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Fanny Rosina Atyeo (1875-1966) was a dutiful daughter, hard-working sister, and beloved Aunt to many. She kept a daily diary from (at least) 1907 until her death. Her niece, Olive Fanny Heath Sims (nee Hobart), kept those diaries in a box, and now Olive's eldest son, his wife, and their daughter are gradually putting them online. They provide a fascinating snapshot of life at Gawler River, South Australia, and surrounds from 1907 until 1952. To find the information you need, there are three indices: 1. Year of writing, 2. People in the diaries (with links to their family tree information, annotated with the years they are mentioned), 3. Places mentioned. When you know which year you want to read about simply click on that page, and then you can search within the page for the information you want. You can also use the search tool in the top left corner to look for any mention of the person you are looking for. The diaries have been transcribed by Fanny's

1942 - January 1 to June 30

  1942 [INSIDE COVER] Got letter from L.E.M. Jan 2 nd 1942 / Wrote Siss Jan 2 1942 / Got letter from Ivy Norwood Jan 6 1942 / Got letter from Dorrie Jan 10 1942 / answered Dorries & posted 13 Jan / also answed Ivys & Mary & Avis to post Jan 18 th 1942 / Received letter from Olive Dry Creek 16 th Jan 1942 / Received my birthday parcel Stationary from Whyalla 20/1/42 / received letters from Lou Pt Broughton Eva Baker Glenelg & card from Celia Whyalla for my Birthday on Friday 23 rd Jan 1942 / I wrote to Lillian & Mary & Lou posted then on Feb 2 nd 1942 / I wrote to Tom Mt Gambier 18 Jan 1942 also to Olive. To Eva Baker Feb 13 th & Celia Dawe also on 25 to Olive Dry Creek / wrote to Prospect I got letter from Tom Mt Gambier Feb 24 / I posted letters to Ivy Norwood & Celia Whyalla 24 th Feb / I wrote to Louie March 1 st / Mrs Ted Kreig & Mr W. George both this week early / I started a letter to Lillian Mar 3 rd but will post later on like

1935 (April 1st - April 29, May 9 - May 30, June 19 - July 5, November 30 - December 11)

Fanny turns 60 this year. She seems to be living near Bert, who is recently widowed, and has Laurel and Marion staying with him to care for the two children. I'm thinking that Fanny must be doing the cooking, as she's still doing a lot of cooking, but she often goes to visit her sisters in Gawler and her niece Olive.  April 1st 1935 I intended keeping a proper diary this year & started same but lost my Book & not its 4 months old. I came to Gawler on Friday March 20 Did shopping and stayed at Frances 1 the night ready for Adelaide on Saturday very hot & muggy but Saturday a change for it was raining I got the 20 to 8 train Audrey 2 helped me to the Station. On reaching the City it was raining I went first to Barlows for Shoes 3 then to South Terrace & got my Car to Glenelg Jetty had a Sea breeze went to Eva where Mrs Jim Tancock & her son George 4 came to dinner We went down the Sea Wall & to the Spoils at night. Sunday Sunday March 31st Cha