January to July 1909 - Summer harvest, Winter parties, and a holiday in Williamstown

Fanny R Atyeo

Ward’s Belt 1909 

It’s 1909, Fanny Rosina is 34, living with her parents Henry Atyeo (age 61) & Mary Ann (Ma, age 66), at “Charltonville” Woods Road, Wards Belt, South Australia (Lot 871 Woods Road, Wards Belt). Also at home are Celia (often called Cel, who is often helping out at the houses of other families) (29), Charl (27), Bert (24), Amy (21) & Wilf (16). Fanny’s other sisters Ada (34) and Frances (31) have married and left home. Frances and family are living in Moonta where her husband Harry is running a shop.  

This year is a fairly ordinary year on the farm. A highlight (or maybe a lowlight) is Fanny's holiday with the Hill family in Williamstown. I think she gets a bit bored. 

Jan 5) Up at 5/40 & went straight on washing but I felt so ill I do not ever remember washing when I was worse but I persevered & with Amys help got all done except Mens Pants dinner time Ma was so bad all day so I had to get lunch &c Amy made beds & folded clothes I scrubbed up & ironed a good lot after Tea I had to mix bread & really did not know how to stand Dad is very unwell got him some medicine yesterday David Argent1 is ill Rhumatic & poisoned hand in Gawler Hospital for a week a little better a nice cool morn

1 David Francis Argent, son of William James Argent and Margaret Adair, aged 29.

Jan 7) Had to get up early as I had bread to bake I felt so bad did not know how to keep going Ma is also very poorly. Kit2 & Ollie Antwis3 came to spend afternoon I cut out a Pinafore blouse for myself but could not get on well at all Charl & Bert came home to dinner they finished in Twelftree’s & Dad & Joe4 are gone in with wheat to settle up it is pretty hot Kit & Ollie stayed till 4 cousin Eva5 came home yesterday from Salisbury.

2 Christiana Hill, wife of Alfred Heath, Fanny's cousin & son of Charles Heath, who lives at Ward's Belt.
3 Olive Lydia Antwis, Christiana Hill’s niece, aged 11.
4 Henry Joseph Twelftree, aged 42, landowner in Wards Belt.
5 Eva Emily May Heath, cousin, daughter of Charles Heath.

Jan 6) I have recorded wrong & so this is the Jan 6 Wensday & the other is Thursday report but I had to bake both bread & cakes (Queen) do housework & alter my Cambric Skirt & finish it Amy finished all ironing & was mending Eva & Ern6 drove down to get starch Dad was in to Gawler with Wheat yesterday I had to bake for breakfast today & two batches done our room & dining room Wilf got both lunches & went for Water his first work.

6 Ernest Allan Easton, cousin, son of Emily Easton (nee Heath)

Jan 8) I had to bake bread again so was up early as is my custom in Summer especially I have a bother with ants so put safe in water & scrubbed it done my ordinary work cleaned our room & lent Amy a hand at dusting she is far from well but has cleaned all windows & done her front rooms. I had an unpleasant task to put another band on Berts shirt & starch collars & iron them I had a difficult task but got it on alright men home at work.

Jan 9) Up before 5 & just went my hardest bread & German cake to put out in Tins my stove & fire irons utensils to thoroughly black lead & get the Kettle boiled for Tea & get breakfast over baked bread German cake for the mens lunch. Madeira & Currant Cake also the men finished Harvest all up today & Bert Wilf Dad & Amy went to Gawler I cleaned cutlery Ma the Tins I scrubbed form &c Amy had done dining room made beds & got afternoon Tea bathed Clem7 & myself they came home from Gawler & told us old Mrs Dyer8 died last Tuesday aged 81 years got a letter from Celia saying they are having a good time & are well I got P.C. from Aunt Charlotte George & Ollie & Baby9 are going up to Moonta to Frances11 for good of Georges health been fairly hot today sun very hot indeed Ma reading papers Amy got letters from Prospect.

7 Clement Garfield Parham, nephew, son of Ada.
8 Mrs Jane Dyer (widow of Joseph Dyer), died Gawler, aged 80; a resident there for over 40 years.
9 Charlotte Humphrys (nee Heath), lives in Port Broughton, the news is about Benjamin George Humphrys (her son) and his wife Olive Mabel Humphrys (nee Brown), and their baby George Henry Charles.

Jan 10th) I got up at 5 oclock & brought in the meat darkened up our window & got in bed & off to sleep & had a well earned rest till 8 oclock Ma was up worked up butter & she & Dad had milked so I hurried & in ½ an hour had breakfast ready Amy dressed Clem & set table I gave parents Tea & Wilf also. Then I cooked leg Mutton Cabbage Pots Apple pies for dinner. Amy Clem & I Kit Eva & Ollie went to K.F.10 we were late & they were also a very hot windy day dreadful out in heat We got home at 20 to 5 & I hurried & got Tea & cleared away & washed up Amy helped Ma & Dad milk & She & Alf11 Sep Wilf went to Stone Hill12 the others to Buchsfielde13 Wilf & Alf Nottle14 been out to Follands15 had Tea there.

10 Kangaroo Flat Church, disused now.
11 Alfred Samuel Heath, cousin – brother of Eva Emily May and husband of Kit (Christina Heath nee Hill)
12 Stone Hill Church, now Gawler River Uniting Church
13 Buchsfelde Church
14 Alfred Nottle, neighbour.
15 John George Folland and his wife Mary Jane Rowse Folland (Frances' in-laws)

Jan 11) We do not wash Monday now so I did usual work & also the others did their dairy work Amy & Wilf went water carting all the morning some rain water as well & they have to feed all the cows & take them up to water. Amy Wilf & Charlie had a race from the Tap home Amy on Hector Wilf Flirt Charl Toff Amy got home first & a good pace at that after I had finished housework I finished my Pinafore Blouse Amy made herself a blue apron & did other sewing I helped Ma prepare the Apricots for Jam which she made we could not get a case as they are 9/- & scarce at that in the evening I soaked in washing ready for the morrow got a lot this week too. Boys been for a load of Boughs to alter the barn ready for storing wheat Bert been pulling down the old one Jim Ada & children16 came home for evening it was a surprise just as we finished Tea it is cooler now been very windy this afternoon & it is a change now.

16 Ada Emily Parham (nee Atyeo) Fan’s sister, and her family: James Parham, and probably Henry Wesley James (aged 7), Ethel Gwendolynne Heath (5) and Albert Bruce (1). Clem is also her son, but he is staying at Charltonville.

Jan 12) Up at 4/30 & went straight to the Tubs got Copper round Amy lit it for me & also the stove & got breakfast. I went to the dairy to get my Wringer & found all the cream capoyed on the Rollers Oh I did have a treat cleaning it I washed on & got up to coloured clothes washed by time Amy came on She had to help milk &c & feed all the cows We had a big wash & finished by dinner time I had my white dress Amy her Cambric & our dark everyday Skirt I felt very tired & Amy hurt her leg jumping out the dray however I cleaned Copper & she scrubbed up I folded but too tired to iron I mended so did Ma & Amy had to mix bread & I wrote to Louie17 Amy & Wilf wrote to Celia a very nice day so cold & Fresh.

17 Louisa Emily Waters (nee Arbon), Fanny’s cousin, daughter of Aunt Charlotte (Heath)

Jan 13) Up at 5/20 & did ordinary work baked bread done housework Amy went water carting Jim came to help the boys store the wheat as Dad is on the lodge they finished the barn shifted the door. I started ironing & Amy & I did not get finished till six there has been a lovely breeze all day such pleasant weather at present Ma & Amy did dairy work another cow in (Pansy) makes nine again. I have to get Tea 7 sweep round both rooms & now I have to put hot fomentations on Dad leg every 4 hours I felt regular done after Tea & I went to sleep attempting to write my diary as usual.

Jan 14) I did not have to bake so I thought I would lay till 20 to 6 then I dressed & lit stove & fried Eggs for their breakfast at 6/20 Jim came again I went breaking down Straw, boys have been Chaff carting from Twelftree’s home I have had a general morning after making beds at sorting wardrobe & drawers & boxes in Mas room I started to put cuffs on my silk blouse did not finish as I had to boil kettle for afternoon Tea & get it all ready quite a meal boys in too & attend to Dad’s leg & many odd bits of work always on the go. I milked Flora & Pansy Amy Cris & Carmen Ma the other five as she is a Tip Top milker then swept rooms & got Tea washed up & mixed bread Amy has been so busy mending clothes all afternoon, this morning she baked biscuits tarts meat &c just washed Clem & put him to bed & delicious breeze so cool & enjoyable all day.

Jan 15) I was up early as I had bread to attend to & breakfast to get after which I thoroughly cleaned our room & various duties sweeping & dusting Amy boys & front room then I cleaned & filled lamps & I have to do Dads leg after dinner Ma & Amy washed up I had 20 minutes rest then I finished buttonholes in my blouse & altered my costume neck Wilf & Amy got afternoon Tea Eva drove down for afternoon & brought her swing so we all did our sewing together I milked 3 cows Ma & Amy the others then I got tea & mixed bread Amy gave Clem a bath & had one herself rather late to bed,. The boys & Jim are busy Chaff carting & breaking down stubble It has been pretty hot today & windy.

Jan 16) Up at 4/35 & just went my hardest to blacklead stove &c Amy lit fire for me & gave boys their breakfast then she & Ma went to milk &c I put out bread & baked it down our rom &c at ½ to nine Celia returned from her holiday they left Port Parham at five had a long but cool journey she is making them roar laughing relating her experience during her stay from home. Dad Wilf & Amy Clem went to Gawler to Dr I baked Cake & scrubbed all things requiring same had dinner & I washed the floors cleaned Cutlery & the spoons & shed the boots then got Kettle on for lunch a nice breeze all day cool tonight. I had bath. Am tired.

Jan 17) Bert & Amy was up very early as he intended going to Lower Light he lit fire & Amy got his breakfast & took in the cup that cheers to parents I was dressed & out before seven & I swept dining room & kitchen got breakfast & made Blancmanges & afterwards did all work between us Celia was very tired & did not come out till nine the long journey yesterday & it is a cool change also evenings & mornings lovely & cool so different from last year’s excessive heat. I did not go to Chapel all day I rested & read all afternoon Amy & Wilf went to Stone Hill at night Charl (usual beat) Percy18 & Cel went for stroll & I & old Bounce went for a long walk on our own Eva & Ern Alf & Kit came & spent evening I got Supper & I have to attend to Dads leg it is very bad.

18 Percy Thomas Dawe (P.T.D.), aged 31, Celia’s sweetheart.

Jan 18) Up at sunrise & out could tell it was going to shine pretty hot but a delicious breeze from West made it a most enjoyable day I had just finished usual morning duties & started to sew when Ada & Jim & family drove home for the day Jim had to go to Pratts so they sopped with us I partly made a dress for the Bazar at K.F. Cel altered Ada’s blouse Amy her white one Ma making a Flannel for Wilf Ma &girls did all work connected with the dairy &c I soaked in clothes ready for tomorrow.

Jan 19th) I awoke at 5 to four & it was quite dark our time was a bit fast I fancy so I did not dress till 4/30 & Celia soon after She lit copper I went on at the Tubs Amy got the cup of Tea soon after five & then breakfast & we had a large wash but Celia & I both kept on after she lent a hand at milking we finished all at 11/30 then Celia cleared up & I did copper & Sepr house We had dinner & Dad & Wilf came home from Gawler I brought in all clothes & Celia went on with ironing I dressed in my new dress & went to Mrs Standleys19 & remained the night time & music & singing new songs were late retiring such beautiful weather but dusty & a strong head wind for walking but I like a walk. Wesley20 is home with us now.

19 Mrs George Standley (Ida Woodcock).
20 Henry Wesley Parham, Fan’s nephew, son of Ada

Jan 20th) Had a good rest & we had only just finished breakfast when the school children came so Mrs Standley got them in School I helped Carmen21 washup at 10 o’clock I came home. On my way I stopped rest & out ran a fox close to me so tame he has a hole in the Sand Hill I got an unusual surprise I can not forget it the boys are going to try & catch it. I been mending & odd work got afternoon Tea & then I had to get early Tea for boys as they with Amy are gone to Eva’s to meet Celia who is spending the afternoon & evening there it is much colder tonight Charl & Bert have been working the fallow. Jim was here yesterday helping.

21 Carmen Standley (daughter of George Standley & Ida Woodcock)

Jan 21) I was up early & put out bread to rise & lit fire & got usual cup of Tea & C & A did milking &c Ma had a rest. It is a thorough cool change & raining light showers I swept dining room & boys & I had breakfast then I baked bread & did housework & watered plants (pot) baked a Cabinet pudding pots Turnip for dinner & Ma & girls were sewing after Dinner I came in here to Ada’s as Jim has gone to Port Gawler to work on arrival I found her washing Albert was to teasy got a cold I assisted in nursing baby & washed up & made a sheet &c we had early tea & put children to bed & I was sewing Ada folded her clothes Clem & Ethel also got such bad colds it is cold tonight & so windy Ada could not put out sheet to dry got coloured clothes dry raining now.

Jan 22) Ada & I did not get up till nearly seven she got fire & I dressed & rubbed Clem's chest & throat poor little chap has had croup since about 12 oclock we both got up & gave hi medicine & rubbed his chest &c then he was bad & restless all time from then till morning we could ont get much rest breakfast over I wash up & got plums ready for Jam Ada bathed Albert I took them all for a walk Ada baked pastry & made her Jam Baby so wakful [sic]. I finished Cream Dress for Bazaar Ada ironing cold & raining & we each put a baby to sleep rubbed Clem chest all are asleep. I got letter from Bews yesterday & P.C.

Jan 23) Same time as yesterday as poor little Clem was so ill all night, we were both afraid her would choke I lit fire & got Clem dressed had breakfast & made beds then I ground needles & made some sheets fro children's beds Ada was busy housework had all to do today I made a pair of sleeves & put in Clem's Shirt cleaned cutlery C & W called for me  got a birthday P.C. from Moonta Albert is such a dear Baby & so good Ethel got her eyes bunged I had to take the stings out it is very cold weather indeed.

Jan 24th) Up at albout seven Celia was up before me & got fire & a cup of tea I did not feel weell at all and Amy was so ill yesterday she could not go to Adelaide Charlie went on his own we are having beautiful cool weather I swept dining room both got breakfast I attended o Dads leg & several old items made Blanc Mange. After dinner Celia & Amy & Percy went to Flat Chapel Mrs Oates22 Memorial Service was preached by Mr Reed23 I could not go as I was too ill to go. So after I rest I wrote to P.B.24 Ma to Aunt Amelia25 & they got home at 5 o'clock had tea & Bert & Wilf went to Buchsfielde Chapel I retired early Alf came as usual Percy stay at Charltonville tonight. St Pauls Church Harvest Thanks next Sunday Mr Albert Mortimer26 is very ill for the last month been under 5 operations in Nurse Greenslades Hospital27.

22 Probably in memory of 1 year after the death of Mrs Ann Oates (nee Gauge) of Kangaroo Flat, wife of John Oates. She died 21 December 1908.
23 Rev William Reed, a regular preacher at Kangaroo Flat Church.
24 P.B.? Don't know. 
25 Aunt Amelia Hand (nee Heath), one of Ma's sisters.
26 Mr Albert Mortimer, a local.
27Nurse Greenslades Cottage Hospital, Gawler. Corner of King St and Victoria Tce. Now a B&B. 

Jan 25 Up at 1/2 past five & lit fire Celia made tea & she & Amy milked &c I got breakfast & afterwards I swept dining room & cut out underskirt for Amy helped washup &c various duties I've been sewing all afternoon Amy is also sewing Celia & Percy been to Wasleys & for a long drive got a case of Peaches for Jam from Ragless28 at Kangaroo Flat I have soaked in ready for washing as we are having Ada & children home tomorrow Wilf has been cultivating today Bert carting wood.

28 Ragless Family, who lived in Kangaroo Flat 1934

Jan 26th Up at 4/25 & went on with washing Celia got up & lit copper & joined me we both kept on till we finished at a few minutes after ten I cleared away Tubs Celia the Copper & Sep house then I folded clothes C helped me Amy & Ma were busy indoors making Peach Jam & all housework besides dairy work & getting dinner After Dinner, Dad Amy & I drove to Gawler had a lot of shopping to do Dad went to Dr his leg does not get muh better he rode home with Mr Hooper29 & we drove round for Ada & children who came home with us for a holiday. fairly hot today but cool in evening & morning.

29 Mr Hooper, a neighbour.

Jan 27th Amy was dressed first & lit fire while I dressed & did usual duties had our breakfast & helped with children & after doing a number of odd jobs I set to work to make Amy a underskirt & finished it although I had a bit of a bother Amy & Ada did all Ada's washing finished at 2 ock Celia & Amy ironed our clothes & started to Ada's too Tea over I had to make bread Jim came home from Pt Gawler Poor chap he had the misfortune to run the wire he was straining in his eye cutting it badly am afraid he will ave trouble with it he had tea & remained the night with us. Wilf been cultivating & also they have been chaffcutting today a dusty windy day & hot.

Jan 28 Up early 5.20 & got fire & breakfast Ada bathed Baby Jim stayed to breakfast after which I baked bread & also Rabbits for dinner Celia & Ada ironing lot starch ironing this week Shirts After dinner Ada & Amy cleaned children & got ready to go to Ragless for Plums & Peaches returning home at 6 o'clock all children are home with Mama it is quiet without them Dad & Bert been to Badcocks30 sale I been doing some mending C making Lorna31 a Pinafore Amy stitching her garment been so sultry lovely & cool now tonight.   

30 Badcock family are neighbours. The sale, advertised in the paper is of horses and farm equipment; search for "Badcock" within the news article to find it.
31 Lorna Frances Folland, infant niece in Moonta.

Jan 29 I did not wake till 5/40 so I had to hurry & clean stove & utensils before lighting fire then C & A  got up & had their cup of Tea before milking & outside work breakfast over C & A did front rooms I did our room & helped Ma get plums ready for Jam making & generally assited in all work about 11 oclock Celia & Amy Dad Bert & Wilf went to Glatz's32 Sale Bert bought 2 pigs Wilf had to come home for Spring Dray to bring them home he rode Flirt he & Amy at the Sale for Mr Richter33 but he did not sell her as he was not offered enough for her after Ma & I ad our lunch I finished the dress for Bazaar & at 5 o'clock they came home & had afternoon Tea & C & I milked &c Tea over I mixed bread helped wash up C & A were sewing.  

32 Glatz, local family
33 Wilhelm Richter.

Jan 30 I got up very early before 5 o'clock & I thought I would have to bake bread but it had not rose so I swept Kitchen & cleaned the cupboard filled lamps & got breakfast Made the cake & baked it & also the bread made our bed scrubbed safe washed Glassware & other work Ma prepared peaches for Jam & made it C & A did dining room Celia cleaned windows & A cleaned Sept house dairy washed floors & C cleaned spoons & Tins then dinner over they all went to Gawler except Ma & I Bert & Wilf went cultivating I cleaned knives & forks & cut out Ma's German Print Skirt & partly made it milked & separated.

Jan 31st Sunday We did not get up till 7/30 I got breakfast and Amy & Celia milked & all outside work & made beds &c I swept rooms all our house hold work done & dinner on Amy Celia & I had a bath also Wilf got dinner over Alf N also here then we girls cleared away & washed up dressed ourselves & accompanied by Dad we drove to K. F. church & Mr Nichols34 preached good congregation there. We got home at 5 o'clock had Tea & the boys & I drove to Buchfield H Thanks35 back to Eva's to Supper very cold all had to have coats.

34 Probably Rev Jonathan Job Nicholls
35 Harvest Thanksgiving service.

Feb 1st I intended to wash so Celia & I both go at our tubs had a large wash finished at 12 o'clock everything & cleared all away before dinner. Dad & Wilf drove up to Mr Kerrs36 at Roseworthy. Celia cut out Amy a Pinafore & partly made it A & I folded Amy & Ma had previously done all housework I started ironing Shirt & Colar & all everyday clothes got Tea & both afternoon & 8 oclock then I had to mix bread thd weather is all to be desired so cool fresh in morning & evenings. 

36 Mr Kerr, Roseworthy

Feb 2nd I did not get up till after 5/30 an ahour later than yesterday I got a cup of Tea 7 breakfast put out bread to rise made buns & we had our meal baked bread & custard the men went chaffcutting & at 11 oclock got ready for Sale I mended Charls coat & cut out Amys Petticoat & made it put a new width in her dark greeen skirt Celia finished all ironing her startch clothes Amy ironed tablecloth Amy been sewing Celia waistcoat mending for A. H. N. Wilf been cultivating another perfect day Mr Davis' children37 started to school by there walking two girls which will be better for Gawler River School we let Flora off so have 8 in now. Alf K.E.E. Mr & Mrs Argent 38 went to Port Parham this morning for a week.

37 Alexander Joel Davis has 5 daughters. Not sure which would be at school. Probably Agnes Mona Davis (aged 9) and Ethel Marian (aged 13)?
38 Mr & Mrs Argent; there are a lot of options, since there are both the elder Argent couple, and two sons who are married.

Feb 3rd I did not so early as a while ago just at sunrise I blackleaded stove & got breakfast over I made beds in our bedroom swept & dusted rooms Celia & Amy got ready at 10 o'clock to go to Kangaroo Flat to get things arranged for the Bazaar I altered my navy Skirt & had to roast Rabbits for dinner Dad & Wilfred went to Kerrs via Gawler all got home midday & C & A hurried to get back to their work at K. F. It was a miserable cold dusty & very windy day & the wind increased as the evening advanced till it was a regular gale had to tie down canvas fresh as it blew up & all the articles got dusty Auntie & Jessie39 came up at 5 o'clock I was ready so after we had our afternoon Tea Jessie & I with the boys got a start & after a rough drive arrive safely & had a good look at all work & purchased several things the young people had outdoor games & some strolls they had a busy time at the Stalls but not as lively as if it had been hotter for cooling drinks We did not get home till nearly 12 o'clock I rode in the sulky with Alf N Charl & Wilfie dogcart others in trap. 

39 Auntie Harriet Paterson (nee Heath) & her daughter Jessie Violet Paterson (cousin).

Feb 4th I felt a bit tired but had to dress at same time as I had bread to attend to & Celia set table for me Amy & Ma milked &c we did housework between us I baked bread & did some sewing Dad Jessie Amy went to Gawler & we had to cook leg mutton Veg for dinner Auntie went home directly after Ma & I washed up & I did a little more to German Print skirt Celia also sewing Ma & Celia milked &c I got Tea & now the young folk are dancing & Amy is playing songs & they are singing the boys have been busy carting straw & covering Sheds &c a cold day but not as windy as it was yesterday. I am sleepy so will retire now.

Feb 5 Was up a little earlier & blackleaded stove &c lit fire and Celia set table & after breakfast I swept rooms & done kitchen odd work at 11 oclock I stared to wash all of Amys clothes ready for Moonta I did a good bit of washing & did not get done till 4 oclock. Lovely cool weather now. Then I started ironing with Amy & finished by Teatime Celia & Amy cleaned front rooms & Celia finished a white Pinafore for Amy in the afternoon she done dining room dusting washed pictures Glassware & also assisted Amy in packing her dress basket & ticketing same they had a Sing Song all three of us had a bath & at 11 o'clock retired boys same work.

Feb 6 I could not rest properly after 1/4 to 3 so I dressed before light not 5 o'clock & such a cold morning like winter I lit fire in dining room & gave them all their breakfast Amy & Wilfie started for Moonta Jessie for Adelaide Dad & Celia drove them in to the Station & Celia saw them safely started off in the train for Frances' where if all goes well they stay for a holiday for the benefit of their health. Ma & I had to start work Charl helped with milking &c I baked 2 batches of Bread & a cake made beds in back rooms & many other things as the place was rather tumbled had lunch & washed up Dad & Celia got home & we all had dinner. Jim helped the boys chaff cut this morning & Charl washed his cart & cleaned Harness & this afternoon he & Bert drove to Gawler Celia & I finished all work after Dinner It has been an exquisitive day & it is cool now. P.T.D. is present.

Feb 7th Sunday so had a rest then dressed & got breakfast had to Fry fish 5 dozen so that made it late Percy & Celia milked Ma set table & attended to cream after breakfast Celia made beds & after doing all housework they C & P went to Ada's to spend the day we had cold dinner & I wahsed up Ma helped & then I had a good rest for 1 1/2 hours got up at 4.30 & got Tea at 5 or so Bert went to Chapel Charl helped milk as I got a sore finger under the nail I got clothes ready for washing. They brought home a lovely sweet melon & water melons from Will Nottle40 Jim & Percy went over there & got them so all had a fruit Supper & retired sun was much hotter today. Sad death of Grace Benger41 through her clothes catching fire last Thursday.
40 William Nottle, neighbour - possibly brother to Alf Nottle, but I have trouble working that out. 
41 Mina Emily Grace Benger, of Wasleys aged 21, an accident while ironing. Newspaper article.

Feb 8 Up at 5 oclock & called Celia who went on with the washing till I filled & lit the Copper the I washed all bed linen & then I had to light the stove & get a cup of Tea & set breakfast, set to work both of us to get all sheets & bed linen & fine whites on line before breakfast & afterwards we kept on till finish at 11 o'clock had lunch I scrubbed up everything cleaned Sepr house & washed the floor had dinner & Celia folded clothes I helped washup & both of started at a little after four & did all ironing & I got a up of Tea Cel & Ma did dairy work I got Tea Ma & Celia are washing up It has been a perfect day so cool I have to go & mix bread.

Feb 9th I did not get up so early about 20 to 6 & had to attend to bread after getting fire ready c got breakfast over Celia did not rise very early she went off to milk as is usually her custom. I miss Amy & Wilf very much, & Will R42 gave us a Griffiths Tin of pears & Apples Wilf would like some I know. After house work was finished Celia ironed fashion Shirt & colars & sorted her boxes dinner over C & Dad went to Gawler & met Jessie from Adelaide who came home with them It has been fairly windy today I have mending & tucking Ethels petticoat.

42  William Ratcliffe, neighbour

Feb 10 Up same time & did same work as is my custom swept & dusted dining room & cut out a bodice for Ma at about 11/30 Uncle Will, Auntie, Jim, Eliza & family43 came for dinner so work was put away Jessie started washing but it was so very dusty & windy she put it away after dinner Celia & I washed up such a pile of dishes & then we show our Photos & different trinkets to Eliza Uncle & Auntie went home early the others remained with us. Jessie & boys played cards all evening Jim was trying to fix up the Accordeon but found it hard work it blew up a seabreeze & was a little cooler I felt rather ill so I retired at a little after Ten the others later. Mrs Kirkwood44 has a daughter (Jean) Dad got off lodge yesterday his leg is a bit better.

43 Uncle William Atyeo (Dad's brother), Auntie Harriet Atyeo (nee Tancock), their adopted daughter (and Harriet's niece) Eliza Sarah Grace Quirk (nee Tancock), her husband James Quirk, & their children Dorothy (Dorrie) Amanda (aged 7), Violet May (Maisie) (aged 5), William James Atyeo (aged 3). Eliza and family live in Port Pirie.
44 Mrs Emma Kirkwood (nee Andrew) had a daughter Jean Kirkwood, at Yatala.

Feb 11 Same time & got boys breakfast & my own & afterwards baked Biscuits & done housework &c watered Pot Plants had early dinner & drove Eliza & children to see Mrs Parker44 & Ada we took afternoon Tea at Ada's & drove back to Eva's took Tea with her & Uncle45 & came home at 9/30& mixed bread & made the boys bed Celia helped me to Jessie & Celia went to see Mrs Standley & got home at 10 ock they spent a happy tie there Eliza & I had an enjoyable drive as we went round a large block went one way & came back another, saw a number of men contracting & stone rising Jim is at Mr H Youngs46 waiting on Mason. It was a nice cool day today & light showers.

44 Mrs Parker is likely to be Esther Parker (nee Whitbread) an older woman who lives in Willaston.
45 Uncle Charles Heath, Ma's brother, who lives nearby on the same farm as Eva and Alf.
46 Mr Henry Young

Feb 12 I decided to get up earlier so rose at 5/25 was up & lit the fire before Sunrise hurried to give boys breakfast, and they wanted to go & cover stacks at Twelftrees then I baked two batches bread cleaned our room made beds done all filling & cleaning to lamps Eliza & children with Jessie went up to the Chapel & Cemetry [sic] The boys had a good day for their work & finished at 11 oclock & came home to dinner, I must go do some work as i been writing after dinner Eva came down & took Eliza to see Kit & back to her place to Tea then she came back here with Eliza to our Cottage Concert we had Songs Recitations action Songs by Dorrie & Maisie then a coffee supper & Eva remained the night fairly cold tonight.

Feb 13 Sat so a busy day awaited us Eliza & children & Jim here as well. It was 6 o'clock when I woke as it was 12 oclock when we went ot bed last night. Eliza dressed her children & done the room she occupied, we girls did a portion of work & at 12 oclock lunch over Dad & Celia drove to Gawler took all the guests Eliza & children went home with Uncle Will I baked cake washed floors & finished all the work Ma cleaned cutlery & we milked & Separated I had a bath. Charel & Bert had a bath & went to Gawler for evening expecting to meet Jessie & Celia but Dad & them came one road & the boys went the other & missed them going over the crossing. We were surprised to see Celia & Dad come home in the buggy just Teatime read paper & looked at different articles of shopping been hot today white dresses the go today.

Feb 14 Sunday so we did nto get up early I was dressed a little after seven lit fire & swept both rooms got a cup of Tea & then breakfast the others came in from milking & after our meal I got ready for Chapel H.T. at Gawler River Jess came home from Eva's & went as well also Charlie he drove us in the Buggy Mr Neild47 preached to a large congregation. Ma & Celia cooked hot dinner We got home before Harry & Vic48 arrived they got here at 1 o'clock dinner over C & I washed up (a very large one at that) The others adjourned to sitting room Jessie was playing & others singing & eating fruit &c Alf N came & took Jessie home to Tea with him Charlie Bert & I went to evening service at G.R. P.T.D. & C stayed home Ma & others milked & separated we got home at 9.30.

47 Mr Nield, likely Rev John Henry Nield (a Wesleyan Methodist minister).
48 Victoria Paterson (cousin) and Henry Ross, who will be married in April.

Feb 15 I got up in fair time as Dad & Ma were off to Adelaide by Express Ma did not want to go but we all wanted her to go for a change C & I did all our work & got dinner Bert came home with lime & we cleared Ma room & Celia whitwashed [sic] t I cleaned furniture & we got it done nicely & milked & Sep got tea & were busy till bed time sorting & I mixed bread felt tired & retired to bed. A nice day still hot but nice breeze blowing.

Feb 16 Up very early at 4/30 & had to work by lamp light cleared our room by 5/30 lit fire & had a cup of Tea C & C milked I cleared all I could in boys room got breakfast then I washed al lSep articles & dishes & both of us girls worked in real earnest so much to move & clean & sort put back in places had dinner at 12 o'clock got dining room ready I cleaned & arranged things & waited on Celia she worked very hard at whitwashing in deed & finished both dining room & kitchen by seven Charl & I did all diary work& I made a stew for Tea Celia arranged the Kitchen, & cleaned doorway had everything in apple pie order when Ma & Dad arrived Bert drove to Station & got them they had a good time stayed a night with Mrs Andrew49 & went out to see Pollie50. Did shopping got some Knives spoons & a new Tan bag for parcels & letters lovely weather all the time they were away C & I were both tired after a heavy days work & I had a terrible bad back lifting I think so much of it Both bos are renovating Stable & carting out the Manure on the land near the hop Sand Hill Cel & I had a bath & went to bed tired.

49 Mrs Andrew; she may be the mother of Emma Andrew who is mentioned on February 10, but it is difficult to tell.
50 Mary Ann Preiss (nee Arbon), a cousin (daughter of Aunt Charlotte). 

Feb 17 Nothing important to do so I did not get up till 6 oclock then I cleaned my stove etc lit fire &c got breakfast Ma & C milked after wards I did our room made pie & pastry for dinner & cooked a leg mutton Ma made butter & got the vegetables ready on for same I mended Skirt dinner over I washed up & other odd work Celia cleaned & hung all pictures & finished up her lime in "outhouse" I gave boys lunch & then sorted & soaked in for washing all's well tomorrow a very nice day late so I'll retire as I must be astir early in the  morning. All well.

Feb 18 Awoke very early & started toil before five a lovely fresh morning well really cold I lit & filled Copper & went straight to the Tubs & my hands ached & did not feel equal to washing my back is bad from lifting still however I persevered & Cel got up & lit stove & I made our cup of Tea then she got breakfast we had a large wash & hard from whitwashing but finished & cleaned Copper & separator house by twelve. I had dinner & finished scrubbing tubs buckets etc. Ma went to spend the afternoon at Eva's we folded & ironed I got afternoon Tea Vic & Auntie came & Auntie went on to Eva's & she & Ma came home in evening together I finished all ironing & the others were mending I had to get Tea C & Dad did dairy work I mixed bread & retired very tired too.

Feb 19th I did not get up so early but still good time started work at six & put out bread got breakfast & of course a cup of Tea first thing Auntie & Vic got up & Vic turned Sep for Ma breakfast over i made buns from dough & they were simply lovely a record & so was bread Auntie & Celia & Vic went to Gawler to get Vic her clothes for travelling & bridesmaids dresses of creme Silk I did housework & in the afternoon I made curtains for boys room & hung ours & put finishing touches to things after the washing I also mended my blue dress Dad & boys Chaffcutting. Ma sewing I got lunch & Auntie & other cams in for theirs & then left for home. Dad & Ma did dairy work I tried to match Ethel's insertion but could not make it do for dress.

Feb 20 Same time & thoroughly cleaned & blackleaded all utensils belonging to Kitchen, stove etc then lit fire & Celia set table & helped Sep Dad & Ma milked boys got in horses & took them up to Tap had our breakfast & i baked Cakes & Celia did front room s & back bedrooms I scrubbed all things requiring same & washed the glassware after dinner Dad & Celia went to Gawler I finished dining room & washed both floors & made silk ties for Ethels Hat cleaned Knives & forks Ma the spoons & best knives then she went on mending Ma & I did dairy work Charl went for water he & Bert been rising stones today been very hot cooler now.

Feb 21 Sunday rest day Celia lit fire & bathed Wesley & Ethel I dressed Ethel got breakfast made bed in Ma's & our room Cel the boys & we had to fix our little ones up for Chapel Ethel wore her new dress & Hat. We had cold dinner so that left us more time. Alf N came after & Celia rode out to K. F. in the Sulky Bert drove me & the children. The church was nicely decorated with Fruit & foliage & also a Christening took place Mr Reed preached but failed to interest me too much on Money a good congregation. We came home had to hurry & get tea C & Ma dairy work Bert went to Buchsfielde at night so I had to stay home & I wrote to Aunt Emily51 & put in with Ma Charl spent the day at Ada's Celia was not well so took the children at a little after eight & retired also Ma & Dad I went at a little after nine but could not sleep well at all.

51 Aunt Emily Easton (nee Heath); she lives in or near Windsor and Dublin, South Australia

Feb 22 We did not intend washing so I did not get up til near six did usual work the rest dairy work as is their custom Will Ratcliff brought us out our order Grapes & Pears, He & Bert wrote out Tender but did not get any. Dad & Ma went to Station to meet A & W52  from Moonta but they did not come. Celia cooked dinner I did a portion of housework & mended in afternoon & soaked in ready for washing Ma & Dad did not get home till 4 o'clock.

52 Amy & Wilf have been visiting Fan's sister Florence.

Feb 23 Did not get up so early as I wished as I could not sleep & felt tired. Started washing before six & Celia lit Copper& Stove got cup of Tea. We had all 3 White Quilts ready to rinse & put on line also the starched & best White Clothes. The wind started to blow a hurricane & Clouds of dust the worse day for the season so very hot & sultry. We could hardly breathe we had to carry all the tubs in & leave off & I did housework & sewing so did Celia after dinner Dad & C. went to Gawler with pigs & calf for Market by train, then she had to go to Dr with her throat I got a few things washed at 4 oclock it was cool & calmed down so I put out a basket of best things & got them dry & folded & some ironed had to help milk & Sep. It is raining tonight quite fast I am tired so will retire.

Feb 24 I got up at 5/20 & thought to go on washing but it was very windy indeed & I had to wait so I lit stove & put out bread baked some rolls & at 7 oclock when Celia came out I was drinking a cup of tea & enjoying one all to myself breakfast over I baked bread & Celia & I swept & dusted all rooms as yesterdays terrible wind & dusted left us plenty of work to do. We both hoped it would calm down but as 10/30 we could wait no longer, so started t tubs again had to boil Quilts (3) all over again & sheets &c washed all other things & I cleaned Spr house & scrubbed up Celia went on ironing & I joined her & between us we finished all at 5 ock & hurried & had a cup of Tea & dressed for Band of Hope Bert went to the tea Eva came down & went with us a cold night & showery had to wear our Coats on reaching Stone Hill we found a large crowd waiting for admission & as soon as the doors were open the people just crushed in & I really believe there were as many people outside as inside the Church. We had a real good meeting temperance address & songs from old members & two from the school children were nicely rendered I sat up in front & could hear & enjoy it which I did most thoroughly. We did not get home till 11 o'clock & had a coffee supper to ourselves & went to bed Eva remained with us as it was cold  rainy boys at stonework rising reading for carting.

53  This was the 25th Anniversary meeting of the Band of Hope. See newspaper report.

Feb 25 I awoke to find it raining steadily & Eva just ready for home she had to wear Celia's old Gem as it was too wet for her best one, it continued to rain so as I did not have any important work I did not dress till 6/30 got fire & parents a cup of tea then I swept dining room & got breakfast. Afterward  did housework & mended shoes after yesterdays wind Celia cooked pies &c I set table & for dinner, when our meal was over I made my apron like Celia's & mended corsets Kit came down for afternoon had afternoon Tea Bert & Dad been to Gawler & Charlie & Will & Hugh killed a big beast for beef we are to have half Kit stayed till after seven then C went to the corner with her & saw George & Alex54 in the cart with Alf cold & rainy.

54 Alexander Hill, and George Hill, brothers of Christiana (Kit)

Feb 26 Up & had fire lit at sunrise & Will Ratcliff came for the meat as they hung up in one of the large trees here I've had half Dad  & he cut it up before breakfast. I had to put out bread to rise two batches & fry steak & onions sausages quite busy then after our meal was over I baked both lots bread washed up Cel & Ma did dairy work & then hurried to salt down her Beef it took them most of the morning to do it & Celia fired for dinner & boiled potatoes & marrow. After dinner Ma & Dad drove to the Blocks to see Uncle & Auntie & Eliza who was to go back to Pirie55 tomorrow but don't think now they'll go C did front rooms I did our room so much dust I had to brush walls as well then I had to washup all things & melt all the fat down scrub safe swept & dusted Celia & I did milkeing &c & I washed the Sepr things Jim came for their meat cool tonight.

55 Port Pirie

Feb 27 I got up early as I had to thoroughly clean Stove & utensils & it is very hard work, but looks nice when finished after breakfast I done the dining room etc. Celia the bedrooms There's always a lot to do Saturday & I got lunch for C & Dad who went to Gawler to meet Amy & Wilf from Moonta Midday then Bert had his &he went in the spring dray for timber for waggon Ma & I Charl had our dinner & I baked Currant Cake & Coffee & Slide Cakes Ma washed dining room floor I the Kitchen we finished at 5 oclock & I had a bath washed my head & took to curling pins again they came home just as we finished milking & brought fish & I fried them for Tea. Alf N came after Tea so they were relating their travels & having a good time.

Sunday Feb 28 I had decided to go to Chapel at Stone H so I hurried & swept all rooms & got breakfast over then Celia & I dressed & drove to hear Sir F Holder56 preach there was a large congregation & such nice singing I enjoyed myself & it was a lovely morning too quite invigorating. We got home at about 12 o'clock & just as we started dinner home came Ada & children so there was plenty of talk all the afternoon the boys & Ethel had a good time together as Clifton57 is home with us now for an indefinite period. Bert went to Uncle Charlie's & Charl & Wilf went to Church Wilf went to S. S. too Charl to Buchsfielde Wilf to Gawler River P. & C. drove Ada home at evening Alf & Amy were left to themselves I read to dad.

56 Sir Frederick Holder, former Premier of South Australia, Speaker of House of Representatives, and Methodist preacher. How amazing that he came to speak at this tiny church!
57 George Henry Clifton Folland, nephew, aged 5, eldest son of Frances.

March 1st I got up in good time & got breakfast for boys as they started contracting58 today on Gawler River Road, then after making tea & the men gone to work I set to & clean up doorway & put more earth round the fig tree swept & dusted dining room & cut out a blouse for Ma Eva came down in afternoon I have not been well since Saturday such a bad back & limbs & head had to mix bread forgot to record. I soaked in Clothes ready for washing tomorrow Amy went home with Eva last evening (Monday I mean) A nice day so calm in morning.

58 Contracting to widen the Gawler River road to 14 feet wide. See Mudla Wirra South Council notes.

March 2 Up at 5 & had to light the stove & put out bread Celia lit copper I started washing got all the whites & all bed linen boiled after our breakfast Celia came on at Tubs she had to do dairywork before starting, as Amy did not get home till eight. We had 11/30 dinner & finished all except trousers & extra's before then C did Sep house & copper I the other scrubbing & feeling very unwell I had a rest mended a sheet & swept & dusted dining room & Kitchen Ma & Amy mending Celia painted the Cot yesterday & fixed it up in Ma's room today Clif is delighted. Been very hot to day nice & cool now Mrs Higgins sale but none of us went. Dad is road making he & Charl Bert & Wilf rising stone home for them Mrs Harry Sulivan59 a son on Feb 14th.

59Florence Ada Sullivan (nee Wasley) gave birth to Francis Henry Sullivan in Goodwood.

March 3 Up early as I have to get Boys breakfast fro them to go on contracting Dad was not well so did not start work so early he went & helped Kreigs60 burn stubble as it was opposite our stack morning duties over I starched boys shirts & ironed Bert Celia all the rest cold starch Amy at the ohter ironing & did a little sewing to Ma blouse. It has been a most terrible hot windy day after dinner Celia & I drove with Toff in dogcart to Parkers61 sale Ada & Children were there poor little dears were tired walking & so red with sunburnt faces there was a large number of people at the Sale & things sold well. I drove home Kit with me Celia went to Ada to stay till Saturday Amy finished ironing & her & Ma were milking when I got home I got the Tea & afterwards wrote to Bews. It has been a record heat today for March62.

60 Kriegs are neighbours. Always mis-spelled!
61 Parkers are neighbours a little further away. 
62 Not quite - its was 39.1 (in Adelaide) and there were hotter March days in 1892 and 1893.

March 4 Up at a little after 5 & got breakfast & did all customary work & housework cut some wood & sorted my box & Amy her drawer dreadfully hot & we fell almost knocked up Amy is not well & feels the heat. Ma had to make brine & rub all the meat again the boy same work I finished Blouse all machine work & washed it out & slight sea breeze at 6 oclock but sultry & lightning tonight we got grapes & pears from Mr Ratcliff Amy got 1/2 dozen Tomatoes from her bushes Mr Hill63 got a place at Lower Light He & Walter64 went home yesterday. Alice Bubner has a son65 at (Buggs) I am tired just mixed bread & going to bed.

63 This is likely to be Christiana Hill's eldest brother, George Archibald Hill, although it could also be his father John Hill (but he lives in Williamstown, so this doesn't make sense to me).  
64 Walter Hill, another brother of Kit (Christiana Hill).
65 Leonard John Bubner, son of Alice Mahala Bubner (nee Selleck), born in Gawler at Mrs Buggs Hospital, run by Alice Bugg (nee McHugh).

March 5 Friday dawned with every indication of a terrible hot day with dust & wind. We each did usual work & I had to bake bread Amy cleaned all rooms. Ma had to make fresh brine & I was busy in kitchen all morning & also scrubbed my safe after dinner washed up Amy was not well Ma had to lie down & both Wesley & Clifton had a sleep also Ma & Amy then I had a rest for my head was aching awful & the weather so sultry & terribly hot we felt just done up after a rest and a cup of Tea I helped milk & we had tea spread Canvas & I mixed bread again a roar told us of a change & we had to sleep indoor.

March 6 We awoke just after midnight to hear raining & sharp thunder storm had to shift the stretcher as it poured down the wall & I got up & donned a Mac & boots & went off to put cask under the spouting water laying all round & so cool & fresh we did not rise till 6 o'clock & I had to bake & our usual duties & breakfast over Amy done dining room I was doing odd work cleaning lamps & numerous duties Amy & Bert went to Gawler in afternoon & I baked Cake after dinner cleaned boots & shoes & Ma cleaned spoons after we finished work we milked & Spr got Tea & all came home Celia also nice cool weather I cleaned all cutlery after Tea tonight.

Sunday March 7  I got up & got breakfast Ma churned as we could not get any butter before too hot we were not going to Church. Cel bathed Clem & Clif & we each did housework Ma made apple pudding & veg for dinner I wanted to go to K.F. church but had a bad head. So I wrote to Sydney got Tea & Bert & Wilf went to Buchsfielde I wrote to W.A. & Amy & Alf were at Ada's all day Amy stopped with her last night Percy spent afternoon here & he & Cel went for stroll beautiful weather Charlie is at Prospect today66 went down last night.

66 Charlie is probably visiting Eva McLeod, who lives in Prospect.

March 8 Up at 5/30 & went on with washing & lit copper Celia came on with we had a white Quilt for Ada & pinafores for children & a big & dirty wash for ourselves. So hard after the heat of last week we finished at dinner time except pants & afterwards did them Cel scrubbed Sepr & cleared that up & I did Tubs Buckets wringer & stand &c. Kit came down I got afternoon Tea & Celia & Amy did ironing I was sewing & Celia & I did milking & Sep & washed same Ma got tea Celia had to wash the children & Amy finished the ironing altogether & had a musical evening & singing after Tea.

March 9 The boys I called at 5 oclock but we had a wee rest then dressed & got breakfast & put out bread in Tins & baked it Mr Richter came & he bought Pride & took her home Celia & Dad went to Gawler & I cooked dinner a plain pudding & Vegetables Amy did housework in all rooms I had to melt out fat & all the washing up & several odd jobs Ada is to come home & the children Ma is going with them to the Light After tea Ada & children came home with Celia a cold night. Celia went to see Mrs Dawe67 who is very ill also got fitted for her grey dress at Ellens68 Annie Mc69 is ill or has a bad hip.

67 Sarah Bartlett Dawe (nee Adcock), mother of Percy (Celia's beau), aged 65
68 Ellen. Could be Ellen Alexander (nee Johnston)? Quite unlikely to be cousin Ellen Hand.

69 Suspect this is Annie Joyce McLean (daughter of James Sparshott McLean)

March 10th Usual house & all ordinary work Ada had to bath Albert & after breakfast Ma Amy & Ada got all things fixed up for their journey but as there was so many going they were late 11 oclock. And I got them a cup of Tea & afterwards Celia & I had everything to do cooked corn Beef Marrow Potatoes Apple Pie Dinner over I had to wash sep & all dishes Celia made beds I cleaned dining room & between us got everything done & had a cup of Tea at 5 oclock & milked & Sep got Tea & I mixed bread ironed shirts & retired.

March 11 5/15 started toil again lit fire & got meal Celia & Dad milked & Celia did most of the Sep herself I washed everything & baked bread & rice pudding Cel did the Veg also all housework & bedrooms got done before dinner & Celia was mending the boys came hoe & we had our meal & C washed up I helped her Then I cut out a back & front linings for Charl waistcoat & did what I could to it & mended my apron Celia made a meat pie for Tea & milked 3 cows I the rest & I sep myself & washed same had Tea & washed up Celia is sewing Clifs boot. Mr & Mrs Fidge70 are coming to live in her old home near Priess71 Jim is very disappointed as he thought to have had that. been hotter today  fins not so windy as yesterday Dad is busy stonework near the line Charl & Bert cart out & Wilf carts water & helps them load Tom Easton72 expects to get to Adelaide tonight. Nellie & Vine73 leave for Vic by Express this afternoon (Thursday).

70 Mr & Mrs Fidge. Not sure who they are. There are a surprising number of people by the name of Fidge in South Australia. She obviously is from Gawler River.
71 Preiss family, neighbours (distantly related). Father is Henry August Frederick and mother is Ellen Preiss (nee Baker), though they are not mentioned by name. 
72 Tom Easton, cousin.
73 Ellen Ann (Nellie) & Melvina (Vine) Hand, cousins, daughters of Aunt Amelia Hand (nee Heath).

March 12 I awoke very early & dressed at 5 oclock & lit fire in dining room & gave boys breakfast Dad & Celia went to milk etc. Our meal over I put up lunch & Tea for them & washed up all Sep & other dishes such a dose of them then I cleaned the stove &c & made an apple pie & Biscuits & help prepared Veg & cooked them & got dinner Celia had front rooms to thoroughly clean & piano & all necessary extras. Dinner over I washed all up again & on with Charlie's vest & Celia & I milked & were just separating when Ma & Ada & Amy came with the children from the Light. cool day.

March 13 I did not get up so early did same work & put out bread to rise & afterwards baked it also hot rolls Amy swept & I dusted dining room Celia drove Ada & Children home & she & Clif went to Gawler then I scrubbed all forms Safe &c Amy baked pies & cake. Dinner over I got meat on to boil & cleaned all Tins & Cutlery & articles requiring same Amy finished other work Ma cleaned all windows thoroughly & was busy mending I had to do some sewing also I have not felt too grand since Wensday but am better now Alf & Kit are here for evening came to tea tonight cool weather Men at same work contracting Aunt Harriet Paterson is gone with Nell & Vine to Victoria for a fortnight So was not home Ada with Ma

March 14 Sunday & did I not feel well so I did not get up till 8 o'clock Amy lit fire & swept dining room & kitchen I made beds we had breakfast & finished household duties Jim came home & cut Will's hair Bert got up early & got his own breakfast & went up to Uncle's he & Uncle drove to Williamstown. In the afternoon Dad Ma & I went to K.F. Church & for a drive afterwards Celia Clif Amy & Alf went for drive in his Sulky P.T.D. was here when we got home from Church had Tea & Charl & Wilf went to Buchsfielde Church I read & Ma amused Clif with Xmas Cards &c retired early.

March 15 I did not intend to wash so did all usual duties & Celia washed her skirt & did mending ready for her work. She went back to McLeans as Mrs Mc74 is not well I helped with all work then went on sewing Dad & boys were busy burning Stubble in Twelftrees Shot grip today in the afternoon Dad burnt the home flat it burnt well the boys went on contracting they are very busy I got ready for washing & soaked in Dad & Ma milked Amy & Clif called at Ada's & had afternoon Tea. Kit & Eva came down in evening on their way home George & Alex Hill are going to the Light tomorrow to start putting up Stables &c Uncle & Bert had a good time at Williamstown came home dinner time today beautiful weather again now.

74 James Sparshott McLean's wife Joyce Ethel McLean (nee Bright)

March 16 I awoke very early but as it is so dark now mornings I did not dress till after five & hurried to light Copper & get in first boil & then came in & put out bread in tins then had breakfast & went on at the tubs Amy came on after she finished her work & we had a very heavy wash this week & did not finish till later than usual folded all down & Amy scrubbed up all utensils & cleaned Sepr house I cooked Hot Vegetables for tea Amy & Ma did dairy work boys & Dad same work lovely day I did housework.

March 17  Up in good time & each did our usual work & then I starched shirts & collars & both Amy & I started ironing It was very hot & sultry & we had a large iron this week we did not finish till afternoon Tea time & afterwards I cooked vegetables for tea while others did dairy work & our usual evening work & I had to mix bread Alf N spent evening here they were singing & Amy was playing.

March 18 I & boys were early up & Amy set table & gave boys their breakfast while I attended to bread & made buns after which I generally assisted in all work & baked two Batches of bread & two of Buns & made beds & other house work. Eva is ill in bed her head is very bad Uncle had to go to the Dr for her. I put a new Colar on my Blue Print Blouse & patched it up tidy Amy & Ma busy mending it has been a terrible windy dusty day & a cool sea breeze tonight.

March 19 Nearly six when I awoke so I dressed hurriedly & lit fire in dining room & gave boys their meal & I thoroughly cleaned stove &c & our bedroom then as Amy had swept & dusted walls in sitting room I washed all pictures & she & I washed all the Glassware had dinner & I scrubbed safe &c dressed up & went to see Eva at 4 oclock she is much better & up on the Sofa we had a cup of Tea & I got home at about 7 oclock had tea & washed up Amy & Ma are mending I mended Cel's black blouse & I have a headache Bert broke the waggon Bar & Dad had to go & get it mended at Gawler this afternoon. 

March 20th Saturday so after usual morning duties were done I baked scones & Cake &c Amy did dining room & after all housework was done we had dinner & Amy & I drove to Gawler went to see Cel who has a cold & bad throat she is at Mc's again we had a lot of shopping to do & did not get home till near eight Amy got new high Button boots Eva & Kit had to stay home as Eva is not atall well it has been a nice day I feel tired.

Sunday March 21st I was dressed before seven & did all usual work Ma & Amy milked & Sepr then after Ma had washed the Sepr she felt so ill she lied down all the morning i had to clean our boots & shoes & after I cfinished work I had a bath. Alf N came he had his new togs on looks very nice indeed. After dinner Bert Wilf Amy Clif & myself went to Stone Hill Anniversary a crowded attendance. Mr Reed preached to children specially came home & got tea & Charl Wilf & I went & Bert went ot Buchsfielde but no service so he came on to S.H. the church was packed Mr R preached again & Amy went to Mrs Standleys to tea & enjoyed herself very much I came home & mixed bread & retired a lovely day altogether. Alf is not well.

March 22 Had to bake bread so we were up in good time I got fire Amy helped with breakfast afterwards all duties done i mended some things & helped put away best clothes there was plenty about as all went out except Parents this afternoon I fitted Ma with a blouse & sorted & soaked in for washing tomorrow nice cool weather Mrs S. G. Argent has twin sons75. Eva has been to the Dr today she is on the lodge now for a while.

75 Mrs Samuel George Argent (Emily Jane Menadue) had twin sons in Salisbury - Herbert Frank and Alfred John

March 23 Washing morning so I called Amy & she got boys breakfast while I went on with the washing got all bed linen & white clothes done before Amy came on as she had many duties to attend to indoors & milked Sep & feeding animals we got finished dinner time & afterwards I done Copper & Sep house Amy scrubbed up & I folded & Amy did all the plain ironing in the afternoon I had to cook Veg for Tea & there is always so many things to see to  & Tea to get Dad is road making boys carting out stones to Gawler River Rd near the line the Sun is quite hot in the middle of day so we washed round in West End shed Eva is not so well again Wilf went to S.H. public meeting also Bert went too.

March 24 A lovely morning there's been showers during the night so fresh usual morning work & all housework between us I starched Shirts & did all best ironing till dinner time good luck with shirts this week. Amy done the front rooms & after dinner they she & Charl drove to Gawler Show74 & had an enjoyable time did not get home till nine beautiful weather Bert & Will Paterson got 2nd prize for Section of fours over hurdles. T. L. Nottle 1st prize for Smooger as ladys Hack I been making Ma's blouse but I did not feel well & made slow progress with hit had to help dairy work.

74 Gawler Horse Show. Smooger was ridden by Miss Hocking to win the lady's Hack competition. Prizewinners are... Albert George Paterson and William Walter Paterson are cousins who breed horses at Tineburee in Lower Light. Thomas Leonard Nottle is the brother of Alf Nottle.

March 25 Up in good time always by lamp light as it is dark now Amy gave boys their breakfast I attended to bread & made Buns &c hurried 7 finished all housework & set to sewing Ma went to see Eva this afternoon Amy & I were busy sewing Bert got a bad leg Toff ran into the post with him grazed & bruised his leg badly Hope it is not serious Heard Cecil & Laura were married last Saturday March 20th75 Celia told Amy Celia has a cough & her throat is not too well.

75 Cecil James Footer and Laura May Pope, aged 20 and 18 respectively, were married at the home of Henry Pope (the father of Laura May) - their first child will be born on April 15!

March 26 About same time & I got breakfast for boys & just started to blacklead stove & Alf came to get Buggy & Dad as he with Uncle & George Hill were going to Shannon to Webbs Sale76 so started early I had to leave my work & give them their breakfast & Amy & Ma came from Milking I done stove &c & our room Amy had to take out horses to the Paddock as Wilf had to help Charlie & Bert went to the Dr with his leg came home & brought Clem with him I had to put hot fomentations on it In the afternoon Amy did front rooms I did dining room & scrubbing was busy all day helped milk & Separate & after Tea mixed bread a nasty cold last wind Ma's cough is bad. Ivy Mortimer & Leslie George77 were married on March 23rd also Alf Glen & Violet Scott78 are married Lena Richardson & Bob Day79 are to be married next Wednesday.

76 George Webb's Sale, including some lovely young horses, near Mallala. Shannon is an auctioneer. Advertisement.
77 Ivy Jubilee Mortimer (a neighbour) & Leslie William George were married at her father's house in Kangaroo Flat, March 23, 1909. Their first child will be born in December.
78Alfred Edward Glen & Violet Mary Valentine Scott were married at her father's house in Gawler on March 3rd.
79Selina (Lena) Richardson & Robert (Bob) Oliver Day were married at the Methodist Church, Reeves Plains on March 31st, 1909.

Saturday March 27th I was up before the boys this morning & I had to hurry & get bread ready for baking Amy got meal ready afterwards I baked bread & cake & pies done our room Amy did all housework in other rooms after dinner Bert Dad & Amy went to Gawler. I had to clean all cutlery boots & shoes we had afternoon tea & Milked & separated & bathed boys Clem & Clif & had a bath myself they came home & brought Ethel home Ada & others are coming home tormowwor if it is fine a very day all like rain in the morning & hot this afternoon.

Sunday March 28th About the usual hour & got stove lit & fired sausages for breakfast Bert went ot Lower Light Wilf & Clif went to get Ada & Children Amy did housework I helped in Kitchen & done our room it was a very unpleasantness day so windy dusty & hot we had roast fowl & Cabb & Pot apple pie for dinner none of us went out in the afternoon Charl went to B at night Wilf to Stone Hill Amy & A.H.N. to Eva's for the evening Alf was here all the afternoon Ada & I went for a walk. The children had a good time together all day.

March 29 Was not up till after 1/2 past five had bread to attend to & breakfast over Wilf took Ada & them home Dad & Charl to stone work Amy brushed & put away all Sunday Clothes. I had to bake bread scones cake so kept me busy till late Amy was sewing & Ma also I did odd work & soaked in for washing so windy again today heard of the death of Mrs Dawe died80 during Sat night buried today Kit Alf Walter Ern & Eva spent musical evening here tonight.

80 Mrs Dawe, mother of Percy, was Sarah Bartlett Dawe (nee Adcock), died March 27th.

March 30 I did not wake till near six then dressed & lit Copper & went on washing had to shift back in Sepr house as it was windy & cold then had a bother to get things stiff enough not a nice day but finished all but Pants before Dinner I did all the clearing up & scrubbing Amy came in to do housework & she & I folded clothes & Amy ironed some Bert came home & brought his Invitation Card for the Wedding. Vine is at Aunties till tomorrow I am tired been Mending & Amy & Ma are writing letters.

March 31  Hurried to get breakfast over & morning work done, then Clif Dad & I went to Gawler had to do a good deal of shopping & went to see Celia she had dreadful bad eyes Ulcers on the Glass of Eye & has to stop in a dark room poor girl they are very painful & she has to see the Dr so could not come home Clif got new Boots & is delighted with them. We took Dad to his road work & called at Ada's who was ready for Eva she called for her & Ada & the children came down with her for the afternoon. When I got home I had to iron my White costume & shirts & colars &c & had a most terrible headache & did not know how to get through the work but persevered till done & tea over mixed bread & retired. 

April 1st We were at our toil early & by lamp light always now the old custom was all the go (April fool) Clif in high glee, we each did our morning work I had & I started sewing Ma's blouse. The men were chaff cutting all morning roadwork in afternoon & Wilf working the fallow. Tilly Seleck81 & Lena R82 were married yeseterday in the evening Bert Wilf Amy & I went to Band of Hope Election Meeting had a good time & late home Charl stayed home & wrote letter. Amy & Alf came home in the Sulky. I with the Brothers quite cold night.

81 Matilda (Tilly) Selleck married Robert Perry at the Methodist church in Wasleys
82 Selina (Lena) Richardson married Robert (Bob) Oliver Day at the Methodist Church, Reeves Plains on March 31st, 1909
April 2nd About usual hour & lit fire in dining room & had our breakfast &c cleaned our room & blaklead stove &c & assisted in various ways did a little sewing Dad gone to Meet Tom & Uncle Tom at Station Uncle stopped at Uncle Charlie's Tom came home here & had Tea & we cleaned awy & washed up & I mixed bread then adjourned to sitting room & Amy was playing Piano & Tom the Violin I did not retire till 11 o'clock the others later still they had a good time altogether.

April 3rd I awoke early but did not dress till six had to fry sausages & Amy got talbe laid bread to rise & had to bake seven loaves so that was two bakings then Ma put in the meat I scrubbed safe & we were shewing Tom Photo's & P.C. & had lunch & Tom went to see Eva & Uncle Charlie (continued) had dinner & Dad & Amy went to City I cleaned all Cutlery & other Sat work Ma was busy & it is a terrific day for dust & wind one can hardly see it is just awful. Tom has just come back Charl has been to Gawler with Hay today & yesterday to Fodder Mill. Ma is resting so I must go clean Boots.

April 4th Sunday Had to cook sausages for our breakfast &such a lot of us Uncle Tom & Cousin Bert & Tom beside our own we had to work all the morning. Ma & I cooked dinner I made pies Amy & I the housework after we finished Amy & Tom played Violin & Piano very nice they sound together. Alf N & Alfred came & Uncle went with Alfred to dinner & after our meal Amy & I satrted to get ready for K.F. but could not go as it looked so much like rain. Tom went to Eva's Bert stayed to Tea & then he went home. Amy & I cleared away tea things & then we went to K.F. Chapel a nice lot there & Mr Wreford83 preached. We came home & Uncle & Tom Uncle & Eva Ern Alf Kit were here so had music & singing & Supper till near 12 oclock cold & rainy day.

83 Mr Wreford, preacher. Could be Arthur Talbot Wreford.

April 5 Monday up in good time & got breakfast &Dad drove Tom to the Station poor old boy like us was rather teary a busy week so made up our mind to wash so I lit copper & started took down Curtains & had a big wash Amy has a bad side so it was near four before we finished I scrubbed & cleaned Sepr & copper such a lot to do Amy went indoors to do housework & fold clothes & help milk & Sepr & cold drizzling morning but windy after dinner so got all dry but Pants & had to mix bread & felt very tired.

April 6. I got up same time as boys nearly six but by lamp light always now & so cold. We are very busy this week I had to bake & Amy got breakfast we did housework I helped Ma do Quinces for her Jam she made 1/2 case I made new blinds for windows & hung them Amy did all her ironing I partly made a new apron Mr Millar84 came down & killed a sheep & dressed it while here to oblige Dad he came to get the boys to bring the Manure from Station Amy & I milked &c & were sewing after tea till bedtime a nicer day Charlie in Gawler with Hay brought home our Supper, keeps very dry Wilf is cutting Stinkwort on the fallow. Clif & Dad went to Davis for the sheep.

84 Mr Millar (could be Mr Miller)

April 7 I had to just go my hardest as I had to fry liver & onion for breakfast & could to get my fire very quickly. then Ma & I washed up all & she salted down sheep. I did our room & dining room as well as assist in general work Amy did other housework & she has the cows pigs & calf to feed as well as the milking & all connected with it. I been ironing Curtains & white shirts for Wedding Hung one pair curtains finished my apron & mixed bread Amy Eva Ern Kate Wilf been up to Mrs Standleys K Flat tea meeting just come home not many there. Dad & Bert & Charl brought home Manure from Gawler Charl was in with Hay.

April 8 Thursday but as it is good Friday we decided to do all our work today so after morning work was done I baked bread & pies & hung the curtains Cleaned all window outside & in done our room Amy the other rooms & a host of other things made Hop yeast for the H.C. Buns which I made in evening & Kit spent the afternoon with us Charl drove to Station to meet Eva Mc85 & they got home Tea time had to clear away & I felt so giddy so relived at 9:30 thoroughly tired Amy is far from well tonight.

85 Hot Cross Buns! Because it's Maundy Thursday! Charl meets Eva Alice McLeod at the station - his sweetheart!

April 9th I got up at five oclock & baked H.C. Buns before anyone was up swept & dusted dining room Kitchen & got a cup of tea & breakfast baked more Buns & made beds & tidied round & did odd work we were very busy as Amy was so unwell she had to lie down all morning Auntie & Uncle Atyeo came over to dinner then I cleaned Clif & tidied my dress & Clif & I spent afternoon with Ada had an enjoyable time with her Albert can walk by chairs & he is growing a fine boy others are well. Charl & Eva drove to Reeves Plain & back to Eva's for evening.

April 10th And a very busy day indeed after usual morning duties were over Amy did dining room & I started baking Dutchess Buns Albert & Currant Madeira Cake We had dinner & Dad Amy & Clif & Eva McLeod went to Gawler it was a rather windy day I scrubbed safe & cleaned all Cutlery & finished the Sat work Charl & Bert had early Tea & they went to Gawler Ma milked all cows left off Sepr nights from Tonight. Dad Clif & Celia came home then so they got Tea & the others stayed in till late had retired when they got home.

April 11 Sunday so had a rest then dressed & fried Sausages for breakfast & afterwards I baked pies & sausages Rolls Celia helped me Amy tidied rooms had dinner & cleared away Percy came I had a rest & read. Eva & Charlie went to Ada's for afternoon & Evening also to K.F. Church I felt to tired & it was a windy dusty day. Wilf went ot S.H. at night Alf N & Amy went off on their own & C & P also.

April 12 Up at 5 o'clock & called the rest & I baked scones & we all helped pack up for our days outing to Williamstown. We started at about seven & met Eva & Ern at Uncles & all drove up together Kit & Alf went on ahead we had a most enjoyable ride & reached the picnic ground at about 10 o'clock where Mrs Hill & family86 met us & Mr Hill Myrtle Mr Harris (2) & Mr Mattner & family 25 of us sat down to an early dinner then Mr Walter Hill drove the town folk to Gawler to catch the  5 o'clock train to Adelaide We strolled over hills & dales in a lovely garden saw some beautiful Roses & Dahlias & such a lovely lot of Trees & fern & watercress & all kinds of lovely green seen only in the (bonny Hills) also went to explore the Mines which are closed down old ore lying every where such pretty colors too then we came back & got tea but a most unpleasant day so windy & dusty one could hardly stand or see for dust clouds of it everywhere & it rained quite fast had to take shelter under the huge fig tree it is an immense tree we got some figs & Quinces to bring home at 5 o'clock we all drove to Mr Hills residence & spent at pleasant evening some at Cards & we had Phonagraph selections and supper at 12 o'clock the moon had risen & we started for home & reached it safely at 3 oclock. Eva & Charl were later it had cleared off beautifully for our journey home. On arrival we found Frances & children here, but she is not well a violent cold in her chest & head also children have colds, they had a dreadful day down here on the plains could not see for Dust. We had thunder in the Hills.

86 They are visiting the parents of Christiana (Kit) Heath (nee Hill). The family in Williamstown include Mr John Hill (father, aged 69), Mrs Hill (Emily Montgomery Simpson, mother, aged 67), Margaret (Maggie) Hill (aged 31), Walter Hill (aged 22) and Ellen May (May) Hill (aged 24). Myrtle is likely to be Guinderlin Myrtle Hill (*). Mr Arnold Henry Harris, who is Myrtle's beau, and his Father? Mr Mattner and his family?

April 13th I was so tired so as we had very little rest it being so late I did not get up till near seven & had to bake bread & Amy got breakfast for me we each did a portion of housework & in the afternoon I made some fig Jam but it is a failure also I sorted & soaked in clothes for washing tomorrow as it is late in the week & it has been  nother dusy windy day & colder.

April 14 Up just after 5 o'clock & got copper lit & started washing. I just shivered with cold & tried to chop some wood but my hands ached too much I got two boils ready before breakfast & afterwards went on in good earnest. Celia went with Bert to Dr & got home dinner time. They were all busy dressing for the Wedding87 it has been a perfect Day & they started off 1/30 Bert Charl Eva & Amy I had a very big wash & all to do myself I feel tired I finished all at four oclock scrubbed up & Celia & I folded she did not feel well & slept for 2 hours & Frances is so unwell her head is dreadful bad We had a cup of tea & Tea man came. Ma milked cows.

87 This is the day of cousin Victoria Paterson's wedding to Henry Ross at the Baptist church in Alberton.

April 15 The wedding folk arrived home at 5/30 so I got up & gave my bed up to Eva Charlie nor Bert bent to bed I got their brkf & then he started for Gawler. Frances & children got up & they had thier meal. I started ironing at 8/30 & without the time I spent in sweeping the dining room kept at ironing till 5/30 p.m. & then Frances helped me done her own & some others I felt dead beat Cel's eyes are pretty bad. Ma very busy indeed so much cooking to do whe baked scones &c after Tea they had music but I just mixed bread & retired thoroughly tired another lovely day.

April 16 I got up every early & baked hot rolls & got breakfast & put the other bread in tins to rise Ma so ill nt able to get up so stayed in bed I cleaned our room & dairy packed eggs &c Amy washed up & cooked Veg & pies. Eva Mc trimmed Lorna's Bonnet & Celias Hats also Amys Frances and children went to spend afternoon with Eva & Kit. Amy cleaned both front rooms. I have a cold so retired early & Percy came down. Mrs Cecil Footer has a son Yesterday. I heard Mr Will Folland88  is an agent so called on us this afternoon. Frances got home for Tea. A day today bit dry for time of year rain wanted. Mr Gash89  died at Willaston.

88 William Vickery Folland, one of Frances' brothers-in-law.
89 Thomas Gash, aged 83.

April 17 I felt so ill have not been able to sleep for pain in my head & limbs so I did not get up till seven but had to get bread made & breakfast over the others plucked & cooked a pair of Fowls I blackleaded stove &c & did lamps dinner over Bert Amy Frances & children, Charlie & Eva McLeod went in the dogcart she goes home tonight to Adelaide after they went I washed up all & cleaned cutlery & milked fed calf Celia did cake baking & pies tidied kitchen & other work Mr W Basset90 died at Basset Town aged 77 years.

90 William Bassett died in Gawler South (known as Bassett Town).

April 18 Late up it being Sunday Amy lit fire I fried breakfast it was a cold rainy & dusty morning which continued all day none of us went out as all had terrible colds Ma in bed since Thursday she got up but had to go back to bed again. C & A did all housework Franc stayed in at Ada's last night & is to stay tonight as it is too wet & cold to go for her. I cooked Pastry & Veg Sausage pie for dinner then after clearing all away I read all the afternoon. Amy & Alf N & boys were singing & playing also in the evening I wrote to Louie felt ill so retired early at 9 oclock.

April 19 Much the same kind of day Celia & Dad had to go to Gawler & called at Ada's & brought Frances home Clif is still with us I made pies & scones & Amy & I did housework Dinner over I was mending all the afternoon could not half work as I feel so crook & headache we are milking 6 cows now but they do not give much milk Separate in mornings only for a while Ma is up today but not strong her old cough is back.

April 20 Was late up so after lighting fire I also lit stove & Amy got breakfast I fried (Fluffs) & put bread to rise & after wards baked it & changed all beds & made ours & Ma's room C & A took up oilcloth in Ma's room & tidied them both I filled lamp & did household work after Dinner Dad & Frances intended to start for Follands so I ironed few things for her & Ma & Celia helped get the children ready & off they went I mended up Sepr House & sorted & soaked all washing ready for tomorrow. Kit & Alf called tonight for me to go & help her make a blouse been a nicer day today & the men are preparing land for seeding & carting home some wood ready for winter. Mr Ratcliff is ill for last 3 weeks Harry is here this evening Amy is busy at fancywork.

April 21st I was up in good time & lit fire in dining room & filled utensils for breakfast then went to me tubs filled & lit copper & got two boils ready then had breakfast & went on washing finished all bed linen then Amy came & helped we got all boils done before dinner & afterwards finished off Color clothes & both cleared up & did usual scrubbing &c. Eva came & she helped Celia fold Amy started ironing we had a cup of Tea & then I took the iron & with the exception of Tea hour I kept on till 10 o'clock.

April 22 Same time & lit stove & fried Liver & Onions for breakfast Amy set table & waited on same Dad helped milk &c. Ma got up & salted down the sheep I did usual work & then at 11 oclock I came up here to Alfs & cut out & fitted a blouse & worked at it all the afternoon but as we did not have good patterns I did not get on too well. Kitty & I had a good yarn & I remained the night quite a nice time with them.

April 23 Alf & Kitty up at five I at 5/30 & after breakfast I & Alf drove to the Corner then I walked home & hurried & blackleaded stove &c cleaned our room made Ma bed swept & dusted dining room made a pair of pockets for Dad's pants & put them in & then came up to do Kittys blouse a nice day but frosty air & so cold this morning cast wind I did not finish the bodice although I worked hard to do so I came home to Tea & then mixed bread & retired cold tonight.

April 24 Sat such a cold windy day I had to bake bread & then meat Ma cooked dinner I did usual work Amy the dining room & I scrubbed safe &c Amy helping me had dinner & Dad & Amy went to Gawler returning late in evening with Frances & children. After they went & we had cleared dinner away I started baking tarts & Madeira & Currant Cake Celia cleaned cutlery & boots & milked cows we do not separate at night now & that makes a great difference to evening work the boys are very busy seeding in the Flat been at it 3 or 4 days but it is dry & rain threatens.

Sunday April 25 Late up & a rainy boisterous day at that we each did a portion of usual duties I had to fry so Celia did that for me Amy milked I made a pudding for dinner & got it boiling at nine then had our meal & had hot roast rabbit & Mutton pudding & sauce. Percy came just dinner time we cleared away I washed up all pots &c then Alf N. came I rested & read in the afternoon Amy at the Piano & the others singing Eva & Ern to spend evening & the boys went to Chapel none of us went out all day that is three Sundays.

April 26 Such a wet morning & blowing gales from North had to lock up Kitchen door to keep out the wind & rain but it beat under door & was all over the floor also in Ma's room & Celia had to shift her bed the boys could not get to do much till late & then they carted out Manure from Stable yard & got ready for Green feed; I set too & made a quilted rug did not finish till 6/30 pm.m Amy started to make Lorna a navy dress Ma mending Franc washed out a few things & I helped her iron them. 

April 27 Another stormy morning I had to bake for breakfast & two batches after Eva & Frances went to Penfield at ten & did not get home till tonight at seven the day cleared somewhat I soaked in tonight ready for washing tomorrow Amy finished the dress & made an Apron Celia & Ada went to Gawler but the Dr will not let Celia go to Moonta her eye is too bad she is rather disappointed as she had made up her mind to go with Frances for her holiday. I have had a dreadful Pen & could not write with it well Frances has had a good time last week went to Mrs J.G. Folland Arthur Follands Spencer Days91. She has a terrible cold & cough now Amy is gone with Eva for the night as she was afraid to drive home from here in the Dark tonight.

91 Jane Rowse Folland (nee Wright), her son Arthur Harvey Folland, and her nephew Spencer Folland Day.

April 28 Up early Celia got boys breakfast while I went on with my work I lit the Copper but really it was a most unpromising day for washing but I started & got all whites & bed linen done before Amy got home at least all I soaked in then Amy & I hurried on with our work but it was a terrible miserable day raining at intervals all morn we finished before dinner Frances hung out for us & then rain set in in earnest & only a few dry which we ironed & the others I brought in & did not put out till evening & left them all night after Tea Dad Franc Celia & Amy Clif & Lorna & the boys went ot Uncle Charlies to hear the Graphophone which George & Alex brought down today on their way to the Light Ma & I stopped home.

April 29 Frances remained with Eva all night & she kept Lorna Clif came home with Celia. I had to hurry around as I had to bake bread & we all did our usual work. Frances & Lorna got home before dinner very cold & rainy again. Kit came down for afternoon & Alf came soldering in the evening both had Tea here & afterwards we had a good old yarn & barrick while Alf worked it rained very heavy & is raining now & getting late Ma & Frances are mending we are helping Alf get things ready to mend.

April 30 Friday & a wet day Dad killed a pig last night so he & Ma were busy cutting up & salting same we girls were busy but not doing our Saturday work too wet In the afternoon Amy & Frances French92 went to see Ada Celia was Cake baking Ma & mending all the afternoon I milked all five cows We do not Sep at night now the men are very busy seeding & Charl is hay carting are drilling the other side of hill in (Uncle Wills) Frances & Amy got home at teatime Lorna & Clif stayed home.

92  Charles French Folland (nephew), aged 3.

May 1st  I awoke at 20/5 & dressed & called Frances & girls at 5 they hurried & had breakfast got all children dressed at 6 oclock finished putting on Tickets & tieing Parcels Celia & Amy drove them in to station Ma & I washed up I milked & cleaned our room baked bread Ma baked meat & Pots in camp oven for dinner then the girls got home & after dinner I did dining room Celia cutlery & kitchen Amy front rooms Amy & I mliked & we finished all work between us I cleaned windwos Dad been to Gawler in dogcart took Charlie in to go to Adelaide. Percy came home with him & is to remain tonight raining fast.

May 2 Sunday got up early & Dad lit fire I made Cup of Tea & then a Ginger Pudding Celia fried Sausages & meal over Dad & I drove to Stone Hill Church Mr C.H. Annells92 preached there was a large attendance as it was a bright sunshiney morning home & had dinner & cleared away & I read & wrote to May Amy to Tom P & C went for a stroll also Dad & Ma Bert wrote to Tom after Tea Alf N came Percy & Celia a gone to Ada's Ma reading Alf & Amy at usual occupation looking at P.C. I am going to read & then retire it has been raining again.

92 Mr C.H. Annells, lay preacher, and President of the Gawler Methodist Literary Society.

May 3rd Up at a little after five & got boys breakfast called Amy then I went round & lit Copper & helped milk & separate Amy feed cows & turned them out in road & went to help had Wilf put Hector in the dray & off they went the cows & Amy had to go up to Millars to get them I went on washing & got 3 boils done & soaked in 3 white quilts it was 10 to 10 before Amy could join me at the tubs & we had 2 new pails of Mols & Unders beside our big wash our cambric dresses &c to put by for Summer finished general wash at 3 oclock Amy scrubbed up thins &I cleaned Copper & did extras I thas been a most delightful day men same work this side of the Hill Charl home from Town & back to Gawler with Hay Dad went in the dogcart got a felt Hat for Wilf.

May 4 Now so early by 1/2 an hour lit fire & got meal Amy waited at table I lit stove & put out bread & helped ilk & Separate came in & got porridge for Ma & I & Wesleys breakfast then cleaned away & made a cake & baked two lots of bread pies & Cake had dinner Amy did housework & she & I ironed all I got a cup of coffee & cake ready for lunch Amy took the boys down to paddock for them Ma & her milked I got in wood & got tea & since have been mending so has Ma & Amy Wesley is still up talking Dad brought him home yesterday & Celia is staying with Ada as she is so unwell in her head & a cold Charl brought home some of cousin Ted's wedding cake93 to taste also a letter from Nellie94 for Ma. Charl had a ride in the Electric Car saturday night (nice day today).

93 Not sure who cousin Ted is. It could be a son of Theophilus Atyeo, who lived in New South Wales, or a cousin in the UK? Or is it the Ted who she caught up with at the Crystal Brook picnic in 1908?
94 Nellie is cousin Ellen Ann Hand, which makes me think that Ted might be her brother Edmund Hand, who if it's him, was not married in South Australia. 

May 5  We rise early now as boys are busy seeding & carting out stable manure on land it has been very wet today Amy & I have been busy at household work Ma is very unwell lately her cough is terrible this afternoon I cut out a Skirt & partly made it Amy has to go for cows now as they are in top paddock. Bert is gone to Foresters Hall95 to a dance it is dreadful muddy weather Charl is home too wet to take the cart in to Gawler a lot of rain today.

95 Foresters Hall in Gawler, built by a friendly society.

May 6 I felt so ill this morning so called Amy & she got breakfast & cut Charl's dinner he is going to Gawler with Hay I think I got up later & cleared breakfast helped milk & Separate had my meal & gave Ma hers baked Biscuits & I had to lie down again Jim came down & Celia came home had to pick & dress fowl for dinner so Celia did that I got up to Dinner & afterwards finished my skirt. The cows did not come down & Amy spent the afternoon with Kitty & did not get home till late Celia & Wesley were ready for Band of Hope Eva came down  went with all our lot I stayed home cleared Tea Dad & I had to milk in the dark also mixed bread slept in the sitting room.

May 7 Had to rise just after five & call Amy to set table as I had to get stove ready for bread & a large yeast cake pies & was baking all the morning & also made some warm underwear sewing all day Amy did front rooms & Celia altered wardrobe in our room & shifted things in boys room they were busy In the evening Celia & Dad went to Mrs Standleys I made a collar for my cream Blouse Amy busy sewing as well Ma has been busy churning butter for our selves & the boys are all barricking & talking with Amy so I went in the Sitting room to be quiet to myself cold & rainy

May 8 Saturday I was up & got breakfast & Amy then got up & assisted & afterwards I blackleaded stove &c. Then packed up my things for my holiday & we left home at 12 o'clock reaching Gawler at one o'clock & found Mrs Hill & Walter ready for home so I just did a little shopping & left there at 2 o'clock for Williamstown got home to Hills96 at about 4/30 had lunch & a look around & then Tea & retired at 7 oclock but I could not sleep atall.

96 A holiday at the family of Mr John Hill, Mrs Hill, including their daughters Margaret (Maggie) and May. This is the same family that Fanny picnicked with earlier this year.

Sunday & all hands up at a little after six had our breakfast at 7 oclock & Mr Hill is reading Mrs & Maggie preparing dinner May housework I am just looking round have a lovely rosebud from Garden in my dress they are lovely to see & all things are beautiful morning lunch not 9/30 just before dinner Mr & Mrs Antwis & 4 children97 drove up Baby is called Anny Yatta uncommon name I was so disappointed as I was going with May for a long walk but they all had a talk & I read at 3/30 we had Tea & at 4/30 the company went home Waleter dress up & went out horseback & May Maggie & I went to milk & took the cows up in the paddock had a look from the big hill at surrounding gardens came in & had supper looked at photographs & retired at 7/30 but I can't sleep.

97 This is George Antwis and Isabella Hill, and some of their 6 children, including Annie Yatta Antwis, who was born at Yatta Creek, hence her name.

May 10th & Mays birthday I hurried & dressed & came up but they had started washing & were at breakfast a little before 7 oclock Mrs & May did the washing Maggie stewed Rhubarb & made Quince Jam they finished at 11/30 had dinner t 5 to 12 oclock have washed up & Mrs & May ironed then Maggie helped finish & Mrs Hill mended socks &c finished at 3/30 shirt & all then afternoon Tea I am knitting Maggie took Walters lunch down May got in wood & milked & scalded her milk & milked cows & at 5/30 had Tea &both girls went to bed at 6/30 & as W was waiting to do the same I had to go to bed at 7 oc'loc & Mr & Mrs as well but as for sleep it is hours before I could get off terrible quite 8 a.m. been a most beautiful day so sunny.

May 11 Up early & had breakfast before 6 o'clock & May did housework Maggie baked bread cake Biscuits they aired all clothes & put them away. It is a lovely day May & I went to get Mushrooms but only got a few I have been knitting & always do girls room which I share with them I wrote to Amy today after Tea we all retire at 6/30 & 7 oclock.

May 12 Not as early & the girls did their usual work May always milks the two cows & does housework & Mrs is making a suit for her Grandson98 May crocheting her Petticoat in the afternoon she & I went to get Almonds I got so tired climbing Hills has been a windy dusty overcast day & I have used one skein of wool nothing to record so quiet.

98 Mrs Hill has quite a few grandsons... 

May 13 Wesley's birthday. It has rained nearly all night I they did not get up till after 6 oclock I had a headache at 9/30 W Maggie Mrs & I went to Williamstown the drive was lovely they had to see the dentist & also had lunch at Mrs Wilsons99 home at 1/30 had dinner It is cloudy & cold today & looks like rain we were going out but May thought it too late so Mrs Hill was making a suit & May worked the button holes. I was knitting but as all go to bed at seven theres no evening atall.

99 Mrs Wilson, likely Mrs Harry Wilson (nee Harriet Hill), sister of Kit.

May 14 Up and had breakfast at six oclock I have nothing to do after doing the room I share with the girls so I look at paper & knit early dinner & went to visit Mrs Haines & the Hammalls100 it was pleasant going over walking amongst the Hills we had afternoon Tea with Miss Haines & started home it was very cold & a rough wind & it just poured with rain all the way home & we had to change our clothes my long coat was wet thorugh heavy & my glasses misty & hill slippery just home before dark.

100 Mrs Haines, Miss Haines & the Hammalls

May 16 Sunday but Oh how differently spent to the ones spent on my own last visit to the beautiful hills in the South. God is not in all their thoughts. None of them go to Chapel & I cannot go either so I have tidied room & am now writing not a book to be seen anywhere & I forgot to bring my bible. I have put Sunday before Saturday in a mistake it is a very wet Sunday & Cold the Creek is very high this morning.

May 15  A rainy day & bitterly cold I just shivered all day long it poured with rain almost continuously I do not think there was a break all day & last night it rained most of the night too Walter could not work so he made Toffie Maggie was baking bread cake & biscuits all morning & in afternoon she picked & dressed a pair of Fowl & May did housework I helped wipe glasses & dishes & did our room so different to our busy household It has not ceased raining & is still pouring down Walter is gone to the P.O. in all the rain come home rather wet.

May 17 Monday at last. The rain has stopped we had breakfast at a few minutes after six & they got ready for washing May milked & Mrs & I started washing then May came on. I washed my new stockings &c made all beds & then went on knitting they finished at 10 o'clock after dinner I ironed mine & the girls did theirs by 2 oclock Mrs at suit May sewing on Buttons Mrs Hammat Mrs Newbold Mrs Smith & children101  came over in afternoon cold air but most clothes dry & aired by hugh fires I went for along walk up hill & had a good view.

101 Mrs Hammat, Mrs Newbold, Mrs Smith & children. I have no information on them. 

May 18 Up & at breakfst at 15/6 done our room & went with May for cows she milked Mrs is Butter making Mr Hill Potato planting Maggie baked Biscuits yesterday She is cooking dinner now May thoroughly sweeping & dusting all rooms Walter gone to plough I got a letter from Amy yesterday the air is so cold May & I took lunch to Walter this afternoon in Pancake Gully & got some Almonds bitter cold I finished my stocking.

May 19th Up & dressed & out in the dining room before six had breakfast & I made the bed I occupy & I have just washed my head Maggie & May are both baking ready for tomorrow when I go home with them & they go on to the Light it is a very cold North east wind Mrs is making an apron for May just had morning lunch 9 o'clock the sun is now shining I blacked my tan shoes this morning & have been knitting & Mrs Hill has trimmed her Roses so she gave me some cuttings & other flowers May is busy packing she roasted a fowl & lot of sweet &c gathered cut flowers for us & Eva cold tonight.

May 20 Not up so early as yesterday had breakfast & packed the Buggy for Gawler & started at nine o'clock got in there at 11 30 as Dolly the pony could not go very fast May did a lot a shopping & Walter had business to do also We started again at 2 o'clock for Eva's & then I walked home from there & they came down for evening had Music & supper & retired late Eva & them walked down so we went some of the way home with them fine weather today.

May 21st I did not get up till near seven as my limbs ached very much Amy & Celia were busy after light refreshment I unpacked my box & did odd work swept both front rooms & tidy bedroom work Amy washed all floors & helped me dust Eva came down to dinner & remains tonight she is busy now mending & has been helping me in the garden we been planting our Flowers it has been a very dry wind today & sunny Celia cleaned the Stove &c & did some baking Mrs Jenkins102 died last week was buried last Sunday I feel so tired have just mixed bread Celia is mending & Amy & Eva & Ma are also sewing Ma is binding her skirt.

102 Mrs Jenkins. I cannot find a record of a Mrs Jenkins dying in May of 1909. 

Sat May 22 Celia dressed at a little after five & I also & lit the stove & put out bread to rise & made a yeast Cake & after the meal I baked all & did usual work cleaned & filled all lamps Amy & Celia did all housework by dinner time & afterwards they with Dad drove to Gawler Eva is staying with us nights Walter Hill came from the Light & Eva rode with him to Gawler & came home with our folks Amy & her stopped & milked Cherry who came in yetsreday then they walked home Mr Della came down for a Eucre103 evening with the boys I have a cold & I had a bath & went for the cows & ilked & it was cold. Eva's how has a calf today.

103Mr Arthur Dellow comes often to play Euchre and Accordion (spelled Accordeon) in the next short period.

May 23 I did not get up till 7/30 & made fire & fried sausages had breakfast & Ma Wilf & Eva went as far as Eva's & Wilf went for Ada & Children Amy had to stuff a pair of fowls & we had a ham also Celia baked patty tarts & dried apple pies I swept & dusted & washed up after they all got home at 12 We had dinner & cleared away then Percy Alf came also Mr Millar in the evening all boys wen to Chapel also Eva & Ern I had a bad throat so retired early all the others had supper & Celia went home with Eva & Ern & slept there so cold but a fine Sunday.

May 24 Empire Day Amy lit fire & gave boys their breakfast cut Charl's dinner & milked I had my breakfast & dressed Dads neck as it is very bad he had a carbuncle cut out of it Saturday I helped washup & swept all the back rooms & dining room & sorted my boxes & got clothes back in places also I got morning lunch & other work Celia & Dad took Ada & children home & went to Gawler Celia has bad eyes again I been knitting Hugh & Arthur is here playing accordeon also Eva is here cold tonight. They are dancing.

May 25 Washing Day I lit fire in dining room & Celia & I got breakfast over & Celia lit copper & she & I did the washing we almost finished by 1 oclock a few extras & coloreds afterwards I scrubbed up Celia did Sepr & other work Amy started ironing. Eva was with us last night as Uncle is with Alf & Kit at Lower Light They went down last Wensday so Eva camps here her cow had a calf so she has to go home & milk &c We are now ahving fine sunny days I had to mix bread & do a littel knitting in evening the men frinished seeding except a bit new land.

May 26 Always up early boys at 5 o'clock & girls at 5/30 or before as the breakfast has to be got early both girls have relived me of always doing all myself for which I feel very grateful. I had to put out bread but set table for Amy first she & I up today early Afterwards I baked two lots of bread & the others did dinner I helped usual household work & then started to alter Wilfie's coat & had a terrible bother all day with it Eva stayed with us again her & Bert played draughts Amy finished ironing Celia been up in Veg Garden.

May 27 I lit fire & set table Celia fried Liver & Onions for breakfast Amy & Eva milked &c I washed up swept & dusted Celia helped with Meat Ma was salting down a sheep which Dad & Bert killed last night after Tea. The men went out to Twelftrees to load Hay I made new linings for Wilfs sleeves & took my sewing & went up to Evas at 12/30 Uncle came home from Light at 1/15 had our lunch & I went on sewing & Eva picked 7 roasted a fowl & Potatoes Caluiflower Turnips Melon pie & we had our Dinner at 6 occlock & I knitted till nine & then we retired I camped for night with Eva. Sow has seven little pigs.

May 28  We did not get up till six o'clock Uncle was so tired after riding horseback from the Light I stayed to breakfast & then walked home & made the Yeast & other odd work. Thoroughly cleaned our room made the bed then swept & dusted dining room set dinner Ma made Melon Jam Celia & Amy done front rooms & Amy helped chaff cut & Eva & Uncle also came down Chaffcutting I washed up & pasted a box for my hat hot sunshine girls are washing up & I got to go & mix bread now Ma went for a drive in trap today. Dry weather.

May 29th We were up in good time & I put out bread & made a yeast cake breakfast over I baked & scrubbed safe & other things & we each did a share of Saturdays work I filled lamps then had to get ready for Gawler Dad Wilfie Celia & I we drove to the creamery & then back in the street & saw friends Celia did shopping we called at Ada's had ltter from Frances the children has colds as we have also. We got home teatime. P.T.D. came for evening as he goes to Wasleys tomorrow he has to work at that Mill now. Amy & Ma had all work done so after clearing Tea I knitted my stocking very bright sunny day & drying wind rain threatens We saw Joyce Nellie has named her baby Violet Ellen Caroline Heard little May Antwis has gone to Adelaide Childrens Hospital with Typhoid Fever104.

104Could be Mrs Joyce Ethel McLean (nee Bright). I am not sure about Nellie's baby Violet Ellen Caroline - this is not a baby of cousin Nellie (Ellen Hand). Little May Antwis is probably Ivy May Antwis, one of the children who Fanny saw recently on her trip to Williamstown. 

Sunday May 30 Celia dressed first & then I dressed & Celia fried sausages & got breakfast I made beds in ours & Ma's room after our meal I dressed for Church & Dad & Ma for Aunties & Uncles (Blocks)105 I rode as far as the lane & walked on Mr Davis & family gave me a ride to the Church with them, & from there to Mrs Standley to spend the day I met the teacher from Paddys Bridge & Miss Hoar106 after dinner Carmen & Vivian went to Sunday School & the young lady went to Mrs E. C Dawkins107 so Mrs Standley & I had a chat & a look round the old school then all came back to Tea & afterwards we went to Church & Celia Bert & Wilf Ern & Eva all came in our trap so I had a ride home with them It rained steadily all the way home & heavily afterwards.

105 Gawler blocks, now Evanston Gardens
106 Paddy's Bridge School, or Korunye school was near the corner of Paddys Bridge Road and Mallala Road, Redbanks. Miss Lillian B Hoar was a teacher there, and became teacher in charge in 1910. My uncle, Grantley Sims was the final teacher in charge from 1964-1966.
107 Could be Olive Mary Dawkins (nee Nicholls), wife of Ernest Ebenezer Dawkins.

May 31st Awoke to hear to raining so did not get up till late & it kept on Just about all day steadily Charlie went to Dr Covernton107 he has a bad cold on his chest we girls did housework & usual duties then I pressed Wilfs new suit Amy cut out new Chemises for Celia & made two I finished a blouse for Ma. Clem came back with Charlie from Gawler I washed Tea things & mixed bread & was doing some knitting.

108 Dr Hugh Selby Covernton was at the Hutchinson Hospital until 1914. His obituary is here.

June 1st Tuesday but as it is so wet we thought best not to wash so I lit fire & Amy got breakfast Celia to dairywork I put out bread & lit stove & baked bread Ma baked pies Amy Biscuits Celia & Clem went up to Eva's for plants I been knitting this afternoon but cannot get on fast enough for me Mr Arthur109  is here talking to boys & he plays Eucre with them Dad & Boys are busy clearing the Sand Hill in Uncle Wills & putting wheat in for seed.

109 Mr Arthur. Don't know anything else about him.

June 2nd I intended washing so got up at 5 o'clock & Celia at 1/2 past I cleared & swept the Kitchen & Celia the dining room & I made fire &c Celia gave boys their breakfast but it started raining & was so mucky under feet that we decided to wait another day Eva & Ern & Uncle came chaffcutting & our men cut chaff also In the evening we three girls went to Kangaroo Flat Concert & Supper also Eva & Ern we had Duchess in Uncle Charlie's Cart as he has gone to the Light again So Eva & Ern are on their own this week Celia & Amy planted Pea & put in Cabbage plants. The men went out in  Twelftrees & Loaded Hay. Grace Hockings told us of her brother Bruce's accident110 through his Bike Lamp exploding he is in Dr Dawes Hospital & also Nellie Hockings broke her arm a cold damp night & late home just 12 o'clcok.

110 Grace Margurite Brickwood Hocking, Bruce William Lancelot Hocking and Evelyn Nellie Hocking, children of John Richard Hocking and Clara Brickwood.

June 3rd Well I did not get up till six & lit fire Celia lit Copper & after breakfast I went on washing & she milked cows then helped me we finished at 12/30 had dinner & I scrubbed up all & did Sepr House & Copper Celia went on ironing & when I had finished outside & I helped Ma washup & then took the iron & C & I finished at about five & we girls all went to Band of Hope with Wilfie Bert & Mr Dellow went to Gawler to hear the Kilkes but it was not good our B.O.H. was a splendid meeting and packed House every item was good we got home at 10/30 Eva & Ern were there a very cold night a frost & such a heavy dew Charlie had to stay home he is so unwell (cold) death of Mr T Price Premier S.A.111 Charlie brought home paper with funeral account in it.

111 Kilkes? Not sure I have that right. Mr Thomas Price Premier of South Australia from 1905 until his death; his administration was highly successful

June 4 I was very tired so was late up & got fire & breakfast put up Tea & lunch for men who went out to load Bert up on Sandhill as they are clearing a large piece then I blackleaded stove &c & thoroughly cleaned our room & helped in various duties Celia killed picked & dressed a pair of fowls for dinner Amy & Celia usually do milking feed cows pigs &c also separating I was so busy airing & putting away clothes as their want a lot of that this weather so cold & damp & cloudy late dinner & cleared away & Ma & I washed up I scrubbed safe & made fires in both rooms for evening & Celia cooked Ginger nuts & cake Amy started a pair pants yesterday for Clem & finished them today must mix bread now.

June 5 Saturday we were up at five & Celia also I lit fire & also stove & got my bread ready for baking Celia gave boys their breakfast then our meal over I baked two lot bread & Dora Biscuits C did dining room & each one assisted usual work after dinner Dad & Celia went to Gawler & Charl came home with waggon he went in this morning with Hay then he & Bert went back in his dogcart & Charlie went on to Adelaide by train Celia stayed in for evening & also Ern & Eva & stayed the night with them. Amy & I finished work & milked got Tea & hugh fires as it is very cold weather after Ta Amy bathed Clem I washed up then she & I had a Bath ourselves. We got letters from Eliza & Victoria Auntie Amelia112 the Port Pirie Strike is settled at last113 & very glad they are. Mary Hall has a son born May 24114 & Mrs Willie Nottle has lost her Baby it died Thursday buried yesterday at Kangaroo Flat Cemetry115. Percy is up at Wasleys again batching so he came down to Gawel today W.J.J.C.C.116 leaves this part for Murray Bridge Monday next.

112 Aunt Amelia Hand (nee Heath), cousin Eliza Quirk (nee Tancock), and cousin Victoria Paterson (now Ross)
113 Port Pirie Strike - one of many strikes in Port Pirie over the years. The break in the strike did not last very long...
114 Clifford Howard Hall, son of Mary Ann Hall (nee Quirk).
115 Eileen Joyce Nottle, daughter of Mrs William Nottle (Elsie Kippin!).
116 W.J.J.C.C. I cannot work out who this is!

Sunday June 6 Late up 8 o'clock so breakfast we not over till ten then I did our room dining room Amy boys & Ma's Celia came home from Eva's & Ma got the vegetables ready for dinner I fried Sausages Celia also assisted then I washed up Celia wiped & we hurried & got dressed for Chapel Also Percy & Clem C. A. & myself  nice lot there but not organist so Amy started the Tunes & we did our best. Gertie made us laugh going too high in one Hymn. Very cold day indeed so we were ready for tea I & Ma hurried to get then Bert went to Buchsfielde Wilf to G.R. Amy & I milked & took up cows Alf N came I read & then Amy & I sang & she played I retired at nine the others had Supper & came much later very cold night & Amy & I got rhumatics.

June 7 I did not intend washing so did not rise till six & got fire & breakfast C & A dairy work & Amy fed cows & pigs & went up & filled tanks I did our room & dining room Celia got a fowl ready for dinner Ma cooked Dinner that over Celia & Percy drove to Auntie & Uncle Wills it is his birthday so they spend the afternoon there & go on to see Alice. I been altering my Blouse & Amy made my German Apron Ma making her wool petticoat shorter Clem & I went for cows & I milked Amy got in wood &c Ma got Tea I made a fire in sitting room Ern & Eva aer here now got to mix bread & I feel down hearted news from W.A.

June 8 Got up & lit fire & got breakfast over I done our room Amy & C Dairy work & A made boys bes then she & Dad drove to Ada & she stayed there & Dad went on to Gawler, Celia & I were working but could not seem to get finished Celia put new sleeves in her nightdress I cleared our dinner then Dad come home & afterwards Bert came so kept me busy. Celia went for cows & milked I split a hugh stump & have to get in a lot of wood as it is so very cold & my bread was not ready for oven till dinner time & then I baked a big Yeast Cake. Charlie walked from Station home & this afernoon he went to Gawler with four pigs for Market.

June 9 A very heavy frost a record for 1909 I put some clothes on grass & this morning they were like frozen boards. We did not get up till after six our watch was slow I lit fire &c Celia fried Liver & onions Dad cut down Sheep I lit copper & after breakfast I went on washing got done up to Towels & shirts before Celia came hoe as she had to go & turn out some sheep off our wheat & was just about done then & she dad all the rest of regular washing I did flannels & Clems suit & new apron finished at 3 oclock Celia all scrubbing & Ern made her a Knife box & I went on ironing & hung curtains in dining room very cold.

June 10 A very cold morning a keen wind after we each did our usual morning duties I folded all the clothes that were dry & started iroining had a lot to do Celia has all dairy work & this after doing housework & dinner she helped Dad as he was busy swept all Chimneys & stove also, so I had to finish afterwards my ironing I pressed Clems suit & got all I could put away had to washup & mix bread as Celia & boys spent evening at Eva's Uncle not home yet, an Indian came today & Eva got frightened. Alf Nottle came for carbon.

June 11 I got up & lit fire & also stove & put out bread to rise Celia set table & made porrige then she did dairywork I baked bread & yeast cake & cleaned our room Celia two front rooms Dad nailed up Hooks in dining room the men are wire netting a portion of (Uncle Will's) paddock rabbits are bad Celia started to make a rag mat I did mending & C cleaned best boots I got cup of Tea & went for cows & milked them looks like rain Uncle Charlie gone home tonight Eva will be glad.

June 12 Saturday & a busy day I had to start with I was late up 6/30 so hurriedly got breakfast over & got in wood as it was raining then blackleaded stove fountains baked Dora Biscuits Raisin & Madeira Cake roasted a leg of Mutton after dinner Dad & Celia went to City Celia done dining room made beds & helped Chaffcut then I had to do my scrubbing clean K & Forks milk five cows & bake a rabbit & onions for Tea & a host of other work get in wood Ma cleaned spoons & dusted Kitchenware washed up cleaned windows & I filled lamps & cleaned them Amy did not come home tonight they are all reading.

June 13 Sunday Celia & I got up rather late but it was a cold & rainy morning so none of us went out all day to Church I got breakfast & Celia did dairy work & then we did housework & Ma prepared Vegetables for dinner afterwards I washed up C helped me & then I wrote a long letter to Tom117, Alf. N. came Eva Ern & Alf who was home from the Light also so all the others had a good time together although it was so very wet Alf N went in to Ada's for Amy & they got home at 9 o'clock or so, it did not rain so much at night but was very cold indeed I wrote a newsy letter ot Eliza the others were talking & passed their evening away.

117Tom in W.A., I suspect. She was a bit downhearted about a letter from WA last week.

June 14 I could not sleep for pains in my Hips so Celia & Amy got up & got breakfast then I came out & had my own with Ma it was late too after doing our room & dining room I stareted my bodice & then Bert wanted me to back & repair his waistcoat so I started that. Uncle Charley Alf Ern & Eva were busy Chaffcutting for the Light & our lot helped also they went out to Load Hay Amy made lovely Scones & Biscuits Celia went to Evas to dinner & brought back Lettices & planted them & her pansies &c Uncle Charley stayed here to dinner I made plum pudding.

June 15 Did not wash today as I had to bake hot rolls & Bread & did dining room C & A did dairywork Celia cut up old coats & made Clem a sailor coat I did a little to my dress bodice Amy & Celia are making pieces mats Ma been hoeing cabbages Dad & Clem filling in the rabbits burrows. I sorted out clothes for washing but it looks like rain tonight Uncle Charley & Alfred are gone back to the Light again today Charl been in with Hay & bought a new Chesterfield &c Eva & Ern are here Ma is reading paper I just washed up Amy helped me Celia filled lamps Wilf broke lantern Glass he & Charlie are gone to Gawler River Lantern Lecture118 tonight cold.

118 Lantern Lectures were a predecessor to movies. 

June 16 I got up & lit fire & filled vessels for breakfast which Celia prepared & served Amy dairy work I hurried to get copper lit & clothes soaked in as it looked much like rain So helped me after breakfast & we both wash as fast as possible & got finished dinner time then C done Sepr & Copper I the washing utensils Amy housework Ma washing up & dinner C & A ironed all in the afternoon so we got washing & ironing all done before the rain came & I did my mending after Tea. Wilfred is getting on splendid playing the Accordeon. C & A mat making.

June 17 Well it had rained at intervals all night so I did not get up till 7.15 so late I made fire & we had breakfast & Amy swept dining room I did odd work & then I started on my blouse but no luck at all had to undo all sleeves & can'' get it right Celia & Amy went to Gawler & Dad also went to get the Tank I milked & got in wood & made fire in sitting room the day has been fine & my has been mending A Dellow is here he teaches Wilf the Accordeon boys carting manure I got to go & mix bread Ma & Amy washing up tea things.

June 18 Friday & I woke at 4/30 so I thought I would have a sleep & I was fast asleep when called at 1/4 to 7 so I hurriedly dressed & found my bread running over so Amy made dining room fire & got the meal & I lit stove & put out bread made Yeast cake had my breakfast baked some Farmers Biscuits for lunch & also bread & Cake thoroughly cleaned our room & windows made a good fire in dining while Ma washed up C & A done front room & in afternoon they done up Garden very nicely boys cleared all yards & carted out Manure. Then Bert & Dad started the foundation for new Tank Bert built it & Dad & all of us got the Tank fixed Bert fitted spouts in & we had such a thunderstorm lightning very vivid & sky beautiful to look at not much rain Dad went up to Davis' for sheep he killed & dressed it for Dad C & A mat making I mending my blouse.

June 19 I first lit fire in dining & got the kettle boiling & took in Tea Celia fired Liver & Onions I set table & did odd & end of work Amy dairy work our meal over I blacklead stove & utensils then had to get ready for Gawler Amy Dad & I went very wet till one oclock after we got in there, Races so we saw plenty of people going over to them We did our shopping & I got a new pair Button boots & we left Gawler to 4 oclock got in there at 11.15am. Saw Uncle Will Auntie has been very poorly came home had tea & cleared away & all of us had a bath boys & girls & retired Ma was reading paper saw Mrs Cowards death in paper119 a still night Alf N. Called & he & Bert went to Gawler P.M.120 Eva was washing today as we passed.

119 Matilda Louise Coward nee Stremple.
120 Gawler Primitive Methodist church

June 20 Sunday & all of us awoke about 5/30 Amy & Charl dressed for Adelaide & Celia dressed & got their breakfast & they left here before sunrise so cold I dressed & was out before they started then I swept dining room & kitchen & got breakfast Celia dairy work Ma helped Sep Dad fed aimals boys the horses. I helped washup & made our beds & also made Pastry washed up & Ma Dad Clem & I drove to K.F. church & all the way round Uncles & Joe's saw the cows in Twelftrees Spot has a Calf a nice lot of people at Church Wesley preached120. P.T.D. & Celia are gone for a walk.

120 Wesley Parham? He would be 5 years old, so that can't be right. There must be another person called Wesley!

June 21 Shortest day I dressed early lit fire & got breakfast swept dining room Celia did not rise till fully an hour later & went straight on with dairy work after our meal I lit stove & baked bread & yest cake & was busy all the morning doing numerous duties which do not count brushed my best clothes & boots & put away Celia had all boys clothes to attend to Charl & Amy got home at about twelve o'clock very cold & he has a terrible sore nose so painful I think it is a chilblain bursted in the nostril they have at same work Wilfie brought home the cows Spt & Calf & very cold windy dull day I washed Ch pants but they are not dry. Wilf been to Celia's & now he & Bert are at church Mr Dellow is here.

June 22 I did not get up till after 6/30 & lit fire & Copper got clothes sorted for washing Celia did all the usual outside work Amy got breakfast C & I washed finished dinner time & she scrubbed Sepr scoured Copper &c I the washing things Amy ironed all that got dry & that was not many as it has been such a damp air & no sun so cloudy & still day for drying Celia did some more to her Shirt & she & Amy milked & fed cows & pigs. I got in morning wood & made two splendid fires in dining room & sitting room have been doing a little sewing the girls are at their mats. Bert at Piano Clem amusing himself with his tiny Cart looks like rain again Amy enjoyed herself in Town Saw Nellie & Vine. Maria has been in hospital & is now gone home to the Light I hear120. I think I'll retire now. Wilf stuck fork in his foot.

120Nellie, Melvina (Vine), and Maria Paterson, cousins who live at Lower Light.

June 23 We could not get our clothes dry & on waking we found a very cold cloudy rainy day I lit fire & prepared breakfast swept dining room & did our work Amy set table & then went & milked cows She & Celia did all the outside work as is their custom afterwards Dad Celia & Clem went to Gawler Amy did boys room & then I set her to work to make Ma two Chemises she got on well & finished both I was kept busy it started raining & I brought in the clothes but they were to wet to iron I starched all shirts & ironed them & have been running with wet clothes putting on & taking off the line & making large fires in both rooms Ma been mending she is not well Poor Mrs Andrew of Hindmarsh121 died on Monday June 21st aged 80 years.

121Mrs William Andrew (nee Susan Southey) of West Hindmarsh, aged 79. 

June 24 Another day of cold wintry weather we did our usual work & I baked Biscuits Celia finished her mat last night & her skirt today I finished ironing all Clothes & did a little more to my blouse Ma mended all the Stocking s Amy still at her mat Bert & Amy drove up to see Mrs Standley tonight. She is going to Port Pirie for her mid winter holidays on Saturday next.

June 25 The boys had to go out to Twelftrees fallowing so they called me at six & we all set to work early & Marjorie has a calf (last night) Wilfred brought it home on Toff & she followed he looked a record stock drover with the Calf in front of the saddle Dad & Wilfie fixed a tank for the horses to drink from & then Dad plastered up the wall & cut a pine & fixed up in our room & he & Celia ceiled the room very nicely I cut some wads & hurt my wrist so badly I can scarcely write or turn it Amy did front rooms Celia made birthday Cake it has been a little finer today we have had a busy day.

June 26 I was up at a little after six & called boys & lit fire &c Celia cut boys dinner & set breakfast then I lit stove & put out bread to rise Celia baked cakes Albert Currant & Orange then I baked my bread Dad Wilf & Clem went poisoning Rabbits & after dinner they & Amy went to Gawler Charl & Bert came home at 2 oclock & Charl went to Gawler also I scrubbed safe c Celia did some washing & scrubbing cleaned cutlery then I made curtains & ironed & put up Ma's bedroom curtains & ours Ma milked Celia milked new cows got tidied & they came home from Gawler Hettie Mc122 also Charl & Eva came home after Tea they are having a rare sing song all together it is very cold & we have huge fires in both rooms.

122 Henrietta McLeod, younger sister of Eva Alice McLeod (Charl's sweetheart).

June 27 Sunday & as we were up late last night we were late rising this morning & none went to Church in the morning we were very busy as we had to roast beef & fowl & pies & hot breakfast & rooms to tidy after dinner Eva Celia & Amy Ettie & Wilf went to K.F. Church Alf N was here all day he & Charl went to Buckleys home to Tea. Ma & I washed up & tidied & got Tea Dad & I milked Wilf & Hettie went to Stone Hill Charl & Eva to Buchsfielde & Bert was in with Ada he also went to Church at Buchsfielde I stayed home all day Alf was here too.

June 28 We had a busy day before us so were up early Charl & Wilf & Bert went to Twelftrees breakfast over Celia started baking I made some Biscuits Celia Sponge Roll Madeira Ribbon Cake Tarts Eva decorated the birthday Cake & Amy & I shifted safes, tables & all glassware ready & cakes & Scones Eva & Hettie tacked on our Colars we were all very busy all day & got every thing in A 1 order & all dressed at & ockcock Ada & children came home with Bert Jim on Nance Tommy & Priesses Florrie Hobart & Elsie Parham were first Alf N. & A Dellow were a little before them. Albert & Ern D. were late coming brought his Accordeon so we had good music & Dancing songs Recitations games & Supper at 1 ock Had a splended time & all enjoyed themselves very much indeed as it was winter mostly full dress was worn Eva was in creme Hettie Creme silk C& I wore Creme blouses Amy pink blouse a very cold night.

123 Quite a party! Aside from the McLeod sisters of Prospect, there's also the Preiss family, Florence Emma Hobart, Elsie Lydia Ruth Parham, Ern D may be Ernest Dellow, but I cannot find a record of an Ernest Dellow. 

June 29 Too tired to get up early I got the fire & Amy also got up & we had breakfast & they did hte dairy work & we got all put back in places after dinner Celia & Eva went to Gawler took Clem home. Hettie & I made a large Pinafore for Celia Charl & Wilfred same work ploughing in Twelftrees they came home had Tea & Celia & Eva came home they all thought her in Town & she knocked at door & Charl opened it we all had a laugh at the trick she played on them Ma & Dad retired early Alfred Uncle & Kit came home from the Light today & Alf came down here about Chaffcutting I was tired & retired at ning Wesley to home with us he is a trick & makes us laugh at his queer sayings Will Higgins & Fred came to buy a cow or two Majorys Calf died this morning it is very cold a frost.

June 30 Up & 1/4 past six & lit fire got brekfast Amy attended to same while I lit the Copper for washing & Celia & I washed till 2/30 had a big wash to Eva made Amys new Green Skirt & partly a bodice Uncle Alf & Ern came Chaffcutting Hettie helped them also Dad & Bert helped they came in to dinnre but not Ern he is wild so stayed down by the horses Amy & I did some ironing. Charl & Eva are gone to K.F. Lantern Lecture Wilf Bert Hettie & Amy to Uncle Charlies for evening Celia & Ma are writing letters must go & mix bread now. Another frost cold.

July 1st We have been up very late so do not get up so early & Amy & Celia usually do all dairy & outside work Celia packs boys dinner for Twelftrees Celia started doing up her sewing as she goes back to McLeans Monday as we are a large family now I have been so busy all day long baked Scones & Biscuits as the bread was not fit to bake. Eva nearly finished Amy dress but did not have the colar or buttons. We all went to the Band of Hope at night Ma baked bread while we were gone I lit the stove & put out bread to rise before I went. We had a real splendid meeting & Address by Rev E.S. Tuckwell B.A.124 was very interesting & instructive to temperance folks it was very cold indeed so frosty we had supper & retired.

124 Rev Ernest Sinclair Tuckwell B.A., a Baptist pastor.

July 2nd Another heavy white frost & ice on all water they were carrying about clinkers of ice Dad killed a pig & this morning i had to fry Liver & Onions & Ma had to salt down meat I am just kept busy with making fires & cooking & housework Amy is doing some of her Friday cleaning Eva is sewing altering Celia's sleeve of Grey dress & also cut out black Blouse in the afternoon Eva & Amy rode horseback to see Mrs Nottle came home tea time Celia had to help chaff cut I had the Lard to melt & washing up to do so was busy all day & am so tired mending tonight & it is so cold all the rest are having a musical evening singing & laughing Ma is also mending Wilfie has been rolling near the house but got a bother with th roller everything looks dry & miserable after so many frosts & hot sun all day just the weather for pleasure & holidays.

July 3rd Up & fried hot breakfast & blackleaded by stove &c & lit fire Celia made some pastry & I baked meat & filled & cleaned all lamps & generally assisted Amy finished the front room & dining room after dinner she Celia & Dad drove to Gawler & took Eva & Hettie to the train Ma & I washed up & I scrubbed all the articles as usual Ma cleaned Cutlery I the boots P.T.D. came & got cows & Ma & I milked Percy turned Sep & fed pigs C & Dad got home tea time Amy stayed the night with Ada Celia cleared away tea things I bathed Wesley & made him a Flannel mended his socks & had a bath myself & to bed. A letter from Louie.

July 4th Celia & I got up 7/30 Dad was up & had a cup of Tea he & Ma slso I got breakfast & CElia & Dad dairy work afterwards I made beds & did housework Celia made pies picked a fowl Ma wshed up & did Vegs after breakfast Charl & Alf N went to Woolsheds in the afternoon Percy drove Celia Amy Ada & two little ones & I to K.F. Church Mr Reed preached home had tea C.P. & Dad outside work I all washing up Sep & Tea things we sang Hymns & I read several Chapters in Bible & have to go & mix bread cold again a cold wind no frost.

July 5 We did not intend to wash as Ada & Children stayed with us all night & Celia was going away I got breakfast over & had to roast Pork & Fowl for dinner & then I baked bread & Biscuits Dad drove Celia Ada & children home C went to the Dr & he put some drops in her eye & she had to come home again after packing her box & taking it with her she is most unfortunate Amy & Ma did dairy work & I got the wood cut ready for tomorrow &got Potatoes cooks for boys tea & started a sack for Albert after Tea the wind is cold & fine days.

July 6 I awoke about 6 oclock & got the fir lit in dining room & copper & started washing Amy helped me today as Celia's eye is very painful & Ma not well. We finished all but a few coloured clothes before dinner Alf N. took morning lunch with us. Ma made Melon Jam good luck Celia & Amy did ironing we had afternoon tea & Dad went over to Richters to get a calf he gave us so we have two now to feed Bert is doing up his Bike Amy playing Piano I been knitting the sock boys have been catching Pigeons It has been a very cold windy day & we were fortunate to get all clothes dry as rain threatened all day

July 7 We do not rise till after six now have breakfast at sunrise Dad usually helps with dairy work in the mornings I get the breakfast & sometimes one of the girls set table for one. Celia & Wilf went to Gawler she to the Dr & he with Pigeons to (Swales)125  Amy did housework I did work & washed up all things Dad soled mine & Celia's shoes or my Boot rather I finished ironing Shirts & pressed pants Agent came & mended the Gatherer of Machine. My wrist is still bad a fortnight now. Ma baked scones & Pastry & got dinner I did some sewing & also Amy & Ma mending Celia stopped with Eva & Alf Kit & Eva came here for evening.

125 Likely William George Swales, local farmer

July 8th Same time & I got breakfast Amy assisted & cut the Boys dinner I put out bread to rise Celia washed up Amy housework Mr Will Higgins126 came & bought Spot & Beauty & took them home so we are left with five in milk I altered Amys best Green Bodice & made her collar for her Celia's eye is very bad & she has to keep it tied up Boys have been out to Twelftrees & home & chaff cut this afternoon Ma bag sewing Amy & I dairywork Celia made a melon pie in camp oven & got tea I the wood Ma cut up Melon for Jam I baked two lots of bread today.

126 Mr William Thomas Higgins, aged 40, the father of little Winifred Higgins who died in 1907b

July 9th Usual work for all after breakfast Amy cleaned boys room Celia & her the front rooms I did our room & the safe Uncle & Alf Eva & Kit came down chaffcutting we had midday lunch & Celia & Dad went gardening I was sewing also Ma & Amy in the evening Charl & Amy & I drove to Mrs Nottles to a Party where we met friends & had dancing & Eucre playing till 12 o'clcok she a nicely prepared Supper & Fruit Lollies &c table decorations being pale blue Lilac & jonuquils & varigated bambooo in Vases we reached home at 1/30 cold & dewy night.

July 10 Dad went for cows & milked them while w were at breakfast & Amy did not know & felt ratehr annoyed but they went & Sepr & fed animals C lit stove & I went on baking Celia & Dad went for chaff Amy housework Celia Dad & I went to Gawler & she had to got ot Dr her eyes are bad we were late home seven o'clcok as we went to Mrs Frosts & bought a feifer & home Parkers road calling at Ada's they are well & Albert can walk Clem got a new dog named (Roger) cold wind driving letter from Frances.

July 11 A regular Sunday at home promised by the patter of rain on waking this morning Dad was up milked all cows again I got a cup of Tea for him & Ma & Amy helped with the breakfast 7 Afterwards I did our room & Amy the rest of house work I baked Rice puddings & fried Sausages Cealia assisting Amy prepared Vegetables we had early dinner but could not go to chapel as the horses were tired Charlie & Alfred H went to Glen's to see the young horses It has been a nice shower & is cold nome of us went out all day head early Tea Celia & Amy have been for a walk to the Cemetry & Ma Bert & I have been writing letters Alf N here for the evening we had a long time at singing I read several chapters & retired.

July 12 Earlier than last week got fire lit & breakfast over but did intend tow ash as we had Calico to make up ready for washing. So after Amy had helped with dairywork I set her to work at the Machine making under garments I cut out nightdresses & Flannelette for Ma did our room & dining room & general house work Dad & Charl went up to Mr Davis's to help fix up new Engine Wilf & Bert out in Twelftrees Tea over I mixed Bread C & A washed up & all six of us went up to Eva's & met the Hills they all played Cards but me & I read the Papers It was very cold & late home

July 13 Dad called me to attend to my bread as it was up over the pan so I hastened to get the Stove lit & put it out in tins to rise baked Rolls for breakfast & then I did our room & cut out some more Calico & baked bread Biscuits Pies Pasties was pusy till 2 o;clcok & Dad & Celia was in Gawler so Ma Amy & I had a tasty dinner to ourselves Ma & I washed up & I got ready the clothes for washing & chopped a regular lot of wood & made fires for evening. Mr Arthur here tonight with boys Amy & Ma did all dairywork tonight got a new heifer yesterday.

July 14 Washing day & I got up much earlier a little after six & lit fire & also the Copper & soaked in clothes ready a rather showery day promised but I thought it would clear so got both white Quilts out had breakfast & Amy & I went at it in good earnest but Oh what a treat we had I had to keep running to & from dogging showers & that cold could hardly bear to go out in it however at 3 oclock a drying wind blew up & I put out Quilts atgain & got them dry alo sheets but some got torn the German Prints were almost dry & I was slogging wood & down came a very heavy shower & wet all again so I felt disheartened Amy & Ma folded the dry clothes I mixed bread C & A washup Celia & Amy was mending knitting very cold tonight.

July 15 Late up & I was very tired as we had a hard day yesterday I lit fire & set table Amy & Dad to the milkeing & dairywork Celia fried Liver &c for breakfast Charl had to go to Gawler & got a parcel for Celia containing a lovely Muff & P.C. Bert & Wilf to Twelftrees Ma walting her meat I put out bread & made German Cake & baked Mutton for dinner Celia housework & vegetables Amy boys room & then set to work sewing dinner I baked bread & the cake & also another currant cake & I had the luck to burn my arm I have been to & fro bringing Clothes & airing got nearly all done had to iron & air seven paris pants 3 new Celia did other ironing very cold & windy also showers.

July 16 I had the misfortune to badly burn my arm it is very painful indeed I lit fire & got breakfast & Celia blackleaded the stove &c for me. I did our room C & A did the front rooms & I swept the dining room & dusted same & general work & some sewing Amy washed new garments Celia also did some sewing it is such cold showery weather boys are out in Twelftrees Charl hurt his shoulder badly helping Mr Davis move an Engine. Mr Prior127 spent evening with us also Arthur was playing cards with the boys my arm was so bad I had to retire & Celia mixed bread we washed up.

127 Mr Prior; I don't know who this is. 

July 17 I decided to get up at six so was out at 6/25 & lit fire & Celia lit stove & put out bread to rise & made both yest & currant cake I baked it all & also leg Mutton & dusted cupboards &c in the dining room & cleaned all lamps Celia & Dad went to Gawler at one o'clock Amy cleaned all Cutlery & did her ironing Amy &Ma dairy work I walked for cows & Wilf brought home the other Cattle from Twelftrees. Tea washed my head & Amy had a bath Ma baked pies for Celia & Dad brought home Sad news of Mrs H Days death128.

128 Mrs William Hubert Day (Annie Geneva Allan), she was only 29. Lived at Reeves Plain.

July 18 Sunday & I intended to go to church but a most stormy cold morning greeted me on waking so windy so I lit fire & fried Eggs & Bacon our meal over I did general work & made large fires in both rooms, Celia boaked pies & leg of mutton Veg &c for dinner Ma did not get up till very late Amy got ready for her visit to Aunties & Alf got here for Dinner also Percy. After Alf & Amy started at once I Ma & I cleared dinner & washed up & swetp round & I read for a while then got early Tea Eva came to Tea & then went home Ma wrote letter to Cookes Plains I read a story to Dad & the three boys went to Church they came home & I made the coffee & prepared the supper of which was all partook a calmer night than the day has been.

July 19 My arm is too bad for me to wash so Celia & Amy did all washign finished at 2 o'clock I was very busy all the morning making beds & swept all back rooms & dining room & dusted & brused & put away all clothes such a lot after Sunday. It was a beautiful morning up till dinner time when it came over cold & cloudy & we did not get near all clothes dry I ironed all under clothes & bed linen. Eva came down but only stayed to tea as Uncle called for her on hisway home from the Light. Amy & Celia are both busy at crazywork cosies.

July 20 Not all a bad morning sunshine after rain I hurried ot get the bread out to rise & made the fires also a German Cake breakfast over I did usual work Amy finished her morning work & dressed for her visit at 12 o'clock she drove off Toff in the Sulky & on her arrival she had dinner & with Miss Wake129 started for a ride some few miles horseback but before they reached their appointed place both of them were wet through & had to return to Mrs Nottles & dry her clothes & wear home some borrowed ones. It just poured with rain Celia was ironing all afernoon white Shirts & other Starched articles I was cutting out garments very cold.

129 Miss Wake, could be Lilly May or Ella Maud Wake, daughters of Sarah Stringer and William Wake. 

July 21 Late up & it was raining away & so muddy cannot go a few yards without we get our boots wet & muddy floors are in the fashion Amy did her morning duties & went on at the sewing machine Celia did dairy work &c & she was also sewing I did our room & other general work made up fires & a pudding dinner over was sorted patches & cut out pillow cases which Amy made & Ma finished them & put them out to bleach boys finished in between yesterday & today have been chaff cutting & home work I been sewing a wrote Eva Mc a P.C. Bert & Charlie have been cleaning their boots & shaving ready for an early start tomorrow to Adelaide with Alf Celia is writing ot Eva I think I'll retire now.

July 22 I was up at 5/15 & got boys breakfast they were hurrying around Alf got out here at about six & Dad got up & at 1/4 to seven they started for Gawler Uncle rode in with them I baked bread & there was our usual duties to attend to Eva came down to dinner & in the afternoon she went in to Ada's to meet her Dad but he did not come & Eva had to stay the night with them I made night dress & body for myself.

July 23 I got up just before six & got breakfast over & Amy & I started for Gawler with Hector & Hero in the trap called at Ada's & helped her she & Albert & Wesley went with us reaching Gawler at 1 o'clock & were busy shopping till 4/30 then we went to the Dr as Ada has a bad cold & Celia as well, we stayed for both trains & Alf never came over & we were late home did not get home till after 8 oclock cold & wet all the roads are dreadful I never saw more mud Celia did all Friday work front rooms & blackleading &c Celia is busy at her fancywork I have been sorted parcels & looking at our bargains for we met some today got Ada a dress.

July 24 Saturday I did not feel well so did not get up early & got breakfast over the others did cows & dairy work I baked cakes & bread but ill success with cake Celia & Dad went to Gawler after dinner it rained for good while & then cleared up but so windy & cold I did all scrubbing & Amy cutlery & boots & got in a lot of wood I made lovely fires in both rooms & sat down & hemmed 3 sheets & tables clothes & put out to bleach Mr J Barnfield of Church Hill130 died yesterday leaving six little children also Mrs Beckwith131 died suddenly last Sunday dropped dead at her gate as her son was going home with her. letter from Frances the children are better from croup.

130  Mr John Barnfield of Church Hill (part of Gawler), died July 22 1909, aged 42. You can go on a walking tour of Church Hill if you like!
131  Mrs Beckwith (Clarissa Dibblee Crace), aged 59. Her husband George pre-deceased her.

July 25 A very cold stormy morning greeted us on waking this morning promised another Sunday at home which as the day wore on came true. Our morning duties over I made a pudding (Currant Roll) & vegetables & cold meat & Celia & I washed up & had a good rest Alf came to drive us to Chapel but it was far too wet to go Uncle Charley & Eva came down for afternoon & Tea are here now Celia & Dad milked & separated I helped clear Table & washup Amy is at the Piano Clem came home Thursday is home now playing by himself Wilf gone to Buchsfielde.

July 26 A day worse than yesterday for rain & cold we would not think of washing so after usual duties & housework Charlie & Bert got home at ten oclock & I got lunch & then I started sewing Flanelette Amy cleaned & brushed best clothes Eva & Uncle came down chaffcutting & at 12 oclock he started for the Light in the rain bad roads Eva came down with us & remains the night girls at fancywork & music I don't know when I felt a colder day than when I sat sewing today I just shivered. Bert has been to Glenelg* & both went to Kensington, Prospect & about Town. enjoyed their holiday.


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