Fanny Rosina Atyeo (1875-1966) was a dutiful daughter, hard-working sister, and beloved Aunt to many. She kept a daily diary from (at least) 1907 until her death. Her niece, Olive Fanny Heath Sims (nee Hobart), kept those diaries. They provide a fascinating snapshot of life at Gawler River, South Australia, and surrounds from 19067 until 1952.

Since they contain details of daily life, including births, deaths, marriages, parties, picnics, church meetings and holidays around South Australia, they may be of interest to others researching their genealogy or family history in the area, or those interested in what life was like in that region. For this reason, we are now (bit by bit) putting them online.

To find the information you need, there are three indices:
1. Year of writing
2. People in the diaries (with links to their family tree information, annotated with the years they are mentioned)
3. Places mentioned and visited.

When you know which year you want to read about simply click on that page, and then you can search within the page for the information you want. You can also use the search tool in the top left corner to look for any mention of the person you are looking for.

The diaries have been transcribed by Fanny's great-nephew William George Sims, his wife Alison Mary Sims (nee King) and his daughter Natalie Ann Sims. We haven't finished yet. Aunty Fan wrote a lot.

We hope you find them interesting. Please get in touch if you would like to connect: FannyRosinaAtyeo@gmail.com.


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