March 12 - 24 1943 (not edited yet)

1943 (Date based on Vera Paterson's birthday on March 14th)

12 March same in every way till 12 ock when Myrtle left for Gawler I made pleats in my skirt & at 3 ock I lit up & had my lunch then at 4 ock Lance came home from Breaking down Star thistles I gave him his & Myrtle came 5 ock & had a cup of tea & got tea for 6/30 Wilf came & then they milked same hour & I had sponge bath read Chronicle Mrs Tom Day has twin Girls born March 8th at Hutchinson

Myrtle, Lance, Wilf

Mrs Tom Day's twin girls born at Hutchinson Hospital in Gawler.

13 March
I got up & had breakfast with Wilfred got my horse in Sulky & left at 8 o’clock called on Ethel & then at Celia’s for Butter & did not get here till 10 ock took Chester out & unpacked swept up had lunch & rest & then I washed & ironed & Laurel took Victor away left Ivy in my bed till ¼ to 12 I believe she then went to her Mothers

14 March
Vera Patersons 21st Birthday I got up & found I was on my own so I had breakfast swept & washed floor went to Berts chopped wood watered flowers & vegetables had dinner & rest now cooler breeze must write to Mary not Lorna Bert made me a Pannican & a washing bucket very nice

15 March I had previously washed & ironed so I did my baking after morning duties had such a trial with camp oven wind in door & so hot. I baked 3 lots Farmers biscuits apple pie jam tart roast onions & potatoes had big wash up cleaned out bedroom washed floor wrote to Mary.

16 March
such a hot morning I went to Berts & did morning duties L & Beatrices babies home here both little … in sheep trough wet all over head & all had to ….. Celia brought Colin out to get Beatrice about 3’oclock ….ut home Laurel went to Clems to get a ring from Vic he is at Wayville at present … very hot winds & sun

March 17th
St Pathericks Day. I have been very poorly & did not rise till sunrise had my cup of tea & went for milk had chat to Flo looked at garden came back stitched & finished & pressed my black shirt pleased with it too. Laurel did her washing & ironing & went home at 3/30 to go to Vic at Strathalbyn so am alone & not well head bad I wrote to Lorna last night must try & get to Gawler tomorrow.
Lovely cool change but I was not able to go to Gawler 17th

March 18th Mavis Birthday Strathalbyn I just did needed duties & put Chester in & drove to Gawler by 10 o’clock had to get my harness mended so I got Books & did shopping & went to see Phyl on to Effies to dinner & till 2/30 back in Street & left for home 3 ock & got home & took Chester out by 4 o’clock & had my tea after unpacking I helped Laurel I hemmed Ivys dress up & sewed 1 doz buttons on Laurels

March 19th I got up in good time Laurel had not gone & she ironed her line of clothes as they did not get dry & left here at about 11/40 for Gawler River where she was to go to Gawler & by Train to Strathablyn & board Victor is in Camp there I cooked roast mutton pots & beans bread & butter custard washed up swept went to Berts for things & rested & had tea watered garden hot midday

March 20/ I awake at 3 a.m & felt ill indigestion & Gastritis very bad all the morning & eased off midday & I had some food & afterwards I put on new tin & did my washing also my brown coat Dad gave me got all dry & ironed watered gardens had bath did not feel well so I retired & read a while its glorious weather now cool 

March 21st Our dear Aunties Birthday if living ge… Nancy & her Air force boy were motored out last evening .. Allwood I did not go for milk Ron brought it up… I finishing tiding up all 11 o’clock & am now going to rest a while then write letter Im not well same day.


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