanut matting & thoroughly swept & washed dining room & my room Mum got Dad ready for Gawler at 11 o’clock & I had a lot of dusting & Harrys washing to do as Amy came home to see us with Dad from Frances today
June 22 / I got up at 5 & lit fires took in tea & fried Sausages for boys breakfast & cut dinners etc cleared away & then fried second breakfast Mother washes Separator etc Amy made beds & cooked pies & put Cake in Mum took it out I did a lot of washing & Amy did some too We had roast leg mutton & cabbage & potatoes for dinner & at 2 oclock we dressed for Celia’s where we kept up Marions 6 Birthday Uncle & Eva, Frances & family & Clarrie Preiss70 & Ada’s children they had a good time

70 Clarice Louisa Ellen Preiss, aged 10, daughter of cousin Mary Ann Preiss nee Arbon.

June 23 // I dressed in good time & got a cup of Tea & breakfast then dressed Harry & got on cleaning the stove did ordinary work but I felt so stiff with Rhumatics so I did not go to Church as Mother was very unwell we had cold midday dinner & Uncle Charley came out & Jim & Ada came to Tea & little George71 It was a lovely day Auntie Eva & Wilfred drove to Adelaide this morning & Coral & Gwen Bert took Olive for a drive over our back field

71 Ada and Jim's youngest son (so far) Wilfred George Parham (aged 4).
June 24 // I decided on washing though it was King Georges birthday I did hurry but felt so unwell I lit all fires & filled copper & got all the bed liner washed I also did 3 sheets for Myrtle & a nightdress & pillowcases Amy helped me at Towels & Colored clothes & hung a lot on the line Celia came out with her family early & she helped Mother with dinner & Amy & I got finished & Mrs Argent & Siss72 came for afternoon so Celia got afternoon Tea which we all had then I ironed some & helped milk & had Tea & ironed more I felt so very tired & done up

72 Annie Leonora Argent (nee Andrews), or her sister Elsie Grace Argent (nee Andrews) and their sister Siss Andrews (possibly Helsey Grace Andrews).
June 25 / A very cold windy morning not near as nice as yesterday I did all my work as I always do & then I ironed all & did housework Amy & Dad went to Gawler & I made apple pies pasties etc then I did some sewing in the afternoon & helped milk got in wood My time is all taken up looking after Harry if not in other ways Myrtle & children spent the evening here Wilf went to Gawler lodge I put a new back in my nightdress after Tea & usual duties
June 26 / My morning work is always the same only Amy dresses Olive & always assists with light work & as the days are so short it is dinner time when they are done & I have Heavy washing to do I set to & mended a Navy coat for Clem & the ordinary duties & that sewing took me till 10 o’clock p. m.
June 27 / A fair day & same duties in the morning as usual our men are sowing Peas now they finished the wheat & Oats on June 13th & the Barley on June 24th we had a nice rain this last day & night or rather on Friday of this week after breakfast Dad & Amy went to Gawler & to Sullivans Sale73 near Uncle Charley she finished a Chemise for Mother last night & a Pillow Case for Mum washed it out today & put it to bleach Band of Hope last Thursday but I have not been to a single one this year as I can’t go alone I feel so unwell but must persevere I cut out the sleeves of Berts singlet & replaced them shorter Amy altered Olives Velvet Tunic Mother mended Flannel for FR.A

73 Sullivans must have been neighbours.
June 28 / I got up & lit both fires & Amy did not dress till late then dressed Olive & I Harry breakfast over which I fried I set too & washed up then I shifted everything in my room & later on in the front room & took the Oil cloth from there & laid it is my room the white ants have eaten the floor in Front room Amy helped me or I never could have done all but even then I was quite over done & felt very stiff & painful in my side
June 29 / Mother not able to be up atall & I was at my wits end to know what to do first morning duties over Amy washed Separator & I indoors & then Amy bedrooms & dining room I baked scones cakes pie & Tart, cooked Marrow potatoes & washed all dinner thing & finished my baking George drove out & I had to sweep the Kitchen I had a lot of washing for Harry & also boiled them today then I had odd work to see to Dad & French74 came home & Amy put on Shoulder Mutton I salted some mutton & helped milk Bathed Harry & then had tea G.E.H. stayed the night so feeling very tired I did not clean my cutlery or stove I had a talk & then amy & I both bathed at 10 ock

74 Charles French (French) Folland (aged 10),
June 30 / I dressed before 7 & got the fire & a cup of Tea for parents & Bert & I then I fried fish for Mothers breakfast & Amy made porrige & set table I swept Kitchen had brk & fed Harry then I washed Separator & Buckets & Can & also came in & done the other wash up Then I cooked pots for dinner & we had our meal at 1 o’clock I did some washing then cleared all away & tidied myself & Amy played Piano G & I sang I helped milk Amy set table I gave Mother her Tea Myrtle & children are here an extremely cold day & windy Wilf is gone to City
July 1st Monday I could not wash today as mother has been all in bed & could not do the work so I did morning duties Amy did housework & washed the separator & Buckets I baked some lovely Scones & Jam Tarts etc I roasted Shoulder Mutton & potatoes cauliflower & & then I had a big washup & cleaned Saucepans ready for Gawler to get mended I did some mending in the afternoon Amy made Olive a new Petticoat cold & showery day & very cold night I am not atall well Harry could not go out in Pram today I helped milk at night & the boys in the morning Dad is also able to help this Season we have some veget. in & growing nicely
July 2 / As I intended going to Gawler I got up fair time & hurried & gave Clem his breakfast & prepared our fried eggs & bacon then I Hurried & made Sea Pie & washed Harrys clothes & Dad got ready for Gawler I was partly ready but Dad thought I ought to stay home then Amy with all the cunning Devices deliberately took Olive & ran after Dad & left us both Mother & I far from well & I felt so utterly unstrung I did not know what to do I made pastry & got dinner & in afternoon made ½ a dozen Pillow Cases help milk & got Tea & mended
July 3rd / Although I felt anything but fit for washing I had to do it all on my own & was awake very early from ¼ to 4 so I dressed soon after five & got fires & breakfast lit copper & with Trick Soap I got a line ready at 10 oclock & finished at 4 oc’lock but the rain came down before the shirts & Pants & sox etc were dry I got the sheets dry & pillow cases & put all back on beds & I got in a lot of wood & ironed after T
July 4 / I dressed an hour later & made fires & fried eggs & Bacon dressed Harry & did many duties too numerous to mention then I put Harry in his Pram in the lovely sunshine & I baked pies also swept dining & finished ironing this afternoon Charl & Eva returned to Bragglesome after an holiday at Prospect on Tuesday last Eva & girls have been there a week Charl & Clif drove down last Sunday for them.
July 5 / Gawler Day I feel so unwell but have to get up & get breakfast & a cup of Tea first for parents dress Harry Mother very poorly so I did usual work & Mother got up & helped Dad get ready I thoroughly swept & washed dining room & dusted it also passage Ma her room we have the men home so we have to cook dinner Clem is ploughing Bert & Wilf digging garden I washed Harrys clothes I made some lovely scones & pastry had good luck
July 6 / I got up at 6 & hurried & lit fire in dining room & then I cleaned all the chimney pieces of stove & thoroughly blackleaded it Also the dining room fireplace which was very nasty indeed as being rebuilt so recently I cleaned kettle etc also & was that Knocked out I felt real done however had to bake Cake Tarts pie Mum did Cutlery & I roasted meat & we had hot dinner I did Harry washing very cold stormy Bert busy about home at Gardening etc went up to Ratcliffs he is dig in Flower garden
July 10th / I felt awfully unwell & got Rheumatics to so I do not get up early about six light fire & get a cup of Tea then the stove & get Breakfast dress Harry I give Clem his first as he has to plow I really dont know what to do first so I washed up indoors & then Sepr & Buckets Mother got up & prepared Swedes etc I did not know what to do for I feel so ill I make an apple pudding in saucepan for dinner then I had such a big washup & cleared away my boiler & brought in a lot of wood & the clean clothes as well I ironed after Tea & I helped milk tonight I feel very bad
July 11th / I looked at clock & it was 5/30 so rested then Dad came & called us as clock had stopped & it was after six I lit fire dressed Harry & fried Eggs & Bacon gave Clem his meal cleaned dining room fireplace & made a fire up washed up & then did Sepr & filled fountain & Kettle Mother got up very late she is so poorly she did Vegetables & cooked them I roasted meat & did Harrys washing & boiled Rice washed up everything altered my best skirt got in a lot of wood fed Harry help get Tea then washed Harry & put him to bed very cold weather indeed Bert is spending the evening with Will & Eva tonight

75 William Ratcliffe, husband of cousin Eva.
July 12 / As Mother is so unwell it is useless to try & do the work as is our custom so I always get the cup of Tea first then light stove & give Clem his breakfast wash the Sepr first thing after we have ours. Mother managed to tidy front rooms Wilf done up the Dining room fireplace again. so I could not clean up in there it is stormy & so windy & I always cook dinner Melon pies & Acid & Jam tarts & scones & do Harrys washing & help milk at night
July 13 / I usually clean Stove on Saturday but I could not today as I had too much other work Mum helped Dad off to Gawler after breakfast & I sent for cakes & did not bake any today baked pies & Tarts swept the dining room & my room Kitchen then the washing up takes time & preparing Dinners as we always ccok dinner I helped milk then bathed Harry & cleaned boots  
July 14 / Same work Celia & Amy drove home to see us all the girlies stayed at Charls & went to S.S. I did not go out cooked Potatoes for dinner & I had to do some washing for Harry very cold indeed  today Will & Eva spent the evening here & Wilf & Myrtle & children & Charl & Eva also
July 15 / I could not wash as Dad was going to Gawler do I did all morning duties & tidied up rooms. Amy & dear little Olive came home with Dad & we had a cup of Tea & milked got in wood  & did odd work in every way got things ready for tomorrow
July 16 / I got up earlier & got fire in both rooms & breakfast ready & then at about 8 oclock Amy got up & lit copper & we washed it seemed so nice to have her help me & it was one of the duller days I never got scarcely a thing dry & could not iron Amy helped clear up Tubs & I helped milk & got in wood
July 17 / Same time I lit both fires & got a cup of Tea & brk & I wash up indoors & Amy the Sepr then I cooked dinner & did Harrys washing & baked a Currant Cake. Dad & boys killed a big Pig & Amy & I ironed all the clothes & same evening work in every way & mended stockings & flannels
July 18 / Same hour & work in every way & I washed the Separator etc & Amy went to Gawler after making beds I started a blouse for Mother & did not do too well at it Amy got home at four I had to fry Liver & Onions for two breakfasts & roasted meat cold for dinner & Potatoes nice weather frosty & cold mornings & nice sunny days.
July 19 / Same in every way & Dad went to City I washed Separator & then I set to & made the blouse kept at it all day Amy swept & tidied front rooms & ours & Mother saw to dinner & all the household work I did not get finished the blouse till ten oclock at night little Olive so very unwell in herself for the last week
July 20 / I could not clean the stove I was in too big a hurry usual duties over I swept Kitchen & baked well first spare rib of Pork & two cakes & then I made a Plum pudding I also thoroughly swept & washed dining room floor & passage Mother did lamps Amy cutlery & boots & dusting & washed Pictures I had a bath & bathed Harry Amy bathed Olive & self
July 21st / It was a beautiful morning so white with frost & then after I had got a cup of Tea & breakfast swept Kitchen Ma set table & I dressed for Gawler River Church & Honor Service & very impressive indeed & then Communion Service also I did enjoy myself once more among the people who keep Holy Day as the sabbath of the Lord Mary Clarice & Dorothy76 spent the day with us or rather they went home before tea Amy took Olive to SS

76 Dorothy May Preiss, daughter of cousin Mary Ann Preiss (nee Arbon), aged 14 and her sister Clarice.
July 22 / Did not wash as I intended going to Gawler with Dad so I just did all morning duties & then we each a portion of housework on arrival at Frances’ she told us that one hundred French Soldiers were being entertained at Gawler Town Hall77 so I had a look at them & there was speeches & singing I saw G.E.H. & had a talk to him he has a bad cough. We came home after doing our business & I milked & got in wood I felt rather done up

77 A visit of French Soldiers organised by the "Cheer Up Society".
July 23 / I was late up this morning so decided to sew & not wash Amy made Mother a Flanellette nightdress & hemmed a Sheet I always have to make pies etc for dinner & also do a portion Housework & Harrys washing & whatever duty presents itself
July 24 / Up early & Hurried & got copper lit Kitchen swept & all ready for Tubs Amy helped me when she got up we had a big day new Fl nightdress sheet Trousers for all we got done in very good time & I ironed what got dry but it was raining heavily in late afternoon I left a lot out all night.
July 25th / I always light both fires in dining room & stove get a cup of Tea for parents & usually the boys too then they milk & I get breakfast ready Amy got up dressed Olive & I Harry I unripped & joined a new rug on the old one Tuesday our heifer (Nancy) has a calf tonight after cooking scones & pies Tarts etc in morning I took Olive up to see Eva & Will was killing a pig so Eva went to help him while I looked after Beryl we had a cup of Tea & came home & milked & at night I did all the ironing & got sciatica in hips & Rhumatism very badly lately side is rather better
July 26 / Dad & Amy intended going to Gawler I did everything as usual in morning & as it was nice & sunny I took Olive & Harry out for an hour I made Melon pies for dinner & after we had our meal I milked 6 cows myself & got in wood etc nice day
July 27 / I got up early & got out cup of Tea etc & & then I went out to Kitchen & thoroughly blackleaded Stove & fountain lit it got porrige made afterwards I baked pies cakes & Mother boiled meat & beef & made brawn I did Harrys washing a lot too & then I cleaned Knives forks Amy spoons & I the Kitchen & then evening work
July 28 / I was up in good time lit fires got the cup of Tea & & then breakfast cleaned Kitchen & then dressed for church very cold indeed driving but I went home & help get ready the dinner had mine & Amy dressed Olive & she & I went to S.S, & to Ada’s saw baby78 & think him a dear

78 Ada's new baby, Eric Clarence Parham, born July 6.
July 29 / I did not feel too well but I did hurry & get all three fires & got breakfast over & started at Tubs at nine & we got done at 3 oclock & I ironed some coloured clothes & at night Amy did all starched clothes I felt so unwell we got most of clothes dry aired & on the beds
July 30. I did not feel too well but hurried & got or cup of Tea & stove lit breakfast ready then I took up cocoanut matting & swept dining room & fireplace & George rode out to tell us the sad news of his dear Mothers death79 I felt so upset but I was going to Gawler & had to get ready Myrtle Dad & I had a lot of shopping to do & it kept me very busy I called on Tom & Myrtle to see Ivy80 but had very little time to talk had to come home & then milk or help

79 Sarah Ann Barnett (Hobart), died at her daughter's home.
80 Probably Tom's sister Ivy Sandercock (nee Easton).
July 31 / Same hour & same work in every way then got breakfast fried Eggs & Bacon I cooked dinner rice puddings Swedes & potatoes then I got ready & with Dad & Olive went to dear Mrs Hobarts funeral there was a large number there we called at Celia’s & had a cup of Tea then home & Olive went to sleep & I got out with her & hurt my side again I feel so sad about our dear friends death & the sorrowing ones left behind
Aug 1st / I did not know how to turn when I woke but had to get the fires & hot water for the men to separate they milk in the morning while I get Tea for parents & breakfast we expected Celia home so did housework & then baked Tarts & rice pudding Mum did Vegetables & I fried bacon for dinner Celia got here about 11/30 & Amy went to Gawler I made a flannel petticoat in afternoon for Ada
Aug 2nd / Same hour & work in early morning then Dad went to Gawler & Myrtle also Effie stayed here & I swept rooms dining & Mums passage & washed them but felt so ill Amy took Harry out in pram Dinner over I got Amy to help m wash china & Glass in dining rooms & black leaded fireplace & Eva came over with Beryl it was her birthday Will came for evening & Eva went home him at 10 ock
Aug 3rd I first lit the fire in the dining room & got a cup of Tea then I blackleaded stove & clean chimneys out got breakfast of porrige & Veget washed up & Amy did separator Mother churned stuffed fowl & I helped roast it & a round of beef then I made cakes & cleaned cutlery Amy spoons Mum lamps I felt so ill Mr. Alan Stewart came out to shoe Darkey80 & Bert & I & Amy milked Smut has a calf today so now we have 10 cows in milk & Dad bought more pigs 17 now & 7 calves Bert went to Gawler at night & took Alan back I finished a wool sock of Olives 
Bert has been doing up fruit garden lately & planted several oranges & lemons & others

80 Alan Stewart, the farrier.
Aug 4th / I felt so ill I just got up & lit both fires got some thick wood & put on & made us all a cup of Tea & then had to lie down till 12 oclock up & had dinner cold roast Beef & fowl & pork washed & fed Harry & put him to sleep & wrote to Ada & Bert went down to see her Olive & Grandpa went for a walk cold & cloudy after a very long spell of frosts
Aug 5 // A wet cold morning so I did not attempt to wash just lit both fires & got our cup of Tea made porrige for breakfast I felt so very unwell. Amy made Olive a new blue pinafore I made her a dolls head cold & stormy all day & there’s always cooking to do any Day
Aug 6 // Another Stormy Day so did not wash just did all duties in house
Aug 7 / I got up earlier today as I had to get ready for washing I lit all three fires & got our cup of Tea Clem lent me a hand with the sofa & I got in Tubs & Amy got up & dressed Olive & she & I washed she had to do the Separator as well I felt so ill when I finished I had to rest a few minutes did not get any clothes dry so quiet a day so could not do any ironing atall did some sewing & Knitting Bert has put in some more trees & roses. It was a half yearly Band of Hope last Thursday but I could not go have not been to a single meeting this season my limbs are very bad indeed Mrs Jack Burford has a baby at Mrs Buggs81

81 Vonda Gwynneth Burford, daughter of Elsie Fletcher and John Bastow Burford, at the Nursing Home run by Alice Bugg (nee McHugh).
Aug 8 // All morning duties same this morning it was very cold & windy so after I had lit fires I went out & got in what clothes were atall dry & after breakfast I started ironing at about ten & kept going till 4 in the afternoon so much running to & fro to catch the sunshine then I dried most by a good fire Amy went up to Eva’s & took Harry before dinner & stayed till 4/30 afternoon we had our  cup of Tea & then milked etc
Aug 9 / Clem’s birthday (15) & I did all duties as usual & at 10 o’clock I went & dressed for Gawler where I went with Wilfred & Myrtle it was fearful cold day I had a lot of shopping to do then I went up to Hospital to see Mr Hobart Senr82 he is very ill indeed & so pleased to see me then I went to see Ivy who has a Son at Mrs Greens83 I got a ride out to Frances with Mrs Haensch84 & I then had a cup of Tea & we got home teatime so cold & showers

82 Dale William Hobart, Amy's father-in-law, whose wife died a week ago.
83 Cousin Ivy's son Colin Heath Sandercock
84 Mrs Haensch, is probably Anna Sophia Charlotte Haensch (nee Koop).
Aug 10 / I felt so unwell but it is no goof I must keep going same work then I thoroughly swept dining room & Amy help dust it I baked leg Mutton Alford Cake raisin Biscuits Tarts Amy cleaned Cutlery Mother lamps & I did many & any work that is our custom to do & then I helped milk Amy got in wood & then she collapsed for three hours so I bathed both children heads & all & had a bath myself & was late to bed cold day Dad went to Gawler & got some pigs Gwenda has been so ill her throat
Aug 11 ) I got up at 7/30 & got a cup of Tea for all & breakfast over & did usual work Uncle Charley & Frances came for dinner & Amy Olive Harry & I Drove to S.S. & we went on to Ada’s I went to church & then I rode back to Ada’s with Eva & girls & called for Amy & Olive who went to S.S. & home there I helped milk when I got home Uncle & Frances were just going home so cold Gwenda was not well enough to come home
Aug 12 / Although I felt so unfit to wash I lit both fires & got a cup of Tea then lit copper & got Kitchen swept & ready & had breakfast of porrige etc I was so busy & when I hurry I almost fall we finished at 3 oclock Amy did all hard coloured clothes & scrubbed up for me but I did a lot a going to & fro to get them dry & was quite done up but after a nice rest I started & did all the plain ironing before nine o’clock & Amy helped milk instead of me my leg awful
Aug 13 / All duties the same & then Dad & Mum & Olive went to Gawler Mum & Olive stayed at Celia’s Dad in Factory with cream I cooked Cabbage potatoes fried bacon & made Scones Biscuits & after helping clear dinner I was thoroughly done & had to rest ½ an hour then Amy did starched ironing & blocked Hats I altered my skirt & pressed my coat & Amy got the Eggs & all helped milk Dad & others came home nice sunny days this week
Aug 14 // I was up at 6 o’clock & could not dress quickly but I did what I could lit fires & got Tea then I thoroughly swept my Kitchen & fried Eggs & Bacon & Amy swept Dining room & dressed children I then mended Clems coat & Mum cooked a Stew for dinner Amy washed Sepr & went up to Myrtles then I washed up dinner things & finished my hat Myrtle and children for afternoon Mr Wise came85 Amy & I help milk

85 Mr Wise is a tea agent who comes every year.
Aug 15 // Same duties & I baked Raisin Biscuits & Cake & did housework & was putting pockets in my Coat in afternoon when Eva & Ada came first time Eric had been to see Gma I kept on & Eva trimmed my best hat Amy Olive & Harry were ready to go Eva’s Ratcliffs for the afternoon & Olive was disappointed afternoon Tea & then I helped milk
Aug 16 / I intended going to Gawler so I did all morning duties same as usual & some housework & then Dad Olive & I went to our City I did shopping & took Olive to see her G father at Hospital then we called on Ivy & saw her baby Celia & all her children went in to Frances & Celia went to Gawler & met us there we drove over to creamery & to Paynes Sale but did not stop there only had a look round home & milked
Aug17 / I felt so ill with Rhumatism could hardly move well not without pain but Saturday is always a very busy day I had to do morning duties & then bake shoulder mutton two Melon Pies 3 Cakes besides help with dinner Amy did dining room & cutlery Mum butter & lamps I thoroughly swept Kitchen & did all housework
Aug 18 / I had thought of paying cousin Tom Easton a visit & asked for Sulky & the Harness was broken & Bert had to fix it up but first of all I got up at 7.15 & got fires dressed Harry swept Kitchen got breakfast washed separator & buckets & at 11/15 got ready & got there dinner time the children went to S. School & then Myrtle & I took them to meet Tom who went to Mr Melletts funeral he marched with the Railway men86 when we got home he told me of Charles Hobarts87 death so I went to Jim’s88 & saw the last of the poor boy also saw poor G.E.H. he is so broken up my heart aches with sympathy for them all in this double bereavment & trouble my prayers are for them all

86 Thomas Norman Mellett (aged 61); he was a railway porter. Presumably Tom Easton also worked on the railways.  
87 Charles Elliott Hobart, aged 27, leaving a wife and two young children. He had lived in Port Pirie and died in Adelaide (at the Hospital?). 
88 James Thomas Hobart, an elder brother of Charles and George Hobart.  
Aug 19 / Mother in bed with Colicy pain & I could not well wash as I have morning work & Sepr then vegetables for dinner & in the afternoon I got Amy to make pinafores for Olive Harry & Gwenda I did some Knitting windy I had such a desire to go to poor Charlies funeral but I could not go Mum got up in afternoon
Aug 20 /Such a wet morning I could not wash so did morning work & then I washed the  Separator it was so wet & a terrible cold & my limbs so bad &I I do all I possibly can & feel so hurt at times at things that are said Mum peeled Swedes & I potatoes Dad helping her I prepared Melon & made pies & after dinner I went to see Myrtle took the children with me home milked 5 cows & got in wood
Aug 21st) Up at 6/25 & got both fires & also put on boiler in Kitchen as it was too windy for copper & I did hurry as fast as possible then I feel fit to drop at nine I started & got all whites & bed linen done Amy did Separator & joined me & almost got done dinner time Amy cleared dinner & washed up made beds I scrubbed up & swept Kitchen & scrubbed Sep block did a bit of ironing & got cup of Tea & milked four cows got in wood cleared table Amy put Olive & Harry to bed & is Knitting I am writing bitterly cold & rainy & I had such a treat running to & fro from line got all dry & Amy finished ironing it has been terrible boys are making sheds at Wifreds place for implements
Aug 22 / Same work in every way & after breakfast I washed up & did some housework & then I went in dining room & recovered couch & Mothers chair cushions I also left off & made apple pie Tart & dear little Sunbeam was with me all the time & I made her a patty pie which she ate part of we had dinner & I went on sewing & mending & Olive was sewing dolls clothes at about 5 o’clock she complained of her throat & it got worse & we had no rest with her she suffered so at 10 o’clock we retired
Aug 23 / Up early & got breakfast over & dressed Harry our darling was asleep but at 9 o’clock I got her dressed & Amy & Clem took her to Gawler where Dr Tobin said it was Diptheria & order her to Adelaide Children Hospital George & Amy took her & Clem came home & told us Oh how it cut me to the heart but I set to work & thoroughly cleaned our bedroom carried out all bed & bedding to air & washed all clothes I could I felt so done I swept dining room
Aug 24 / Amy did not come home so I got up & with a sad heart did my ordinary work & again put all the bed & clothes out to sun washed & boiled Harrys clothes burnt Sulphur & then I baked leg Mutton & Cakes & washed Amys Skirt & Sweater & some more things of Olives I also have to help milk & got in wood ironed clothes & bathed Harry & myself I feel so weary & limbs ache terribly & my head Wilf & family & Bert went to Australia day at Gawler
Aug 25 // A sadness seems to mark this beautiful day so sunny but our Sunbeam is not here today but we here is doing as well as we can expect we feel we must not go to church or Clem home so I dressed early & swept rooms & made fires & got cup tea & porrige for breakfast men milked & at 10came to table then I went & washed Sepr Charl& Hettie came for a visit & I wrote letters to my sisters I got dinn & then I bathed out Darlings dolls & rested a while Bert to Tea went to Gawler & Amy came home with him tonight I just put Harry to bed & got Rheumatism very badly.
Aug 26 / How I tremble on this start of another week but work has to be done I dressed early & lit fires in dining room Stove & Copper & got cup Tea & breakfast Amy got up & joined me at Tubs & we finished at about 3 o’clock & made bed & I started ironing & Amy finished it all before Tea I did a bit of Knitting & afterwards (Am wrong I finished after Tea.
Aug 27 / Usual time & work in every way I put away all clothes & got breakfast over & swept dining room Amy made beds After dinner I mended Clems pants & stockings also the others were mending no tidings of our little Sunbeam today so we waited patiently
Aug 28th Amy did not dress till late so I had morning duties done & Harry dressed & fed then she made beds & went to Gawler & I thoroughly did dining room floor & other work & in afternoon I start to mend my old coat then help milk every night the boys work away & are late home I sometimes milk 6 myself Amy brought home word that her Darling is doing satisfactory
Aug 29 Amy & Dad were both going to Gawler so I did all ordinary work & then I sat at my coat all day till milking time put new lining in etc & I help with cows & got in wood then had tea & put Harry to bed I forgot to say I did washing for Harry after tea I was sewing till bed time I got Rheumatism very bad & I worry so much that my side is awful
Aug 30 / I lit fire & got our cup of Tea & brought little Harry & noticed him fretful but he had his breakfast & then seemed to be suddenly taken ill so I hurried & drove to Gawler Amy & Wilfred took him to Dr its Bronchitis teething we feared Diptheria so I washed everything I could from bedroom & all the babys clothes they came home & we put the cot out in the dining room & he lay quite still & his head was very bad indeed the dear
Aug 31st Harry was terribly restless till early morning but is rather better but I feel crook & Mother is in bed so I only baked some biscuits & bread pudding & cooked potatoes for dinner Amy dusted dining room I did our room & front rooms all yesterday I felt bad all day I nursed Harry a while Dad went to Gawler & home early afternoon
September 1st) I felt awfully ill so I dressed & lit both fires at 10 to 7 then we had a cup of Tea & I went back to bed to suffer agonies with my limbs Amy looked ill but kept on & did what she could for all & looked after Harry
Sept 2 / Clem & Amy both down & Bert waiting on us Wilfred went down Saturday ngt I could not keep up I got up midday & made Toast for Clem & a little for self but was glad to go to bed again Myrtle took Harry home Amys legs are terrible so Dad rubbed them for her tonight
Sept 3rd ) I got up at 7/30 & Dad had a cup of Tea ready so I had one & a coffee biscuit then I lit stove & fried sausages we all had breakfast Amy got up & Clem got up & helped milk cows I prepared a Cauliflower potatoes & Amy made Shepherds pie I felt so ill I did not know what to do so Amy kindly cooked dinner they did not come home till 2 o’clock & it was done at 12 I been Knitting & made broth & cornflour
Sept 4th // I felt terribly seedy but got up & lit fire in the stove & put on the fountain & then they have breakfast I could not eat nor can Amy she washed up & I washed Sepr indoors as it was so fearfully cold & wet Clem went to work at Charles I was so ill but as there’s no fit person to do work the unfit must do it I made a bread pudding & cooked potatoes & swedes Dad went to Ga Myrtle & Wilf went to Gawler & left Mavis with Amy & Harry is home here again Mother dressed today so is minding babies I did some Knitting washed dinner things & Saucepans etc & got in wood ready for morning & also a nice log for dining room
Sept 5 / Dear Lorna & Gwendas birthday today I dressed got Harry dressed & fed Amy lit stove & fried Eggs & Bacon I cut dinners for both boys & then had a very small helping porrige A washed up I helped then did Sepr & Cream Can & Buckets I almost collapsed then lay still for ½ hour & got up Ma & Amy got potatoes & Swedes & Turnips peeled on & I cut leg chops & fried them between rests on a chair had a nice dinner & finished Olives sox & helped Amy washup & got in wood & milked Maisie & Amy milked Mab & Flora Wilf & Dad all the others & fed pigs & calfs very cold
Sep 6 // Dad lit dining room fire & they had their tea then I lit stove & fried Eggs & bacon washed Sep & Cream Tins Amy got cream ready for Gawler I took up cocoanut Matting & Amy swept & washed floors I washed a real line of clothes for Harry quite done myself & felt fit to drop however I boiled Wheat & the stove was hot so I mixed up some Cakes & baked them & between rests I washed a shirt & Towels for Dad kept going all day as I can’t work only slowly & its much longer about helped milk etc
Sep 7 / I felt awfully bad in myself but dragged up & did all ordinary work but I never cleaned the stove this week I washed the Sepr & scrubbed Buckets & washed up a very large lot in Kitchen baked leg of Mutton boiled cabbages potatoes fried bacon Mum prepared Veg cleaned lamps Did her room & Amy cutlery I sat down & washed Blouse for self & apron Amy did dusting sweeping Amy made beds I made an apple pie & pastry & got cup of Tea for us all
Sep 8 / Sunday did not get up till 8 oclock the men had their cup of Tea I fried Eggs & Bacon & then Washed Separator Clem went home this morning I swept dining room Amy & Bert went for a drive in afternoon I read book & help milk got a cup of Tea then I read till bed time the weather is quite hot & is dry I watered my flower garden tonight & then got wood for morning
Sep 9 / As we have not been able to wash for a fortnight I got up & Dad had fire in dining room so I had a cup of Tea & lit stove & copper cut Clems dinner got breakfast Amy got up boiled Eggs dressed Harry I started at Tubs Amy washed Separator & got Cream ready for Gawler Dad went there, we were both very shaky I felt awful but we kept on I got all bed clothes boiled & Amy help rinse & hung out very windy so got all dry & put on beds again I folded & milked took pigs to market today
Sep10 / Usual morning duties breakfast of Eggs & Bacon then I washed separator & cream Cans & cooked apple pie & Vegetables & mutton Amy & Myrtle went to Brays in afternoon89 I did all ironing plain no starch clothes Dad & I milked all on our own & I got in wood Clem works at Bragglesome

89 Brays are a local family.
Sep 11) Same work & washed Sep & did Harrys washing cooked Corn beef cauliflower potatoes made apple pie & 2 cakes very busy all the morning then mended pants all afternoon & at evening milked got in wood & sewed
Sep 12 / Dad lit dining room fire & I made cup of Tea lit stove fried Eggs & Bacon & Veget washed Sep tidied dining room Did Harrys washing Mother prepared Veg & cooked them & I always boil Wheat for Horse Dad & Amy went to Gawler I got dinner & had a rest very hot indeed & Dry & all Grass & Herbs are withering. Dad came home alone at about 5 oclock & had bad news of darling Olive she with other children contracted scarletina from Childrens Hospital & they removed them today to Adelaide Isolation Ward so Amy stayed at Frances & they go to Adelaide tomorrow to hear more news, I felt the shock so much I could scarcely keep up & do the work & milking
Sep 13th / I awoke after a very restless & anxious night & did morning duties dressed Harry got breakfast washed Sepr etc & then did some washing & Mum swept her room I washed floor & passage & Wilf went to Gawler also his family Frances & Amy went to Town & Matron told her she could not see her dear little girl for a month at least so they came back to Gawler & Wilf brought us out the news & now all is dreary waiting & cruel suspense & I feel as if I can’t bear it I scrubbed safe cleaned dining room fireplace my room etc helped milk & got in wood washed Harry & put him to bed
Sep 14 / Mother does not get up till late I have all the morning duties over & get breakfast & dress Harry then wash Sepr & buckets came in & put our dear little Olive’s clothes from Hospital I washed everything except her coat & skirt bonnet then I had Harrys I had a real line then I swept & washed dining room & I thoroughly swept & washed Kitchen floor with milk & baked Madeira & Currant Cake Mother also boiled piece of Ham & Corn Beef I just worked my hardest Amy came home with Dad & I ironed Olives clothes I felt that Broken hearted I could hardly bear myself Oh how I miss her in every way she was always by me
Sept 15 / I got up early & got cup of Tea & the rooms tidied beds made Harry dressed & fed the others got up Mother set table I washed Sepr & intended going to Church but Celia sent word to Amy & I to come in for day so we got ready & took baby got there at one oclock had dinner & a talk Celia has Neuralgia so she had to bake some scones Cake & Tarts Percy took Laurel & Bernie to S.S. & to Ada’s we had tea & got home at 8 oclock Charl & family here took pup to Celias
Sep 16 / Same duties washed Harrys clothes & Sepr we then got ready for Gawler took Harry to have him Photographed he was so good all the afternoon in there Celia went also & has a growth in her throat I saw Cousin Eva & Beryl & Will Uncle Tom90 came out to see us but we were in Gawler only met them on the way

90 Uncle Thomas Easton.
Sept 17 / I was not well last night had the shivers & then did not rest well so I did not dress till 6/30 got a cup of Tea & breakfast cut Clem dinner washed Sepr Amy went to Celias for the day Mum cooked Veg Turnips potatoes & corn mutton I put up new Blind in dining room & went up to Myrtles on a message I helped milk got in wood did not wash today as Amy was away Bert took both our calf & Wilfs to truck to Town also a pig & one died Saturday the day is cooler & fresh
Sep 18 // Washing day so I got up at 5/30 dressed & lit fire & got a cup of Tea then lit stove & copper & Bert help me lift sofa out & I got in stand & started washing set breakfast Amy boiled Eggs & dressed Harry then we had our meal & Amy washed Sep I kept at Tubs then she joined me & did all 3 pairs Trousers & Stocking Towels etc I took & rinsed hung out did Flannels & I also washed Amys Overcoat & the green covers of Machine then I mended a sheet & pressed coat, trousers, & dark clothes help milk I usually milk 4 cows get in wood have Tea & folded clothes Bert Clem & Amy cleaned Sulky Harness last even
Sep 19 / Mother cut up Melon & Lemons for Jam so I lit stove & fried Eggs & Bacon & got Jam to boil & did usual work we each stirred it Mum churn Butter Amy made beds I tidied dining room & bottle off Jam we had Turnips & potatoes I made Scones & cake & dinner over I ironed Berts Fashion Shirt & Collars & all other ironing also pressed Ties & help milk & got in wood looks like rain it has been a very dry windy hot day Dad went to Gawler with cream & to get copper stand
Sep 20 / Same hour & morning duties Dad went to Gawler breakfast over I washed Sepr & Cans & Buckets & then I made a nice fire in stove & Mother made dumplings & cooked Vegetables Amy cleaned boys room & swept our room I washed floors in all the rooms & swept dining room Ma swept her room Amy dusted the dining room I then altered a Vest for Bert Dad came home & we had afternoon Tea & each helped milk & I got in wood we had everything so nice & Tea set in dining room & up drove Auntie Paterson91 & Will as he goes to Gawler Show tomorrow so we sat talking till late Bert went to Gawler to get Darby shod & Wilf & Myrtle went this morning & children

91 Aunt Harriet Paterson (nee Heath), sister of Ma; lives at Tineburee, Lower Light.
Sep 21st  / I dressed at 5/30 & got fires in both rooms a cold frost I took in Tea & fried Sausages for breakfast Amy set table I dressed Harry & then I washed Sepr & put on Ham to boil & roasted a leg Mutton & boiled cabbage & potatoes fried Bacon & Smoked shoulder for dinner then I baked apple pies Tart Scones & Cake milk Auntie helped Dad & I then Will & Clem came home & they company went home I cleaned cutlery Wilf & Myrtle came to Tea home from Show I bathed self & Harry
Sep 22nd // Such a white frost I dressed at seven & got our usual cup Tea for all then I swept Kitchen made my bed & porrige for breakfast & washed Sepr Mother & I were Just talking & Harry & Frances drove our with sad news Amy was so ill had to be motored to Adelaide last night they had dinner then went home & Celia & Percy came to Tea now they have gone home & sadness fills our already breaking hearts Clem is gone home
Sep 23 / As one never know what will happen especially in illness I decided on washing but did my usual work & helped milk first then washed with Trick Soap all boiling articles & finished others the best way I could & blackleaded Stove & cleaned the chimneys elbow I felt awful & could not rest a minute & as I have no rest much last night I went to bed earlier tonight
Sep 24 / Same duties & all housework done Mother helping as well I always wash Sepr & do Harrys washing dinner over I drove to Ada’s & had a long talk to her as Dad & Bert went to see Amy yesterday found her nerves very bad but she was resting & conscious I came home by sundown feeling almost unable to drive home the men were milking so I got in wood & folded clothes
Sep 25 / I can’t write particulars my head is too confused so I just say always do same work in mornings & get breakfast often fry Eggs & bacon or boil eggs or porrige then I did housework & ironed all afternoon & at night I mended stockings & I always help milk & get in wood water flowers Mum cooked Vegetables & made apple dumplings I made crust for her & made beds but I really do not know how to bear myself I shifted some enlargements & hung others in their place in dining room but it was hard work for me & I feel dazed by so much work
Sep 26 // We are having dreadful hot windy weather & so very dry today & yesterday are very windy & dusty so hot too I felt awfully worried Wilf & Myrtle went to Adelaide yesterday to Dr about her throat so he went to Hospital & saw our dear Amy she was talking quite naturally to him I had a very bad turn myself this morning  I had done my morning duties & got breakfast ready then fell down but after 20 minutes I washed Sepr & did Harrys wash then made beds Mother cooked Cauliflower & Potato custard & pineapple & I fried Smoked Shoulder for dinner & mended Clems trousers this afternoon milked & did other
Sep 27 / Oh dear I did feel ill but Mother cant do all so I got dress & did all usual work & I mostly do a cow or two Dad did not go to Gawler I always do the Sepr except washing day then I cleaned the dining room & my room but had to keep resting Mum did front room
Sep 28 / Dad went to Gawler early & after all my duties we done early morning I baked some cakes not atall good luck with Baking Powder I cleaned Kitchen & washed the floor with milk quite hot & dry days Celia & Percy Wilfred & Myrtle are all gone to Adelaide Myrtle has to have her nose scraped Lorna came home with Dad I cleaned Cutlery Lorna the spoons I bathed Harry & had a wash myself & retired to bedroom
Sep 29 / I felt I really could not got out to Church so I got a cup of Tea fried Eggs & bacon & then I helped milk& washed Sepr but was really too ill to drag about we had cold dinner & then Bert Lorna & I went out to back paddocks & it was quite cool Percy & Celia came out & Uncle Charley Heath to Tea I help milk Wilf went to Gawler to bring Mrs Les Cork & children92 out for holiday

92 The family of Myrtle's brother Gerlen Leslie Manuel Martin Cork. Coming to stay are his wife Edith Elizabeth Cork (nee Smith) and their children Dulcie Beryl Cork (aged 10) and Frank Elliot Cork (aged 8).  
Sep 30 / I really felt more for bed than any thing else but I have to try my best as washing a real drag I lit fires & copper took in Tea Mother did indoor & washed Sepr I kept up though my heart was breaking & finished & cleared up at 4 & then got kettle boiled for afternoon tea & ironed coloured clothes I felt so ill & Mother is so unwell her cough is awful & Bronchitis the day was fine & cool
Oct 1st / Duties in every direction & I did all the usual work & made apple pies tart Mother & I got dinner Mother roasted a leg mutton cauliflower potatoes Uncle & Auntie93 drove up to dinner I ironed in the afternoon & helped milk cows got in wood etc then I always do Harrys washing every day as well

93 Uncle Will Atyeo and his wife  Harriet Atyeo (nee Tancock), his wife. They live at Gawler Blocks (now Evanston Gardens).
Oct 2nd All morning duties over as is my custom help milk & did housework & at 12 oclock I got ready to go to see the Doctor & when I got there I was so ill broke right down rested a while & then met Frances who got Lilian Photo taken & I got a ride part way to her place & waited for Dad to call for me had a cup of Tea home & changed & helped milk quite cold coming home
Oct 3 / Two wells Show but none of us cared to go Uncle Charley & Lorna Will & Eva & Beryl went & about 10/30 it started to rain & kept on all day I did usual work & Harrys wash in the afternoon I made & hung the new blind which I bought yesterday in Gawler in my room the weather is bitterly cold & the rain welcome
Oct 4th / Dad did not go to Gawler today so I got fires & we had our morning tea & then I cleaned boys room my room Mother made apple dumplings & stew we had dinner & a great shock followed94 George & Amy came out to get her clothes I felt terribly shook up could not move till George came & spoke to me I helped Amy get all her clothes together & fried Ham & Eggs for their dinner then went from here at 5 o’clock I helped milk

94 In October 1918, Amy Florence Hobart was charged with attempting suicide. This is recorded in the police gazette for October 9th. She was bound over on good behaviour for 6 months.
Oct 5 / Dad went to Gawler Charlie & Lorna & Amy went to Adelaide where Amy boards till her darling is ready to come home to her
Oct 6 / Sunday & Gawler River Anniversary I dressed early but felt so ill & I could not hurry but just as I had finished all early duties & the boys were milking it started to rain & kept on all day. We were expecting Frances & family home but as it was so wet Harry & boys came from Charlie’s where they had milked the cows they being in Adelaide we hear Lorna & Amy went to visit the Hospital & also to Glenelg so it could not have rained so much there I did the work necessary & I then I read a while & I made a plum pudding for dinner. I never went out all day It was also Reeves Plains Anniversary
Oct 8 / Too wet to wash so I just did morning duties & housework washed Sep & Buckets as is my custom then did Harrys wash got ready & went to Gawler with Dad to Dr I first went to Frances she was washing I hung out some for her she got a cup of Tea & Dad came out for me I did some shopping & we came home & milked etc rather a dull day but sunshine at times.
Oct 7 / I reported Tuesday first so this is Monday a wet morning & at intervals all day I set too & took Mothers black bodice sleeves out cut them differently & made them up & pressed them it took me all day besides usual duties very cold I had to milk as boys were away Dad helped me & Mother got Dinner & Tea I got in wood
Oct 9 / I got dressed early & lit fires & Bert & Clem help me get the sofa out so as I could get washing ready lit copper & after taking in Tea I started & set breakfast I commenced washing at abot 8/30 & finished about 4 scrubbed up I washed my white Quilt & Ma’s G P. skirt I did not have any trousers but bed linen & our changes we had cup tea & I folded all down.
Oct 10 / I hurried round & fairly done my self out I did usual work & washed Sepr & Buckets then I lit up stove baked cakes & Mother boiled leg of mutton Veg cauliflower Potatoes & Jam Tart. Celia & girls came out for the day & she very much upset me by unkind words & I felt so awfully ill after I ironed & got afternoon Tea then I rested a while but I felt very unwell indeed we milked & I got in wood it was a nice sunshiny day/ All Picnic’s yesterday 8 hrs day
Oct 11 ) Usual hour & all same work Mum got Dad ready for Gawler he & Myrtle & children went. I swept all 4 rooms & thoroughly washed floors & dusted but felt real done & could not eat my dinner I was cleaning dusting & all sorts all day had tea & read papers beside looking after Harry
Oct 12 / Earlier & lit fire in dining room & then I gave my stove a real good clean also blackleaded the fireplace in dining room got the breakfast & dressed Harry then I washed the sepr & all the cream Cans Buckets swept the Sep house made an apple pie & pared other for Mum to make dumplings roasted leg Mutton Potatoes, swede’s for dinner I washed up all pots & then scrubbed the Table & made it Tidy I cleaned Best Boots & shoes Mother Cutlery I baked apple pie. It is Loos anniversary95 tomorrow so hope its fine day

95 The church at Buchsfelde / Loos (renamed due to anti-German sentiment in the First World War); the family church.
Oct 13 th / I always get up early & after getting a cup of Tea for all I called boys as the horses were in the crop so they were up nearly 2 hrs earlier & got the cows done in better time I got breakfast over & washed Sepr made beds etc & got early dinner & Bert drove me to Loos Anniversary Percy & Celia & Family were there also Frances & Cousin Eva Lorna & Beryl Bert told me I could go to out to Tea so I went to Mr Preiss96 with Mary & her girls & back to service at night Lorna & Ethel went home with Bert Ada Jim & all the family were at Church B & I went to Ada’s to Supper & did not get home till after 12 oclock

96 Heinrich August Friedrich Preiss (Henry August Frederick Preiss), patriarch of the Preiss family, and of the church at Buchsfeld!
Oct 14 / I did not intend washing as I had to go to Dr Tobin I did all morning work & tidied rooms & we had dinner before we went & I saw Dr first & then I did some shopping got Clem new Blueys I could not go to Frances as we came out early & it was just after we got in Gawler I got Harry’s Photo they are good of him I got new Gloves for last Sunday I have a new cast iron copper stand September 28th 1918
Oct 15 / I got up & hurried as fast as I could lit all three fires in dining room stove & copper then I got our cup Tea & fried Eggs & Bacon dressed Harry started washing & had a cup Tea at 10/30 & was doing well for me at Tubs & who should drive out but Uncle Charlie & Amy to get our darling Olives clothes they brought Gwenda too I just done all but Denhams & then I pressed Olives coat & skirt & helped Amy get things together we had dinner & also afternoon Tea then they went back to city I folded clothes & milked 5 cows but was ill & retired at 8 ock
Oct 16 / Boys got up at five I had a bad night & could not rest so I did not dress till 6 ock & fried breakfast got water hot for Sepr I did hurry washed Sepr & did usual work I set to & washed Denhams & scrubbed up made a dried apple pie etc & made a good fire we had dinner & Mrs Parker & Ruby & Lily Andrew97 came so had to wash up & do all myself I was in the midst of scrubbing the hugh dresser & had just put Harry to sleep then I put on Kettle & Mum got their tea while I scrubbed & cleared away I milked 5 tonight

97 Probably Esther Parker (nee Whitbread), Ruby Andrew and Lily Andrew are the daughters of Abraham Andrew and Ellen Burton. Lily is always with Mrs Parker when she visits.
Oct 17 / I dressed earlier this morning & lit fires swept Kitchen made boys bed & fried breakfast Eggs & Bacon & always take in Tea & we usually have one in the kitchen as well I had my ironing to do as I did not iron yesterday I had a lot of Starch blouses to do & fancy covers then in evening I always help milk etc
Oct 18 Bert started binding a bit of hay for horses same work & Dad went to Gawler cleaned boys room dining room my room & baked a lovely currant cake Mother always does the vegetables & gets dinner I washed up Mother helped. We were milking & Dad came home with Amy & a little girl from Sydney who boards at the same place as Amy in Adelaide she was so interested in everything on a Farm we talked till late
Oct 19 / Amy was all buzz I did all my usual work Amy washed her clothes & lent a hand & then ironed I also helped her Dad drove her to meet the train at 5/30 Daisy has a calf (Queenie) last evening & Roma one today Buttercup cold wind every day very rough indeed
Oct 20th // I always dress early but Clem was up at 6/30 I got a cup of Tea & then we milked & I fried E & B but I did not go to church I felt so tired & glad to rest a while I was busy all the morning & we had cold dinner then I rested till nearly four & Auntie Eva & children came from S.S. & Charl came to Tea & for evening Clem went home for day a nice day rather windy & no rain but we want some
Oct 21st / I intended washing so I lit all three fires & took in Tea & then got at Tubs & kept on & finished at 4 o’clock & helped milk & folded clothes I felt so done up Mother cooked dinner Apple Dumplings & sweet potatoes. It was a nice day but I get so done up had two pair Trousers & quite a lot of clothes tho I am careful with it
Oct 22nd All round duties the same & I made a dried apple pie I always wash the Sep & Buckets cream cans & make beds help at dinner & wash up then ironed & cousin Eva & Beryl came & Will came over at evening to meet them Dad went in with cream to Factory I put on Kettle & Mother got a cup of Tea for us all Clem & Wilf & I milked & then they went home & we had tea & I put Harry to bed & soon retired too
Oct 23rd I did usual work mostly fry breakfast & then do all the Buckets Cream Cans & Separator things then housework & I was busy mending & after we had dinner I washed all up & was mending again & Uncle & Kit & Hazel drove out Hazel98 has to go under an operation for her nose & tonsils tomorrow in Gawler I put on Kettle & Mother got cup of Tea & Clem milked Dad milked two we got 11 in now to milk

98 Hazel Jean Heath, daughter of Christiana and Alfred, aged 6. 
Oct 24 // All the same work & Fry breakfast sweep Kitchen then washed Sepr etc & made beds & then I set to & hurried as quickly as possible & swept & washed dining room & dusted it & brushed up fireplace I did go & after dinner I washed up & went to Myrtles for a while home washed Harrys clothes & mended a pair Moles for Clem nice showers but very light Boys can’t get on with Binder atall well down at Charl  
Oct 25 / Dads Gawler Day I did all morning duties & breakfast over washed Sep etc Mother got Dad ready for city I cleaned boys room Mother room passages worked all Floors besides ordinary duties I felt done dinner time Bert & Charl trying to get Binder to work but cannot in afternoon I cleaned out the Flues & blackleaded stove doorstep & Dad brought home the glorious news that our  darling Olive was out of Hospital on 23rd & is with Amy Oh how we rejoice to know that but she is so weak
Oct 26th // I felt so weary & Did not dress till 6 ock lit fires & got porrige made for breakfast boys milk etc I had cream Can & Sepr etc to wash cleaned my room & Kitchen washed floors too & made large Currant Cake Mother made Batter Pudding roast leg Mutton boiled smoke pig face cauliflower & potatoes we washed up & I cleaned Cutlery had a bath also head & then milked & bathed Harry had tea & cleared away very windy Binder will not go atall & they are vexed
Oct 27 / I scarcely know what to do I wanted to go to Gawler but had no one to go with me so stayed home till after dinner & then I went to Loos church & to Ada’s to tea & home just as our lot were about at tea I also had a cup & then washed up got in wood I was rather unwell & retired at 9/30 Mr Richmond98 preached Wesley & Alb99 went to Charls to Tea & Ada expect company next week Mr Norman & children100 from Pt Adelaide

98 Rev J C Richmond
99 Henry Wesley James Parham, aged 14, and Albert Bruce Parham, aged 9, Ada and Jim's sons.
100 Probably Jesse Norman (husband of Sarah Ann Parham) and his children.
Oct 28 // As I had to go to Gawler could not wash so I got up very early by correct time it was only a little more than 4/30 got the fires & a cup of Tea & breakfast & cut & packed dinner made beds afterwards washed Sepr & finished housework & we went to Gawler did shopping but was not well enough to go to Frances only called & she was washing Dolly was there to help101 saw Dick Jenkins he is over from Pt Lincoln & they lost their Son (Sam)102 at the War on Sep 18 Killed in action I felt very sorry for them in their great sorrow and loss.

101 Dolly. There are a few possibilities. Could be Florence Gertrude Day, but she is living in Kensington, so unlikely.
102 Richard Burton Jenkins, their son Samuel John Jenkins, who died in France. His record is here.
Oct 29 / Up at same time & did all same work before breakfast & then lit fire & put on boiler ready for wash as it was terribly windy I never had a big wash so did it indoors & Boiler in Kitchen I finished at dinner time & intended going to Adelaide but Dad was busy & his face was bad & it was so dusty so I cleared up & did all ironing milked 5 cows Mum 3 cows Wilf 3 cows
Oct 30 / Another windy morning but I wanted to go to Town so I trimmed my hat & got partly ready & Dad would not take me to station so changed boots & cleaned 3 pairs & then cleaned all the windows had done all ordinary work before sorted all the chest of Drawers & boxes & got Amys clothes ready for her milked 6 cows Mum 4 cows & I got in wood & washed Harry for Tea & put him to bed & washed up made cake
Oct 31 / Another disappointment After getting partly ready & I hurried & swept dining room passage & my room washed floors & expect Clem to drive me in but they did not wish me to go & so thoroughly upset me that I stayed home & dusted all & in afternoon went to Eva’s for bread also called on Myrtle & left Harry there I came home & made Mum a petticoat Grey stripe milked Mum helped milk me 4 Wilf 3 & I got in wood
Nov 1st / I did not dress till 5/30 lit fires got a cup of Tea for all fried Eggs & Bacon & cut & packed dinners washed Sepr swept & dusted boys room Mum her room I mended Sheets, Blankets, etc & then got cup of Tea boys could not stook Hay so wet we have had lovely rains last night Tank over I began mending clothes & altering a dress for Harry Frances took French to Adelaide Hosp as he was operated for Deafness he had to stay one night & came home last night & also dear little Olive came to Frances & Amy follows tonight
Nov 1nd ) Dad did not go to Gawler today I did all the usual work & had everything in good order having thoroughly cleaned all rooms this week windows etc
Nov 2 / Mother had to get Dad off to Gawler this morn & I did all the usual work & started baking currant & Cocoanut Cake Scones pies & Tart Also Leg Mutton I was very busy all day & so tired out at about 5 o’clock Dad came home with our darling little Olive fast asleep so I went to meet him with Harry & after 11 weeks was able to kiss her dear little face but oh how altered we had tea & I bathed her & put her to bed also Harry & had a bath myself & did not feel too well & tired
Nov 3 // Sunday & I lit fire & took in tea dressed children& swept Kitchen & made beds got breakfast fried cold dinner then I drove to Sunday School & to see Ada & home Mr & Mrs Brodie103 were here to Tea I put Olive to bed & went & gave her my big doll to play with also put Harry to bed & retired to rest

103 James George Brodie and Emma Brodie (nee Pointon), friends of Mum and Dad
Nov 4 // I felt so unwell but thought it best to light fire & get a cup of Tea & the copper on for washing I was busy at Tubs & Celia came & she gave me a hand & we had afternoon Tea & Mr White104 came to tell us he had shot our faithful dog (Sin) which upset us all very much & D had a sore throat & felt tired but I helped milk

104 Mr White.
Nov 5 / All ordinary work in every way & I rode up as far as Wilfs & got some Anti Saloce to put on my throat but it done me no good at all I folded clothes & did Harrys washing & a few more things mending in afternoon Olive playing
Nov 6 Same duties throat very bad but I did all the ironing in the afternoon but with much difficulty Oh I did feel ill & at 5 o’clock Olive wanted to go to bed so I put her to bed & later went myself Mum helped milk & got Tea but I could not rest properly for 3 night
Nov 7 / I dressed & got breakfast made beds & could not eat myself so at 9/30 dressed for Gawler Dad & I went to Dr he gave me medicine & sent me home I could not eat any dinner & I went to undress & found I had Scarletina so as Amy was home today she drove me to Dr & he sent me to Isolation Hospital by Motor Mr J Mortimer105 took me arrived at 10 to 5 there feeling so done up & terribly down hearted was admitted

105 Mr J Mortimer 

Dec 18// I was discharged from Hospital today at about 10/30 Dad & French came to Town to get me I was that Thankful and overjoyed I felt I could cry all the time for I have suffered terribly while in there no one knows or can they think till they realise it what it is I could not get about so rested at Griffiths while they had a look round & we came by express to Gawler called at Frances Amys & Celia’s & home to Tea & once more in my own with a heart too full to give thanks to God for all his mercies to a poor sufferer set free
Dec 19 / As I am only able to assist in trifles cleaned out the flues for Mother with much difficulty for my ankles are so bad & my wrists & I am so weak I feel so sleepy & when I lay down I go off to sleep as I am weary for want of rest after so much illness
Dec 20 / Did not go to Gawler today I managed to wash up & straighten beds & sweep boys room & dust but I can’t work only darn stockings or only light work Mother is so thin & very unwell
Dec 21 / As Amy could not have little Olives Birthday kept up till today I assisted all I could & then Dad & I went to Gawler where I stayed to the Party but dear little Olive was so ill & could hardly walk about Wilf & Myrtle & Celia & girls altogether there was 40 over there & it was so late when we got home & I was thoroughly done up Olive got a nice lot of things mostly Handkerchief Frances could not come Gwen is still in her room The Scarlet Fever has left her but is getting better
Dec 22 / Sunday but I do not feel able to go to church so I just stayed home made an apricot pie & roasted a part leg mutton & potatoes for dinner & rested after George & Amy French Phyllis106 & Olive came after milking & Frank Matfield also came with them for evening

106 Phyllis May Folland (aged 9), one of Frances' girls.
107 Frank Matfield. There are no Matfields I can find in SA at the time. Could be Frank Mayfield?
Dec 23rd / Just potter round & do what I can no washing day or Xmas cooking this year neither of us able to do any or brew beer
Dec 24 / Dad went to Gawler I went up to Myrtles & saw the children but Harry is not too good with me I came home & swept & dusted dining room & tidied my room boys room & Kitchen
Dec 25 / As Dad bought Cherries & Gooseberries yesterday I stayed up till nearly 11 o’clock doing them & got all ready for Jam so I let stay & got breakfast fried sausages & the I put on my Jam & attended to it & got it done by dinner time we had a cold roast fowl & chop I then dressed for 3 o’clock I arrived at Frances only her & Gwen home so I had Tea with them & then I went to Amys & stayed till 8 o’clock & was so scared driving home alone Clem went to his home too
Dec 26 / It was a beautiful morning so cool & fresh & I decided to try to do some washing but it was a burden to do so I kept on till dinner time did all my own clothes & Berts then in afternoon I ironed Fashion Shirts Collar & other ironing was so done & layed down & went to sleep my ankles are so bad
Dec 27 / Same morning duties & Dad & I drove to Gawler I got some things for Bert a new Gladstone Bag Tie Collar etc I went to Amys but did not stop Olive a little better & they are going to the beach Sunday came home & I got a cup of Tea & they milked I helped & watered flowers but cannot work much I feel done
Dec 28 // I felt so tired & my legs pained dreadful but I did what I could I cleaned my room & dining room washed floors as well as I could & passage & dusted all I did not do any cooking I hemmed my Ninon Veil & watered flowers I cleaned all cutlery & lamps
Dec 29 / Sunday I thought of going to church so dressed at ¼ to 7 & cleaned stove etc lit fire & made a cup of Tea for all & then had breakfast but I did not feel equal to getting ready for church so I got Berts Bag ready for him & had a rest he went away Uncle Charley came out to Tea I must go & get it ready
Dec 30 / Monday but did not feel able to wash it was a nice day but sun very hot home is very different now I can’t get up early as is my custom I suffer so in my feet I did usual work washed up made beds & then cut out & made blue aprons for Mum & self also mended my dress & different things requiring some all day
Dec 31 / Another hot morning & the heat increased as the day wore on all morning duties & scrubbed the Kitchen mantle piece & cleaned bread Tin etc & put Tea out of chest into Tin to preserve strength Dad so unwell he could not go to Gawler till afternoon I cut up rags & made a cushion for chairs also mended some garments
Bert went to Wallaroo on Sunday from here & he took Train Monday Clif went with him & on to Moonta for his holidays. Len Gorman & Millie Renolds108 were to be married on Monday Dec 30 & the Honeymoon is to be spent at Victor Harbour.
Sad death by falling in an underground Tank at Kingsford of Alex Alfred Davis youngest son of Mrs & Mr A. J. Davis late of Wards Belt he was 7 & ½ years old109
Mrs W. J. Dawkins of Newbold Gawler River has another daughter (Patricia that is four girls & no boys born in November I think110

108 Leonard James Gorman & Mildred Ida Reynolds married in Wallaroo.
109 Alick Alfred Davis, son of Alexander Joel Davis and Agnes Jane Dunn (second wife).
110 Gwendoline Elizabeth Dawkins (nee Keipert), her 4th daughter Patricia Mary Dawkins, born November 22.

[end of book]


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