January 1 1923 - January 15 ( a single double-sided sheet only)

It’s 1923, Fanny Rosina is 47, and is convalescing at the home of her sister Frances. Later, she returns to the family farm at "Charltonville” Woods Road, Wards Belt, South Australia (Lot 871 Woods Road, Wards Belt), where she normally lives with her father Henry Atyeo (Dad, age 74), brother Bert (47), and nephew Clem Parham (20). This is from scraps of paper, matched by dates.

New Year 1923

Jan 1st This year opens with very mingled feelings as far as I am concerned & I am very unwell indeed so much that I am resting at Frances’1 & unable to do any work without I feel done up. Dad stayed here also last night he & I came yesterday with Phyllis2 & spent Sunday Harry & boys3 were at Middle Beach as was Amy & Family4 & Ethel5 Dad Frances Lorna & Hazel6 & I with Laurel Williams7 Drove to Bragglesome Park8 to a Private Picnic Eva, Will, & Family9 joined us also Uncle Charlie & George Maggs10 they all had a Happy Day Celia & her lot11 also joined & Hettie McLeod & Charlie & Family12 were there & he drove us home here to Waltham* Phyllis is at Charltonville with Grandpa

1 Mary Ann Frances Folland (nee Atyeo), one of Fanny's sisters.
2 Phyllis May Folland, daughter of Frances.
3 Harry Gilbert Folland, Frances’ husband, and their sons Charles French (French) Folland, aged 17, George Henry Clifton (Clif) Folland, aged 18.
4 Amy Florence Hobart nee Atyeo, Fanny’s youngest sister, her husband George Edmund Hobart and children: Olive Fanny Heath Hobart (aged 9), Celia Florence Hobart (aged 3), and Lillian Edna Hobart (aged 1). 
5 Niece Ethel Gwendolynne Heath Parham, 19 year old daughter of Fanny's sister Ada.
6 Nieces Lorna Frances Folland, aged 15, and Hazel Jane Folland, aged 2.
7 Edith Laurel Williams, a cousin of the Folland children.
8 Bragglesome Farm is on the Corner of Parker and Leak Roads, Ward Belt. It was purchased by Henry Atyeo (Dad) in 1907, and is the home of his eldest son, Fanny's brother, Charlie. The house is still standing. 
9 Eva Emily May Ratcliff (nee Heath), Fanny’s cousin, her husband William Ratcliffe, and their daughters Beriel Jean Heath Ratcliff (aged 5), Daphne Lillian Louisa Ratcliff (aged 4), and Sylvia Phyllis Ratcliff (aged 3).
10 Uncle Charlie is Charles Heath, brother of Ma, and George Arthur Maggs, William Ratcliff's nephew (aged 12).
11 Celia May Dawe (nee Atyeo), another sister of Fanny’s, her husband Percy Thomas Dawe, and their daughters Amy Marion - known as Marion (aged 11), Mary Ann Bernice - known as Bernice and sometimes as Birdie (aged 8), Celia Laurel Ivy Dawe (aged 5) Vivienne Bartlett Joy Dawe (aged 2), and Kathleen Joyce Dawe (aged 2), and Ethel Beatrice Atyeo Dawe (infant). 
12 Henrietta (Hettie) McLeod, her sister Eva Alice McLeod (Auntie Eva) wife of brother Charlie and their children Coral Eva Atyeo aged 10, and her little sister Gwendoline Ettie Atyeo, aged 8, and Errold Charles Atyeo.

Jan 2nd ) I am resting so I am privileged to a cup of Tea in bed each morning then dress & sew or assist in light duties Gwenda13 came home with Mary14 early where she stayed all night & arrived here at 7 o’clock Cousin Eva & children visited in afternoon Harry & Clif went to work Lorna housework I hemmed Veils for Lorna & Phyllis & mended Trousers for Dad today a lot of folks washing rather a nice day but Frances was tired after sports

13 Gwenda Evelyn Folland, another of Frances' daughters, aged 9.

14 Mary is probably cousin Mary Ann Preiss (nee Arbon).

Jan 3rd ) All same & Frances & Lorna busy washing & cooked hot dinner roast Beef Onions & Potatoes Jam Tarts & I made a Tennis Cake for them & they baked it, After Dinner Clif Drove Gwenda & I to Gawler to Dr & to Dentist & then to Amys by Motor with F Roediger a heavy storm & Thunder & Lightning so I stayed till nine with Amy & George went for wood French called for me & we walked home here & I was ironing.

14 Frederick William Roediger, a neighbour.

Jan 4th ) Up late & had breakfast made bed & did bedroom work Lorna busy housework Frances & French gone to Dentist with Gwenda, to have her teeth all out Olive & Lillian is here for morning very hot winds & dust Frances got home 11 O’clock & got dinner over Gwenda resting in Ether yet helped washup & did more sewing & read a while went for a walk at night to Erlwins15 for Apricots & had a chat to Mrs Pointon16 then did sewing hemmed a Gossamer for Lorna

15 Likely to be the family of Harold Charles Urlwin living in Gawler South. 

16 This would be Elizabeth Gash, widow of William Henry Tape, and second wife of Jeremiah Pointon (married in 1901).

Jan 5th ) I made bed & helped dust & got all ready for home Dad called & went Street then back & we come home here to work once more. boys very busy carting Hay stacking home here I have a bad head & feel very unfit for work I called on Amy today

Jan 6th After being away I rose at five & made Butter & Bert17 got their breakfast I boiled Dad some milk theres always a lot to see after my absence I scalded boiler & cake Tins & just swept & tidied round today & mended in afternoon & I roasted meat & Vegetables for dinner as well

17 Fanny is now back at Charltonville, the family home with her Dad and her brother Bert (Albert Joseph Atyeo).

Jan 7 Sunday did not go to Church I cooked swedes & potatoes for dinner Clem18 went home Bert washing his milking Machine & Plant I just did any ordinary work in any way & wrote letter to Kimorna via Tintinarra*

18 Clement Garfield Parham, Ada's son, who often lives at Charltonville.

Jan 8th ) I felt awfully unfit to work but had been away & had to wash so got at Tubs very early & had first two boils & others in when Percy said Celia was coming so she did most of other I prepared dinner then made beds & had afternoon Tea & she went I ironed some clothes but could not do all too done out at night

Jan 9th ) I expected Amy & girlies home so tried to get all I could done swept & washed dining room & did usual work then I baked lovely scones Jennis Cake & raisin Cake Dad went to Gawler* I had men to get dinner for & lunches also Charlie & Percy home & Wilf & Lindsay Stacey19 to lunch at the stacks my company arrived at about 6 o’clock had tea & chat Bert always milks with his machine now & separates too

19 Fanny's brother Charles William Henry Atyeo, the eldest brother, Percy Dawe, Wilfred George Heath Atyeo, Fanny's youngest brother, and Lindsay Alex Leslie Stacey, nephew of Wilf, aged 8.

Jam 10th ) Tom & Leslie Waters20 came for the day at 7/30 with Perc I got lunch for all very hot Day I roasted leg Mutton Swedes Potatoes Custard & Apricots & lunch again in afternoon for 7 men two boys 2 women & 3 children quite a family Amy helps me all she can but Lillian is not well Teething Olive is enjoying herself immensely with boys in the field

20 Thomas Henry Waters, husband of a cousin (from Port Broughton) and son Leslie William Waters.

Jan 11 ) After all morning duties & its so different with dear childrens chatter & pattering feet & Amy to talk to as well but I had to do another lot of baking today cake too Amy washed Dads floor & dusted room Also mine in evening Ethel came & we with her & children went for a long drive Amy driving Prim & Darby home got Tea very hot

Jan 12 ) Dad not well enough to go to Gawler so he rested all day Amy helped me we had fish for our dinner & the usual lunches to get & Amy cleaned the boys room & shifted out the bed & we were both very busy all day & Lillian was not atall well Olive happy as ever.

Jan 13 ) All bustle & then Amy packed he basket for home & got dad ready for Gawler after they were gone it was very quiet & I Just tidy round & look after men & then I cleaned cutlery Dad came home & I put things away & got lunch & sorted different articles also

Jan 14th ) Sunday & Harry Frances & child were coming so I got up early & swept & dusted dining room & my room got breakfast over & then I roasted a leg Mutton & Potatoes & rice pudding we had 1 o’clock dinner & washed up & talked all the afternoon had tea & they went home

Jan 15 ) I intended going to Gawler with Dad so did usual wrk & gave boys their lunch & we went straight into the Street I went to Dr & had to wait so long that Dad went out to Amys without me & I had to walk & felt very unable to do so but could not get a ride I had a cup Tea at Amys & then to Frances & had a glass Beer & cake Kit21 was there & uncle we came home & got tea for men

21 Christiana (Kit) Heath (nee Hill), widow of Alfred Heath, Uncle Charlie's son.

[end of sheet]


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